Why does people think immortality is auto win?

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Ok I have seen people post questions on this forums so i decided post this. why does people think when a character cannot die is automatically victory for the character???

Alucard from hellsing is perfect example

Alucard can beat Dante. Reason? Alucard cannot die.

Alucard can beat kratos. Reason? Alucard cannot die.

Alucard can beat Spawn? Reason? Alucard cannot die.

Alucard can beat D from Vampire hunter D. Reason? Alucard cannot die

see the patterns?

even if the character is not able to die that should means he/she is the winner. they must have the strength and speed or power that can beat their powerful opponent. but yet someone they do not think like this

I have come cross with Alucard Fanboy in the past. thinking that Alucard can beat character like Dante, kratos, Spawn, And D from vampire hunter D

of course he cant. They all can stomp Alucard with ease.

like for many debater in this thread for this topic

All you have to do to win in a thread is get a ko. At least by most forum rules.

If you can manage to be knocked out it doesnt matter if you are immortal

I am new on this site. I like to give my though on this topic

I think some people see this. "Well since the character is immortal that means he/she can take all kinds of punishment that his or her opponent dish out and eventually will win" They failed to realize that Immortality does not grand you victory. If the character don't possess the power and skills or strength and speed or even weapons that would be threat to the opponent? Then their chance of winning is beyond their reach. Now as far Alucard topic? He one of those character that often get overestimated alot by some. I see people try compare him to other characters that are beyond his level like he has a chance of beating them witch clearly he does not. The list of characters that was mention here are beyond his level and has zero chance of winning any of them

there are variations of immortality like alucard is immortality via regeneration.

But people also need to remember if there are different between low level, mid level, high level and god level regeneration. If you on mid-high level regeneration like alucard you can still be destroyed by enough force.

For the example Alucard can survive from being destroyed into pulp of blood. So how to destroy him ? that easy you just need to atomize him.

people just have noob knowledge about immortality. Immortality is one of the most useless abilities in VS battles in term of power and strength. unless if the battles is HAX vs HAX so it might be useful.

what made alucard an overestimated character is that he has the so-called "Schrodinger Powers", a very ill-defined/vague ability that alucard fanboys use as an argument Vs. characters well beyond his level/ability

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