Re-Cast Your Favorite Character Game!

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Nuke Nixon
Rules: Take a favorite movie or TV character and change the actor playing him/her.

example: Didn't like Adam Driver as Kylo Ren, how about Anthony Ingruber? (No one knows who that is, but the kid looks just like a young Harrison Ford)

Use pics to support your recast or don't, totally up to you. Go!

recast Bridget Regan as Jean Grey

instead of Famke Janssen

Did this for Predator, so that was easy!

Also The Princess Bride.

Nuke Nixon
Recast the Justice League

Ben Affleck - Bruce Wayne Batman
Miesha Tate - Wonder Woman
Luke Bracey - Aquaman
Laz Alonso - Cyborg
Alex Pettyfer - Barry Allen Flash

I like your WW!

I thought Gadot was way too slim to pull off WW, but after BvS and various trailers, i admit i like her.

Nuke Nixon
Holy sht I'm older than the Big Show!! Aw damnit!

I'm about as old as Giamatti...inconceivable!

Nuke Nixon
Recast the Fantastic Four

Kerr Smith - Reed Richards
Amanda Schull - Sue Storm
Jake Abel - Johnny Storm
Justice Joslin - Ben Grimm

Dont really know those folks.
On looks alone the Storms seem do-able!

Nuke Nixon
I was going to do Doctor Doom, but he'll be in his armor all the time in my movie, none of this origin story b.s.

Just need a guy with a eastern european accent and we're good to go.

Damn right on Doom.

Armor dammit. AR-mor.
The MCU movies prove its viable. None of the convoluted bio metal origin linked to the FF CRAAAAAAAAPPP.

Nuke Nixon
A good Doom isn't that difficult. Hollywood take notice, this is DOOM!!

Its sad when the cosplayers look vetter than what the studios put out. erm

Nuke Nixon
I don't get it, if cosplayers can make comic accurate costumes, surely studios with money and access to tech/artists can make even better but they seem to delight in fcking over comic book fans.

Yeah, its almost like they do it on purpose.

Nuke Nixon
Recast the A-Team (2010)

Mark Harmon - Hannibal Smith
Ian Somerhalder - Templeton "Face" Peck
Jim Carrey - "Howling Mad" Murdock
Kevin Grevioux - B.A. Baracas

I pegged Carey as Murdock too, once. It seems such a natural fit!
I recall i also had Pitt as Face, and Michael Clarke Duncan as BA. Cant remember my Hannibal.

This was ages ago; aside from Carrey my picks sucked!

Nuke Nixon
Speaking of Pitt, I didn't pick because my original Hannibal was George Clooney and I didn't want and Oceans 11 A-Team big grin

Thatd be funny though!

Matt Damon as Lynch, chasing them...

Nuke Nixon
Re-cast Sucker Punch

Babydoll -- Amanda Seyfried
Sweet Pea -- Britt Robertson
Rocket -- Mila Kunis
Blondie -- Emma Stone
Amber -- Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Dr. Vera Gorski -- Shannon Tweed

Originally posted by Nuke Nixon
Re-cast Sucker Punch

Babydoll -- Amanda Seyfried
Sweet Pea -- Britt Robertson
Rocket -- Mila Kunis
Blondie -- Emma Stone
Amber -- Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Dr. Vera Gorski -- Shannon Tweed
^^^i barely remember who was in that movie. I definitely know all these, though. Nooice!

This is from a 'recast the fellowship of the ring ( Ring bearer, Dwarf, Elf, Ranger, Wizard)' builder at HC. You could use characters from any fictional setting.
I did two versions i liked:

All Keanu Reeves Fellowship version:
As Kevin Lomax Keanu has faced temptation before and been burned. He knows he can do better this time.
Jack Be Nimble. This younger, more hope filled version of Keanu will try and balance out the ring bearer's darkness with his light.
This version of Keanu, from the magical land of San Dimas, is tall, handsome, musical, and used to the fantastic in both time and space. So is his shorter, uglier, cruder partner in crime.
This Kenau is all about honor and loyalty. He's pledged himself to the fellowship and will use all his skills to keep them safe. He's keeping a close eye on the Lomax version of himself, in case the ring proves too much for him.
As Constantine, this Kenau Reeves thought he'd seen it all, but, safe guarding multiple alternate versions of himself on a Quest through a classic set of novels come to life? Thats a new one even for him. Should be interesting, though.

Nuke Nixon
All Keanu Reeves... damn you just won the thread.

No one at HC seemed to like it, so....nuts to them!, and THANK you! eek!

Nuke Nixon
Originally posted by riv6672
No one at HC seemed to like it

To be honest that place is so insular and xenophobic it's no wonder they aren't bigger.

Nuke Nixon
CBR wasn't perfect but they let you hang out without ragging on you.

Originally posted by Nuke Nixon

To be honest that place is so insular and xenophobic it's no wonder they aren't bigger.
They used to be huge.
At this point it's like the place where everyone knows your name.
I'd miss it if it were gone!

Recasting Casablanca:

Liam Neeson as Rick:
Liam's older than Bogart, so the age gap with ilsa will br huge, but i can't see anyone rlse doing it.

Mila Kunis as Ilsa Mund:
She has the big eyed vulnerable look, like she'd have the daddy issues to have fallen for Rick. Plus she can Black Swan the role, and nail it.

Ed Norton as Victor Lazlo:
Never understood how this actor, who was bland af, could lead the resistance much less scam a girl off Bogart, so i picked someone who can match Neeson's intensity.

Tim Roth as Captain Renault:
Roth has that been there done that face, and i could see him and Neeson having that beautiful friendship rivalry then friendship.

Steve Buscemi as Ugarte:
Easiest choice EVER.

Forrest Whitaker as Sam:
This lazy eyed bastard as the black best friend is a lock, IMO.

Michael Fassbender as Major Strasser:
Conrad Veidt played this guy smooth but menacing. Fassbender has that in him easily.

Thats pretty much all the major roles.
Left a few out but this edit feature blows for stuff like this.

We once recast the song 'The Joker'...

Space Cowboy-Peter Quill

Midnight Toker-Silent Bob, Gangster of Love-Jay


Grinner-jim Carrey

Lover-Pepe Le Pew

Sinner-Adolph Hitler

Smoker-Catherine Tramell

Maurice-Maurice Tillet

I Play my Music in The Sun-Archie Andrews

The Cutest thing that I ever Did See-Cutie Honey

Nuke Nixon
That's a weird one, how would you even cast a song concept?

Nuke Nixon
I gave it a shot...

Space Cowboy -- David Bowie
Midnight Toker -- Snoop Dogg
Gangster of Love -- Marvin Gaye
Picker -- Eddie Van Halen
Grinner -- Miley Cyrus
Lover -- Prince
Sinner -- Marilyn Manson
Smoker -- Dean Martin
Maurice -- Maurice Gibb
I Play my Music in The Sun -- John Denver
The Cutest thing that I ever Did See -- Britney Spears

Ah, you went all singers, nooice!
Gonna borrow this and bump the HC thread for shits & giggles. I shall give you full credit!

Nuke Nixon
uh thanks?

Credit where credit is due!

Nuke Nixon
Recast the Power Rangers

Blue Ranger - James Marsden
Yellow Ranger - Devon Aoki
Red Ranger - Scott Eastwood
Pink Ranger - Cobie Smulders
Black Ranger - Omari Hardwick
Green/White Ranger - Liam Hemsworth

^^^seems legit.
I've never really watched the show though!

Nuke Nixon
Recast America's Got Talent Judges.

Simon Cowell - Ringo Starr
Mel B - Adele
Heidi Klum - Christie Brinkley
Howie Mandel - Doug Stanhope
Host: Tyra Banks - Robert Downey Jr.

With that lineup I'd watch that show.

I'd keep Howie!
Killer line up though...thumb up

Nuke Nixon

So if Marvel ever gets the FF back, cast the characters for it.

include at least 3 villains because they're going to want to do a trilogy, everyone does these days. Toss in a few supporting characters as well.

Nuke Nixon
Marvel's Fantastic Four

The film opens not on an origin story, but a rare moment of peace for the Richards Family
a brief peace because one of their oldest enemies has returned... Doom! And has kidnapped Valeria
and sent Johnny and Sue into the Negative Zone, so there's a split plotline with Ben and Reed
Looking for Valeria and Johnny and Sue trying to escape the Negative Zone with help from a special
Guest... Star Lord!

Tom Hanks as Reed Richards, zooming up the budget but I need a good anchor for this to make a trilogy and
this guy is the best there is.
Diane Lane as Sue Richards, the perfect MILF.
Theo James as Johnny Storm, Budget James Franco, just has to look cool and wisecrack... check.
Ty Olsson as Ben Grimm, old blue eyes? Oh hell yeah.

Kristen Wiig as Alicia Masters
Chris Pratt as Star Lord - here's where we connect the FF to the MCU, tie in with the Guardians
Valentina Lyapina as Valeria Richards

Salman Khan as Victor Von Doom, he's got a good foriegn accent, good deep gravel voice, swagger, the perfect Doom.
Won't be speding too much time on his actual face, maybe a flashback, I want to keep him in the Doom armor for the menace.
This guy will also open up a shitton of coin rolling in from India, huge in Bollywood. Think Globally!
Brett Azar as Blastaar, lots of make-up, little bit of CGI to get him up to the huge frame of Blastaar.
Ricky Gervais as the voice of Annihilus, mostly going to be a quick cameo with a lot of screeches and what not,
don't want to oversell this guy just in case we have him in one of the sequels.


Guess i was doing mine as you posted yours!
Nice work!

I'd give Ioan Gruffud another shot.
He's mature enough now to not seem wrong for the part.

Same with michael Chiklis.
To me he nailed the part, he just needs to do it in the MCU now.

Anna Torv as the Invisible Woman.
She's age appropriate, can act, and fill out a jumpsuit.

Dave Franco can act and he's funny.
The MCU wont forget the FF can have humor alongside action/drama.

Willem Dafoe is Dr. Doom.
Armor will finally be done right, and a face underneath as imposing as Hell.

Antonio Banderas as El Diablo.
Banderas can take it up a notch as lethal alchemist and make you like him.

Chitwell Ejiofor as The Mole Man.
He can do action, and be a thoughtful dramatic villain to boot. Plus...monsters!

Not sure who i'd go with supporting cast wise. I think you can do that better!
Its why i left Galactus off my list.
I've no idea how to approach him in the MCU style, but am curious to see if you choose to tackle him.

Nuke Nixon
Not quite how I remember the Mole Man, I see a smaller fireplug of a man, nearly hairless and sporting those weird square blast shield sunglasses, a highly excitable megalomaniac.

Galactus wouldn't ever be in the MCU in my opinion he's just too much for any and all movie version superheroes, even with Deus ex Machina Reed would come up with wouldn't do justice to how powerful he is.

Thanos is the upper limit but that's just my opinion.

I was thinking Paul Giamatti for MM, but decided to go black and never go back.
Plus he played the Rhino anyway so he has his comics cred.

Gotta agree on Galactus, like i said, i had no clue how to approach the character!

Nuke Nixon
How about... Tony Cox for Mole Man?


Nuke Nixon

Not sure how familiar you are with the movie, but see if you can recast FLASH GORDON.

These were the main characters:

Flash Gordon
Dale Arden
The Emperor Ming
Dr. Hans Zarkov
Princess Aura
Prince Barin
Prince Vultan

I've not given it much thought, and the only pick i have is, sadly, Paul Walker as NY Jets quarterback Flash Gordon.

Nuke Nixon
Flash Gordon: Alex Pettyfer
Dale Arden: Alexandra Daddario
Dr. Hans Zarkov: Nanni Moretti
The Emperor Ming: Ben Kingsley
Princess Aura: Willa Holland
Prince Barin: Jason Isaacs
Prince Vultan: Joe Manganiello

You knocked that one out early today!
I see where you went with it, and its pretty nice. I was thinking Kingsley of course, but wound up going a different way.
I like your Flash, especially...thumb up


Paul Walker as Flash Gordon for me.
He wouldve nailed that shit.

Ashley Johnson as Dale, Zarkov's grandaughter.
She has the girl next door good looks to juxtapose against my Aura pick's exoticness. She has a TIGHT bod, too, for when she gets decked out to marry Ming.

John Noble as Dr. Zarkov.
He has the look, the voice. He's just friggin' PERFECT!

The Rock as Ming.
He's always cast as older, but my Ming is still well in his prime, but still old enough to have a hot daughter. Capable of tearing Flash in half, he just prefers NOT to get his hands dirty.

Priyanka Chopra as Princess Aura.
She has the exotic looks to be the Rock's offspring, and would look STOOPID hot in the alien outfits.

Gerard Butler as Prince Barin.
You made me think of him today, and he'd work. Handsome, actiony, pretty much able to match up to Walker's Flash on every way.

Kevin Smith as Vultan.
The 80s move Vultan was over the top and funny as hell.
Stick wings on fanboy Smith, and the fun he'd have would OOZE out of his oerformance.

Nuke Nixon
Not bad at all, you're getting better with graphics too.

I just happened to have some time. stick out tongue
The cool pics are definitely your wheelhouse.

Nuke Nixon
Still, it's a good jump in quality, not to say that your previous work was lacking, I'm just saying.

stick out tongue

Got one you'll like.

Re-cast Coyote Ugly.

You'll need:
1 hot girl in her early 20s who can sing, this should be her breakout role though.

1 hot woman in her early 30s, been in stuff, but not too famous.

1 hot black girl famous in another medium (Tyra Banks was known for modeling), who cant act but is there for name recognition.

3 more hot girls who no one's gonna remember!

Nuke Nixon
Re-cast Coyote Ugly.

You'll need:
1 hot girl in her early 20s who can sing.
Pixie Lott, decent singer ok actress

1 hot woman in her early 30s
Alexis Dziena, lots of character parts not really well known

1 hot black girl famous in another medium.
Jordin Sparks, won American Idol for singing.

3 more hot girls who no one's gonna remember!
-Naya Rivera, anyone remember her from Glee?
-Kirsten Collins, was in some stuff no one watched.
-Melessia Hayden, been in a LOT of low budget skin flicks.





also, good job, Nuke yes

Re-cast Charlie's Angels.

You'll need:
A hot, ditzy chick. Late 20s.
A hot ethnic chick. Early 30s.
A hot chick. Mid 20s.
All should be able to convincingly kick butt with some gym time and wire-fu!

A guy to play Bosley, about 50.
A guy to play Charlie's voice on the intercom, should be distinctive.

Optional, you can cast a bad guy/hot henchwoman combo.

Nuke Nixon
Re-cast Charlie's Angels.

A hot, ditzy chick: Hayden Panettiere (27)
A hot ethnic chick: Gal Gadot (32)
A hot chick: Kate Upton (25)

Bosley: George Clooney (56)
Charlie's Voice: Kevin Spacey

Bad guy: Sir Patrick Stewart
Hot Henchwoman: Scarlett Johansson

That is, quite simply, spot on casting.
Right down to Kate Upton (who's in the Barrymore slot) being the thickest Angel.
I've crushed on each female you picked, and even man crushed 2 of the 3 guys!
Great job, Nuke...thumb up!!!

Nuke Nixon


You got me thinking about Rule 63, and, since i couldnt sleep tonight, i spent the time gender bending Lethal Weapon.

So, you wanna, pick a flick and do the same. It was actually kinda fun!

Capt. Murphy-Henrietta Lange
Dr. Stephen Woods-Stephen Moyer
The Chief of homocide decides to pair a potentially psychotic new cop in her department with a cop who's about to retire. The department shrink does not see the logic in this.

Maddie Riggs-Katee Sackhoff
Rhonda Murtaugh-Regina Hall
The rogue cop and her new, unwilling, too old for this shit partner. There WILL be a butt in the moonlight walk from Sackhoff, and a birthday bath scene from Hall.

Michelle Hunsaker-Jane Lynch
Andy Hunsaker-Miles Teller
The death of her son makes Michelle contact old Army buddy Murtaugh, setting things in motion.

The General-Glenn Close
Mrs. Joshua-Heather Graham
Endo-Margaret Cho
These are the bad guys who are going to make life hell for our heroines.
I even threw in the asian torture expert who gets her neck snapped.

Trey Murtaugh-Anthony Anderson
Renaldo Murtaugh-Nadji Jeter
Nicky Murtaugh-Skai Jackson
The kind hearted husband who invites Riggs into the family's home and hearts. The older teenage son who desperately wants Riggs to take advantage of him. The younger teenage daughter who's there to round out the family unit.

Nuke Nixon
That's freaking genius. OK I can do this.


Nuke Nixon
Rule 63 Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Ferris Bueller---> Farrah Bueller: Anne Hathaway
Cameron Frye---> Cameryn Frye: Krysten Ritter
Sloane Peterson---> Sly Peterson: Chris Galya
Ed Rooney---> Edie Rooney: Jane Lynch
Jeanie Bueller---> Johnny Bueller: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Katie Bueller---> Kaden Bueller: Will Ferrell
Tom Bueller---> Tommi Bueller: Elizabeth Hurley
Grace---> Greg: Louie Anderson

How do you DO this so quick?!?

Also, veeery nice work. Thats a stellar cast!

Nuke Nixon
I saw Jane Lynch on your pics and the whole thing just fell into place.

Ah i LOVE when a build is like that.
That one pick that just sets everything in order!!!

This is what i spent last night doing, instead of sleeping..,huh
James Franco as Lone Star.
Handsome enough to pull off the character.
Goofy enough to pull off the character.
Jonah Hill as Barf.
Where Franco goes Hill will follow.
These RL buddies will have good chemistry on (acting) and off (smoking weed) screen.
Kevin Hart as Dark Helmet.
Yeah he's over exposed i dont care.
Love him or hate him this would be his role for the taking.
He's even 2" shorter than Rick Moranis!
Jason Bateman as Colonel Sandurz.
Bateman is a solid choice i think.
He's a consumate straight man, able to deliver lines with straight face.
Zooey Deschanel as Princess Vespa.
Can do funny, and is hot when needed. I'd love to see her with those bagels on her head.
Ellen Degeneres as Dot Matrix.
Her voice is distinctive enough to bring the robot to life.
She can hang with comedy, and even ad lib like she did for Dory.
Jon Stewart as Yogurt.
No one can replace Mel Brooks, but this is recasting, so it must be done.
Stewart is Jewish enough to pull off the 'Oy!', and has his own brand of humor so he wont be just trying to imitate.

Nuke Nixon
You nailed that with the hammer of Thor, damn I can't even touch that.

Lack of sleep makes me creative? bangin
Glad you liked it!

Nuke Nixon
In that same vein, recast Robin Hood: Men in Tights.

Oh hell no!
I thought of doing that one the other night (and Blazing Saddles), and as many iconic parts as there are, no one came to mind as 'yeah this guy could be that guy' for me.

If you did it i'd be impressed right off the bat.

Nuke Nixon
Recast Robin Hood: Men in Tights
Going with a mostly British cast
...for a Monty Pythonesque flavor.

Robin: Simon Pegg
Prince John: Eddie Izzard
Marian: Tina Fey
Sheriff: David Tennant
Ahchoo: Donald Glover
Blinkin: Stephen Merchant
Little John: Rory McCann
Will: Chris O'Dowd
Latrine: Catherine Tate
Ahsneeze: Nonso Anozie
King Richard: Steve Coogan
Broomhilde: Dawn French

Thats pretty ****ing TIGHT.
I wouldnt have done that any kinda justice!

Nuke Nixon
Don't sell yourself short, you would have done a good job.

Nah, some of those picks are just so good!

Pegg, Temnant, Coogan, frikking Merchant!

Nuke Nixon
Cast a live-action Teen Titans Movie, use whatever line-up you want, kind of make sure the actors can pass as teenagers.

Went Teen Titans Go, and really young.
None of these kids are super famous, but i think they fit the bill.

Dakota Goyo as Robin

Cameron Boyce as Beast Boy

Tyrell Jacob Williams as Cyborg

Ciara Bravo as Raven

Lauren Boles as Starfire

Nuke Nixon
I went with the Original Fab 5 Titans.

Robin: Levi Miller (14)
Speedy: Jacob Hopkins (15)
Wonder Girl: Bailee Madison (17)
Aqua Lad: Emjay Anthony (14)
Kid Flash: Ty Simpkins (16)

Thats nice casting AND age range! thumb up

My oldest and youngest were Raven 20, and Starfire 15.
Robin and Beast Boy were 18, Cyborg 15.

Part 1 of an Elite double header.
Cast an Elite movie (original line up) for DC.
They can use a win!

This here's what i went with:

Nuke Nixon
Oh snap, I didn't see part 1. oopsie.

No sweat!

Nuke Nixon
Manchester Black: Damien Lewis
Menagerie: Bella Hadid
Coldcast: Gbenga Akinnagbe
The Hat: Jin Akanishi

Intriguing! yes


William H. Macy as Rick
Ethan Wacker as Morty
Josh Radnor as Jerry
Elizabeth Banks as Beth
Bella Thorne as Summer

Nuke Nixon
Rick Sanchez: Bruce Dern
Morty Smith: Dylan Everett
Jerry Smith: Colin Hanks
Beth Smith: Amy Poehler
Summer Smith: Dakota Fanning
Jessica: Sophie Nelisse

I can see Bruce Dern and Colin Hanks! thumb up

Nuke Nixon
I couldn't think of the guy I first thought of when I seen that Jerry pic, I can sort of see him in my mind but I can't bring him into coherent focus at all. So I went with Colin hanks because he can play the clueless gomer.

You know, i had the same damn problem.
I could picture a guy, i'd know him if i saw him, but search after search, i couldnt find him!


Dakota Fanning as Clarice Starling
Kelsey Grammer as Hannibal Lecter
Jake Gyllenhaal as Jame Gumb
William Fichtner as Jack Crawford
Dink O'Neal as Dr. Frederic Chilton
Fatso Fasano as Barney Matthews
Miranda May as Catherine Martin
Mary Elizabeth Masterantonio as Sen. Ruth Martin

Nuke Nixon
Recast Silence of the Lambs

Clarice Starling: Jennifer Lawrence
Hannibal Lecter: Christoph Waltz
Jame Gumb: Paul Bettany
Jack Crawford: Gary Oldman
Dr. Frederic Chilton: Gary Cole
Barney Matthews: Malik Yoba
Catherine Martin: Amy Schumer
Sen. Ruth Martin: Christine Ebersole

Almost used Gary Cole, too...thumb up

Nuke Nixon
Your pic of the original characters gave me all kinds of ideas. I almost went with Meryl Streep as Ruth Martin.

I could see that!

Lucas Till as Valentine McKee
Good looking young man, nice head of hair.
Rob Lowe as Earl Bassett
Handsome older guy, still able to run around and get dirty.
Ty Burrell as Burt Gummer
Also best known for playing a nice guy dad on a family sitcom, before this role.
Alia Bhatt as Rhonda LeBeck
Cute but not smoking hot, which is the point, as Valentine always dated smoking hotties.
Leann Rimes as Heather Gummer
30-something Country singer turned actress.

Sean Giambrone as Melvin Plugg
Young actor known for The Goldbergs in for young actor known for The Wonder Years.
Alyvia Alyn Lind as Mindy Sterngood
Child actress, right look and age.
George Lopez as Miguel
Eh, why not? He could use the work.
Constance Wu as Walinda Chang
Gender flip here, as her onscreen snark will work fir this character, and i'll hate to see her get eaten later in the movie.
Megyn Price as Megan
Pretty, MILF-ish blonde actress.

Nuke Nixon
Top notch work right there, unbeatable picks if ever I seen any. 4 stars and bars my man.

thanks for validating my wasted morning!!! big grin

Nuke Nixon
Valentine McKee & Earl Bassett: Bob Wallace and Phil Davis (White Christmas) a handsome rogue and a serious slightly grumpy guy who argue a lot but are the best of friends.
Rhonda LeBeck: Evelyn O'Connell (The Mummy) cute bookish type that gets way into trouble
Burt Gummer and Heather Gummer: Harry and Helen Tasker (True Lies) a real tough couple by the end of the movie.
Melvin Plug: Chunk (Goonies) always claiming to have seen something and no one believes him.
Nancy Sterngood
Mindy Sterngood
Nestor Cunningham
Walter Chang
Edgar Deems
Old Fred
Dr. Jim Wallace
Megan Wallace

That's as far as I got, Ive been banging my head on the desk trying to get my inspiration into gear but I got nothing. I thought going with other movies characters would be clever. This is harder than I thought, good on you for toughing it out.

That IS a clever idea, Nuke!
I dont think i could do it that way.

Nuke Nixon
Yeah I used to have good ideas.

Nuke Nixon
Reservoir Dogs

Sean Penn as Mr. White
Sam Rockwell as Mr. Pink
Ryan Gosling as Mr. Orange
Michael Shannon as Mr. Blonde
Shea Whigham as Nice Guy Eddie
J.K. Simmons as Joe

Nuke Nixon

Nuke Nixon
International Problem Solver Squad

(Russia) Yelena Belova
(Romania) Hanna Heller
(USA) Lorraine Broughton
(Colombia) Cataleya Restrepo
(Scotland) Major Eden Sinclair
(China) Yu Shu Lien

Old Man Whirly!
Originally posted by Nuke Nixon
International Problem Solver Squad

(Russia) Yelena Belova
(Romania) Hanna Heller
(USA) Lorraine Broughton
(Colombia) Cataleya Restrepo
(Scotland) Major Eden Sinclair
(China) Yu Shu Lien Love how you are in touch with your strong female hero appreciation Nuke. Good Stuff!

Nuke Nixon
Thank you Whirley, I like when strong characters are written well and have complex emotions and just happen to be women.

Not a fan of writers making super strong girlboss Mary Sues who can do anything and beat anyone and basically have the emotional range of a cardboard box.

Old Man Whirly!
Originally posted by Nuke Nixon
Thank you Whirley, I like when strong characters are written well and have complex emotions and just happen to be women.

Not a fan of writers making super strong girlboss Mary Sues who can do anything and beat anyone and basically have the emotional range of a cardboard box. I did luke Rey, mind you!

Nuke Nixon
I didn't mention Rey but now that I think about it...

The thing about her is I'm not sure how much of her hate is character flaws and how much is Star Wars fans being dumb nerdges hating just to hate.

Old Man Whirly!
Originally posted by Nuke Nixon
I didn't mention Rey but now that I think about it...

The thing about her is I'm not sure how much of her hate is character flaws and how much is Star Wars fans being dumb nerdges hating just to hate. thumb up mostly the latter in my opinion.

Nuke Nixon
Russell Rescue Squad

Concept: Kurt Russell has disappeared so his Multiversal Family has banded together to mount a rescue.

Will Stronghold (Son from Sky High)
Peter Quill (Son from Guardians of the Galaxy)
Little Ms. Nobody (Daughter from Fast X)
Nicky Calhoun (Brother from The Art of the Steal)
Ray Tango (Partner from Tango & Cash)

Nuke Nixon
Cast Away Crew

Concept: Tom Hanks character is marooned on a
deserted island but instead of being all alone he has
survivors from a multiverse plane crash with him.

Chuck Nolend
Nick Palmer (No Reservations)
Jason Bourne (The Bourne Series)
Stacie Conrad (Pitch Perfect)
Sprite (The Eternals)
Ophelia (Trading Places)

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