You now run Marvel or DC

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Lets say you now run Marvel or Dc .. You choice of the 2 company's which one you run.

Which 14 heroes not villains would you push as your company's front runners ?

If i ran Marvel i would push as my front runners as followed in no real order.. Center them in my Marvel U and have them in solos, teamups and big teams plus main storylines as well.

Silver Surfer
Blue Marvel
Black Panther
Monica Rambeau
Iron Man-Stark
Black Bolt

Thoughts? And you?

I'd leave the X-verse alone mostly, other than to snag the Beast, and mandate one and only one X Men book/one Wolverine book, neither of which would be rebooted every 10 issues.

One Avengers book, with Cap, IM, Thor, Beast, Blue Marvel, Spectrum, Hulk and Hawkeye.

Solo books for Cap, IM and Thor, Shang Chi, Namor and Spidey (back to his friendly neighborhood roots, married to Mary Jane with daughter May).

A new Champions book with Wonderman, Mockingbird, Reyes Ghost Rider, Ben Grimm & Human Torch.

Thats gotta be 14, probably more.

I'd add Sue Richards (and her kids as suporting characters along with Jarvis) to the Avengers for another female, then have a sub plot run through the first 12 issues of that mag, Champions, and Namor as to where Reed is.
This might dovetail into an ongoing for the Richards clan.

After the cossover, i'd have Nick Fury Classic (now running SHIELD again, and playing a supporting role between all 3 books during the Reed mystery) assign Quake to the Avengers, giving us another female, and one thats never been on the team.
She'd be there to help SHIELD be more pro active in superhuman affairs.

Good post !

Thanks, it was an interesting question.thumb up

BTW, the Richards clan spin off i figure would still be called Fantastic Four (a book that never seems to sell well), but be about Reed, Sue, Franklin and Valeria.
I'd like to evoke this kinda vibe:
A family exploring space, time, other dimensions etc.
find out where the vibranium meteorites that hit the earth originally came from, field trip to Asgard, an adventures in babysitting story with the Watcher...stuff like that.

That sounds like great idea for the FF for sure

It would at least be worth a try, i think.
Keep the 4 members in different books, so when they get together it's more of an event.

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