Pre-Crisis Darkseid, Thanos & Silver Surfer vs Odin Destroyer (+Odin-Sword)

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Who would win this match?

Opening argument for Thanos:
falls on his ass from an earthquake he created himself

For some reason has a Thanos copter.

Thanos got arrested by the NYPD

Darkseid fall down some stairs and busted his butt.,q_auto,w_710/vunnkdhejru0cqsyvis2/12-superhero-facts-that-you-probably-didn-t-know.jpg

Black Panther chokes out Silver Surfer.

-Darkseid is Pre Crisis version.
-Thanos is blood lusted.
-The Silver Surfer is blood lusted.

-Odin is pissed off.

Darkseid runs towards Odin but stumbles over which gives the APD (a.ka. Asgardian Police Force) time to arrest him.

And we know how a fight between Thanos, Silver Surfer vs Odin went before. So having Odin demonstrably stronger compared to that occasion kills them effortlessly. He then keeps their heads as trophies. And Darkseid is put into solitary confinement.

And just to let you know using that Silver Surfer vs Black Panther scene is incorrect.


The Great Darkness Saga, he:

1. In a weakened state, casually defeated Mordru and Time Trapper, than stole their power. Individually, Trapper and Mordru are skyfather + level and have warped reality/time/space on a grand scale, up to creating a universe.

2. Reality warped the Legion of Super Heroes (Turning one to stone, sending one back in time to a space whale that ate him, turning one into a monster, making one vanish forever ect ect ect..)

3. Controlled all of Daxam (Some three billion pre crisis Superman level daxamites) all at once.

4. Casually defeated a copy of pre crisis Orion, pre crisis Superboy, and pre crisis Supergirl, all amped by Highfather (Another skyfather level being).

He did all those things while not even at his full power, as stated by the end of the story.

Time Trapper or Mordru alone can beat Odin. Destroyer armor is nothing compared to Anti Monitor, who Darkseid also severely injured enough for Superman to finish off (AM was also poisoned, but his armor itself was indestructible to everything from PC Superman to an amped Spectre. Darkseid's Omega's alone wrecked the armor.)

Darkseid also created Validus, for the record. Who would absolutely wtf stomp Thanos like Odin FAILED to do.

Insane Titan
Lol so tosh reveals "herself" as a troll laughing out loud

If this is the same Odin/Destroyer that fought the Celestial forth host..........then Odin slays them all effortlessly 10/10.

Time Trapper would curb a celestial.

A flight of stairs would curb Darkseid.

Loebseid, sure. That guy hangs out in barns.

Same writer that didn't even know Lex Luthor is terrified of kryptonite 'cause got cancer from it, and had him inject the stuff into his veins.

The Thanos scans are from spidey super stories comic line and thus non cnaon.

Darkseid was depowered in the stairs scene.

darkseid solos

Originally posted by t0sh
A flight of stairs would curb Darkseid. *says pre-crisis darkseid
*uses something from post-crisis against him

Wow...someone new finally not hating on Hulk, leaning that hate towards other characters. "Rubbing hands together", I'm enjoying this.

PC Darkseid solo

"And I know how to shake you up!" Why is Thanos pink when he is saying this? He looks pink and constipated.

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