How do you feel about digital cinematography?

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I'm kind of torn. Some of the visuals that it makes possible are amazing and the clarity that comes with them just can't be replicated on celluloid. Low light shots are also much better overall on digital. On the flip side, certain scenes--depending on the lighting and other elements--end up feeling like you're watching a TV show rather than a movie precisely because of the clarity. There's obviously none of the grain that gives old film that certain feel, and because digital is likely going to correct for any lightning anomalies when moving between areas some of the warmth of film can get a bit lost.

I know I'll just have to get used to it for the most part, the good and the bad, since it's here to stay. With that said, how have you felt watching fully digital films as they've evolved over the past decade or so in terms of the cinematic experience?

It always makes me laugh how people go on about how it makes action so more real and exciting until I point out what they are watching is just a really fancy cartoon.

Depends how its used.

Well when it comes to CGI I pretty much hate it. They really have yet to consistently put in the attention to detail that's necessary to pull that off. Terminator 2 is a great example of it done right, but there's been very little in recent years that's done it well from opening to close of the film.

Anyway, I'm more referring to the overall look that comes with fully digital movies now. I saw my first film in 4K recently and some parts of it just looked amazing, especially scenes at night, but some parts pulled me out of being connected to the action because it just didn't have that 'film' feel to the scene with such high resolution and such perfectly color-accurate tones.

Lord Lucien
This is the argument over Digital vs. Film, right? Quentin Tarantino refuses to film his films using anything but film.

Khazra Reborn
I'm not big on digital, it looks weird to me.

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