What is your sig making inspiration?

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To the few that make sigs and I guess people who use sigs in general. I just had a few questions.

For the sig makers: When you are creating a signature for someone what do you do to create it? Do you take inspiration from art to make it or do you use vague styles melded into one? Like mixing abstract art and minimalism?

And for people who have sigs. What do you look for in a sig?

If I'm making a sig for someone else I usually ask them to provide a couple of images for me to start with. If I'm making one for myself, I usually think up a concept first and then just see where it goes, I also like refining and exploring styles and approaches over multiple signatures (my current and last sigs are examples of that that I'm actually fairly proud of). Mixing abstract art and minimalism is definitely something I enjoy doing. I like approaching each sig differently, seeing what works for the individual piece. Sometimes I find just one image can be edited even just lightly to create a good sig, sometimes a great sig can be made from countless images with heavy editing. I'm not actually that good at digital art generally but I find the limitations of signature sizes, particularly on KMC, is a way of working that I can really get into. Plus you can use whatever images you like without fearing copyright issues.

Making sigs kills time, when i'm not doing much of anything/anything online. Granted most of mine are hella crappy, but i have fun making them.
I made my current sig a few days ago, and am actually quite pleased with it. We'll see how long it lasts. stick out tongue

riv u got some good ones tho...

basically boredom for me too. ive never made a sig for someone else.

basically im reading comics online and I come across a box with decent word bubbles and I have a eureka.

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Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.