Battlezone: Thanos versus (Buu Saga) SSJ3 Goku and Piccolo

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The fight takes place in the Cell Games Arena.

Combatants start 10 meters apart.

Fight to the death. I will be making the opener. Best of luck, DS. smile


The Power of Super Saiyan III Goku

To understand the depth of Goku's power, you have to realize his roots. As a child, before reaching the age of sixteen, Goku surpassed Master Roshi whom himself is capable of destroying the moon.

Roshi destroying the moon.

Goku's power, all though impressive, in dragon ball, never touched the levels of Z. After training with Kaio-Sama, Goku can go to toe with a planet buster as confirmed in daizenchuu.

By the time of the Cell arc, Cell and Gohan are each capable of destroying a solar system.

This quote is controversial as many assume Cell is bluffing; however, it is confirmed in the Dragon Ball Handbook.

Goku's vast superiority to his son as a Super Saiyan 2

To conceptualize how strong Goku is, you have to realize how much improvement was done during the seven-year gap. He has surpassed his son who is a solar system + combatant.

When Vegeta says this statement, he seems assured that he is stronger than Goku. This quote indicates that Goku is holding back as a Super Saiyan two at this point. I believe that Goku was holding back as a Super Saiyan Two throughout the whole fight based on Vegeta's statement: It is also further indicated that he was holding back in his Super Saiyan Two form when Vegeta is shocked by Goku having the power of a Super Saiyan Three.

SP Cell<SSJ2 Gohan<<<SSJ2 Majin Vegeta<Super Saiyan Two Goku

Now that we have assessed the power of Super Saiyan Two Goku we need to explain Super Saiyan Three Goku's relation to the high tiers of DBZ. If we are to lowball SSJ 3 Goku, he is equal to Super Saiyan Gotenks. If we go by the suspect Super Saiyan multipliers, Gotenks is 8x stronger than Goku. Gotenks is equivalent to Super Boo. In order to find out the strength of Boohan, we have to assess the strength of Mystic Gohan. Gohan is stronger than Super Boo but weaker than Bootenks. I think it is logical to assume that Gohan is 150% of Super Boo. If we add Mystic Gohan's strength to Super Boo it is logical to assume that Boohan is roughly 20x stronger than SSJ3 Goku. This means feats achieved by Boohan can be applied to SSJ3 Goku but at a smaller level.

While this feat itself does not indicate Universal busting power, it does show the immense raw power that I believe equates to galaxy-destruction capabilities. As I just proved Goku's parity it is not hard to intonate that Goku himself is capable of feats nigh this level. Especially given the fact that Vegetto was easily able to surmount this power.

Goku's Power: Goku has always been ludicrously strong ever since he was a little boy, capable of destroying moons. By the time he reaches his twenties, he is a planet buster. When he reaches the Boo saga, as a Super Saiyan Two, he is far above solar system busting and has parity with multiple dimensional warpers. Thanos simply is not able to compete with such high paragons of power, and this does not even include Piccolo.


This feat is certainly not out of Goku's range. Goku's and Freeza's fight ravaged the terrain and the mere act of Goku powering up to Super Saiyan changed the weather and the environment.

While ripping the core of a star may seem like an impressive physical feat it is no more impressive than Goku blocking a ki blast from Kid Boo. Regarding heat resistance, Seth expounds upon this quite well: Destroying a pocket dimension is impressive but no more remarkable than ripping through the dimensional fabric and pulling dimensions into crush the universe. Goku may not have achieved these feats, but it is certainly in his range. Based on my previous scaling.

Everything is not clearly defined, but it does indicate a high level of power; however, Kid Boo himself was given the same feat. While surviving the force of neutron star may be impressive, it does not have much battle application.

I will make a post for Piccolo later.

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