MCU Luke Cage/Black Panther vs. Captain America/Winter Soldier

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H2H only
*Cap has his shield

Round 1: Tchalla has no suit
Round 2: Tchalla has his suit

Is this some kind of Black vs. White thing?

Anyway, Round 1: Cap and Bucky win. Cap having his shield and Bucky with his metal arm gives them better offensive/defensive capabilities than Cage and T'Challa. Plus Cap and Bucky have more combined skill than T'Challa and Cage.

Round 2: Cage and T'Challa wins. It's going to be very hard to get through that Vibranium suit, plus those claws will be the most lethal weapon around. And Cage isn't exactly easy to put down either.\

Good match though. This would be something I'd love to see happen.

Not sure how much extra offense/defense Bucky's metal arm gives them, seeing as Cage's arms have similar striking power and similar toughness (plus having that same level of toughness/durability all over). IMO, the big factor in round 1 is the fact that Cap has his shield and BP has no vibranium at all. And I am not sure that suitless BP would have been able to come out as well as he did if brain-washed WS had been out to kill him instead of being focused on escaping (whereas BP still thought Bucky had killed his dad, so was going all out). Team 2 can win round 1, but they still have to be clever. Steve can't go making shield tosses willy nilly. If he loses his shield in that fight, I think the balance tips in favour of team 1. But, if Steve and Bucky work together properly, I can see them taking suitless T'Challa down first, and then pounding Cage repeatedly, with shield and metal arm, until he goes down as well. Because, unlike BP & Cage, we have actually seen Cap & Bucky fight as a team onscreen, and they do it pretty well.

Round 2 I go for team 1. Round 1 would already have been close, IMO, so BP now having extra durability and offensive capabilities tips the scales in their favour.

That being said, what is Bucky's mindset here? Is he in full Hydra mode, or "just leave me alone" mode? It makes a big difference to his combat performance.

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