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Thread for anything heavy enough to have warranted a bookmark for potential future looks from me. Willing to discuss quite a number of these. Will probably alternate between serious and not-so serious posts so as not to overwhelm readers as subsequent posts accrue. Note that links may become nonworking links over time as the Internet is a rapidly changing place.

Ben Goldacre

Serious opener.

Above is a Ted Talk warning that, because negative trials often go unpublished, doctors and scientists can be misled into thinking bad drug choices or program treatments are good ... sometimes with alarmingly severe consequences.

Won't offer any descriptions of this one; if it's viewable it will speak for itself.
If it's not, it wasn't the serious kind of weighty that categorizes the 1st submission.

(INVOLVES some serious weight, though ... Could scarcely comprehend her being able to do this; certainly beyond what I'd personally seen people do in real life before her at any point in time)


troll thread

History Buff(s). Historicity versus Authenticity of Saving Private Ryan.

Craig Ferguson Speaks from the Heart


I feel like you lose credibility when you are posting Ted Talks videos.

Unless you are doing it to laugh at them, which..if you want a laugh? Go watch their videos on rape culture.


Originally posted by Surtur
I feel like you lose credibility when you are posting Ted Talks videos.

The quality of any Ted Talk video depends on its presenter or presenters.

Perhaps I am mistaken, but Ted Talks organizers are roughly equivalent to the organizers of college campus or business event organizers at their most involved, and the equivalent of a Marriott Hotel ballroom at their least involved.

Except for the power to censor, I don't think Ted Talks uses any great power to control the content of what we see on many of their YouTube videos. Actually, if memory serves, there's even a division called Ted"x" whose content is expressly that banned from whatever passes for "mainstream" Ted Talk, that allows more "radical" people to express unfavorable views.

Whoa, subject(s) i dont give a shit about and links i'll never open.
This seems more like a GDF thread. laughing out loud

Originally posted by riv6672
Whoa, subject(s) i dont give a shit about and links i'll never open.
This seems more like a GDF thread. laughing out loud

Man, you don't care SOOO much, you have so little f*cks to give you felt the need to post and tell us just how much you don't care.

I mean damn, that's a whole lot of not caring going on.

You're like the King of Not Caring.

Weighty matters/ matters of weight, serious and non-serious covers a pretty large swath of topics. If this thread lasts any length of time, I suspect even you will be participating with the best of them, Riv ...

No cohesion in World History ... (Thailand versus World War II )



JanoskianFour versus Miesha Tate


Potential bonus vid:




I chose the title of this thread because osmium is the density naturally occurring element, and therefore one of the heaviest materials known as well.
It reflects the theme of weight, as nearly all submissions in this thread do, either physically or metaphorically.

The following is an instance of the latter, and important enough that I'm not content to leave it on another webpage vulnerable to the risk of loss due to link breakage. It is a short passage from one of Stephen Covey's books.
I believe the title was/is Principle-Centered Leadership, and the chapter it is from is entitled 30 Methods of Influence. I look at it as a reminder that one should never give up merely because he or she is experiencing problems; that is, in fact, one reason TO keep on living.


28. Involve people in meaningful projects. Meaningful projects have a healing influence on people. However, what is meaningful to a manager may be meaningless to a subordinate. Projects take on meaning when people are involved in the planning and thinking processes. We all need to be engaged in a good cause. Without such projects, life loses its meaning; in fact, the life span is short for people who retire, looking for a tensionless state. Life is sustained by tension between where we are now and where we want to be -- some goal worth struggling for.


Amanda Palmer. The art of simply ... asking.


Health and Fitness

Carrie Swidecki.
The best reaction to malicious laughter.


Stacie Tovar. Professional cross fitting in Omaha, Nebraska.


Eda Marbury. Frank discussion of background, challenges, and goals for 2017.



https://s7d4.turboimg.net/t1/35253675_image.jpg https://s7d4.turboimg.net/t1/35253676_image.jpg https://s7d4.turboimg.net/t1/35253677_image.jpg https://s7d4.turboimg.net/t1/35253678_image.jpg

Possibly the name of the person above is Bogdanov.

I've got to check sometime, possibly even after I submit this post.


Below Bogdanov, though of course above this sentence, is a favorite shot from a show I watched religiously during its first season.

Loved some of the dynamics and Easter surprises it held, along with adoptive father/adopted daughters theme, adopted/adoptive sister interaction, good mentor models, inventive action, surprise reveals ...

The subject needs no ID-ing, of course.

Late 2015 - early 2016, overall, was a good time time to be a fan.

Nuke Nixon

Nuke Nixon

Theme of this thread, at least generally speaking, is "heavy".

Here's one place I definitely DIDN'T expect to see this term ...


https://s7d5.turboimg.net/t1/36645758_image.jpg https://s7d5.turboimg.net/t1/36645759_image.jpg https://s7d5.turboimg.net/t1/36645760_image.jpg https://s7d5.turboimg.net/t1/36645761_image.jpg https://s7d5.turboimg.net/t1/36645762_image.jpg https://s7d5.turboimg.net/t1/36645763_image.jpg https://s7d5.turboimg.net/t1/36645764_image.jpg https://s7d5.turboimg.net/t1/36645765_image.jpg https://s7d5.turboimg.net/t1/36645766_image.jpg

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