Writing Marvel vs DC Boxing Story, Need Help With Writing It

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As you may or may not know, I am very interested in boxing, and consider the idea of superpowered boxing, ie: seeing a boxing match like the Hulk and Thor duking it out in the boxing ring, very interesting, and I want to get that interest out there, by writing a fanfiction about Marvel and DC boxing, and I even have someone who draws boxing pictures (sometimes pics of Marvel/DC characters boxing) for me, who shall remain unnamed.

I have been long delaying writing this fanfiction, and I've kind of been interested in it for a while now.

Here's a snapshot of the fanfics:

Anyway, I guess that, I would like help, as I don't really know who would specifically win these boxing matches. As I said and noted, I'm kind of in the dark, specifically, and would like some guidance writing this. A few things:

1. I'm considering making it either a pure-KO based tournament (as in, a winner can only be decided by knockout, it goes on until one opponent is out for the count), or the usual amount of 12 rounds. A poll shall be uploaded to see.
2. If you have a idea of replacing some characters, please do. Keep in mind, this character, must be strong enough to deal blows with most, if not all of the characters listed.
3. If you have a idea of what matchups should specifically happen, then, go for it. But, She Hulk, Wonder Woman, and Big Barda, shall face a male opponent, as I feel like making a "fanservice-y" fight is not going to do the character justice.

Read some Louis L'amour, I would suggest. He was a boxer himself and there is a fistfight in every single one of his books.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.