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maul's woman
What do you think his exact purpose actually is. Even the name... That do you think it means. All the major Matrix entities have meaningful names. Leaving out, of course, the Agents. All the others have names of importance:

The Oracle
The Architect
The Keymaker

Who is Merovingian in the scheme of things?

I think this is discussed in another thread: "About the French guy".

Someone suggested he was a programmer... Or even an old version of The One =P

maul's woman
He said he was a programmer. But by whose authority? The A.I. itself as a further test of Neo. He was created solely for Neo's benefit and development. The Oracle gave him that bit of information and it was through the Keymaker that Neo met the Architect.

But Merovingian was a gamester himself. Next comes Persephone. Her concentration was on Neo. Not the others when Merovingian exited the picture temporarily. The two of them were mirror images of each other. Persephone was the seductress part of the A.I. To "suck" Neo in further. The gamester exits a door leading to the kitchen but when Neo opens it he finds he in a chateau on the top of a mountain. A test in a frustrating gaming program. big grin


His name is an affectation. It refers to a French line of Kings.

when neo met with the oracle she told him that their was a program for everthing like the birds and stuff like that. I think the french dude was the one who wrote the programs for diffrent languages. That is how he knows everthing he can know. Think about it, if you created every language and all of it came through you everything said, written, or typed you would know. That would at least explain his purpose in the matrix. We know every program is there for a reason.

Just further to what Ush said, if you are into historical consipiracies theories there is a quite a famous one about the Merovingian Kings being descended from Christ. I have no idea if that is relevent to what the Merovingian is in the film. Plus there is the title of his restaurant as well.

maul's woman
GREAT STUFF!!!! I didn't know that is what Merovingian means. More fuel to the fire!! What was the important quality of the Merovingian Kings in history? The Wachowski Brothers would not have chosen that line in history for this movie unless there was a intricate reason. The line to Christ is important as well. Neo as the cyber Christ. But what else? big grin

I can't remember the dates but the Merovingians were the dynasty of French kings from the 5th to 7th century AD (which technically makes them Frankish kings). I think their name means long haired, or something like that. Clovis was a Merovingian; he conquered pretty much what we would call modern France and moved the capital to Paris. Eventually they die out and are replaced by the Carolingians.

Show off (shakes fist)

maul's woman
Why do you suppose the Wachowski Brothers chose that name for this particular character? What do you suppose the similarities are? In some way Merovingian was a "French king" in his own way within that setting of the Matrix.

maul's woman
LOL!!! Ushgarak! You should still contribute! You have me going here! big grin

happy kine
Kings descended from jesus... the wife of Hades... perhaps, just going off the names here, that the Merovingian was the first one or maybe a prototype of the one.... desendent from jesus or in this case simlar code to neo. neo would be somewhat of a desendant of the Merovingian. Persephone i'm not too sure about... btw who was the guy being carted away when they walked in? it looked like he was in a straight jacket... well in any case, we can discuss this 'till we're blue in the face (me, i'm just blue in the balls) we will find out in Nov... and everything we thought will be incorrect I'm sure.

maul's woman
Doesn't matter Happy Kine! This is just an intellectual exercise.

Persephone is the daughter of Demeter the Earth Goddess. Persephone was taken below into Hades by Pluto. Once a year she is released to join her mother and that time is called Spring. The Earth rejoicing. The Persephone is somewhat held "captive" by Merovingian until she betrays him in the end. Our Matrix Persephone is the seductress aspect of the A.I. She hands over the Keymaker to Neo for a price of one kiss. Why the temptation?

Another question: Merovingian was very manipulative and somewhat "corrupt". Were the Merovingian Kings corrupt? What is the nature of this corruption leading Neo onward into another phase of his development. Leading him to the Architect and the "final choice"?

nephilisim or the fallen angels is the alleged ancestry of the merovingians. they were ancient french kings whom according to legend were descendents of the royalty of Atlantis.
as for your questions about his manipulations, were they not part of his programming that had been manifested five times before? was he not following the same script that had been done before by the other neos? the whole point that i believe is not being grasped is that none of the characters are following the path that the architect and his fellow programs are used to. the key to this is that the agent smith is no longer following the drill. he has unmasked something entirely new into the mix. that leads one to believe that even the programmers programming has within it a glitch that they did not realize. perhaps it is the hand of God. after all the word agent not only means a representative, it also can be used as a verb : to disclose,unmask, uncover.

neo is the sixth neo, the number of man. he is in love with the trinity.

well i think he was put there as kind of the ruling entity of the interior of the matrix, which would kind of fit with the name, governing the existing programs in the matrix. who knows maybe thats what he did but there was a better program designed to do the job and now he is a rouge program. that might kind of explain a few things.

I'm not sure. When they entered the building Neo says something like 'the code is different'. Merovingian also has the Keymaker locked - for his own purpose (Agents are trying to get him when he's free).

Neo was told Merovingian 'was just like him when he first came' or something like that. I have the feeling he is a programmer like Neo who decided to stay inside the Matrix.

Can anyone pls tell me why The Merovingian hates NEO so much and why he would possibly say that "...I have survived your predecessors..." in M2? Another thought that proves the Merovingian as a programmer/program is that he also told Neo,Trinity and Morheus that he is a traficker of information and hence know alot of things that go on in the mAtrix. He is also pursuing the Oracle, to what means? ANy thoughts? smile roll eyes (sarcastic)

A) Maybe we have to take a look to Adam and Eve in Genesis, Persephone like Eve who betrayed Adam eating the apple.

B) Merovigian Know many languages. In M2 there was lot of codes
ENCRYPTED maybe they need him to decode it.

C) Maybe he is another key to something

D) Like i read before in another thread. Who was the guy they arrested in Merovigians restaurant when Neo, Morph and Trinity came in

maul's woman
Turin I like that. Good idea about a core of ruling programs. Also the idea of the Merovingian Kings as descendants of Nephilim. In that case, in a historical sense, these Merovingian kings should have displayed some kind of extraordinary powers both physical and psychological. Being that the Nephilim are descendants of bonding between angels and humans.

But in this case Merovingian exercises a power over some programs. He creates "programs". A program creating programs. Persephone seems to exercise a power of disruption. The question is why would Merovingian hold the Keymaker prisoner? Did the A.I. allow this to be done as a prodding benefit for Neo?

Merovigian knows what to do. I think he hates the oracle a lot. coz shes trying to betrayed the system, but why, maybe she a phisic in the real world and the matrix cant control her. Shes going to start the real war in the matrix.

well i think that he is holding the keymaker because the architect needs the keymaker for his designs, but since i think that merovingian is a program that has been replaced he holds a grudge against the architect.

maul's woman
That is what he is "programmed" to appear to do. All is for the benefit of Neo's development. He had to chase down the Keymaker which would lead him to the Architect. Of course, Neo doesn't know this fact. He doesn't even know of the Architect at this point. All was designed to steer him in that direction. He had to find to door to his further development. The Architect is the last important hurdle.

It is a trinity in itself... The Oracle led him to Merovingian who has the keymaker, and that encounter led Neo to the Architect.

Yes its like a game u has to get throught many steps before get the target.

But in the movie M Rev. Neo has to relize that he and only him can take control os his situations and zions too

maul's woman
It's not really a game at all. It's a test and proving ground. In the end, he is the person to bring about the new world.

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