Which anime/manga abilities would you take in exchange for a cost?

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Some of these costs are arbitrary and have nothing to do with the abilities from the series said abilities are in.

#1. Lelouch Lamperouge's Geass (Power of absolute obedience): As long as you make direct eye contact with someone, you can issue one command to someone and they must obey no matter what the command.

Cost: You can never have friends again and your geass will eventually reach a point where you can never turn it off.

#2. Ken Kaneki's ghoul powers: You become a ghoul like those in the Tokyo Ghoul universe and retain all of Ken Kaneki's powers abilities (strong enough to lift 10 - 20 tons, fast enough to dodge bullets, tough enough to where your body is as durable as steel and the ability to manifest ethreal appendages that can be used slice through objects as hard as reinforced steel).

Cost: You can never eat human food again (just the taste of it makes you want to a puke) and you have an insufferable desire to consume human blood and flesh.

#3. Yugi's Moto's millenium puzzle: You inherit a small gold pyramid necklace that inhabits the spirit of an ancient pharoah who can make you unbeatable when playing any game no matter what.

Cost: The spirit will take over your body whenever you play a game, will "mind crush" players who don't follow the rules and may occasionally attract homicidal maniacs to come to your doorstep and challenge you to a game in an effort to steal your gold pyramid necklace.

#4. Light Yagami's Death Note: You inherit a notebook with an unlimited amount of pages that allows you to kill anyone you can think of simply by writing their name in the notebook

Cost: Upon using the notebook, every investigative agency in the planet will begin trying find out who has the notebook and will make hunting the notebook's owner down their priority. In addition, your lifespan is automatically cut in half.

#5. Enel's Lightning Fruit power: You gain the devil fruit abilities the Skypiea arc One Piece villain showcased. In other words, you can transform into, create, and control lightning. In addition, you can move as fast as lightning and general electricity that can be as hot as the sun's surface.

Cost: You lose the ability to swim and will drown in any body of water you submerge yourself in. In addition, you lose all of the hair on your body and can never grow it back.

#6. Son Goku's strength, speed, skills and powers: You retain every combative ability Son Goku has ever shown in Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super. You are his equal in every way.

Costs: Before gaining these powers, you must remain in a maximum security prison for one year and must endure getting raped and beaten by the other inmates each day for the full year.

Enel's powers are probably the best bet in terms of cost/reward.

Goku's might be worth it but 365 days of that would probably drive you insane and leave you traumatic.

The rest otherwise don't come close in terms of raw power but personally I'd take the puzzle. Atem is a pretty reasonable dude and gambling is fun.

Is Superman one of the inmates raping Goku?

#1, easily.


The drawbacks are frankly laughable and Enel's powers are overall the second most powerful of the group (under Goku) and easily the most versatile.

Yeah, but besides maybe lightning travel, why would you want to have that power?

Well it basically makes you a nigh unkillable god. That's neat.

Originally posted by NewGuy01
Yeah, but besides maybe lightning travel, why would you want to have that power? I could literally rule the planet with Enel's powers if I wanted to tbh. Enel with his own abilities has firepower on par with a weapon of mass destruction, as well as effectively instantaneous travel (long distance relationship? No problem! I easily break mach 200!). Most of all, I'd be completely invincible. Someone tries to assassinate me with a gun? The bullet goes right through me. Someone stabs me? They're electrocuted. I also get to have a sonar that lets me know when anyone is near (assuming I don't get his haki this is all it should do, if I do I can do quite a bit more with it). And to top it all off, his fruit apparently lets him breathe in space. He's pretty broken, and unlike something like the Death Note his powers can be used for more than just killing people.

Agree with Nemo. That's the obvious choice with #1 being second. The question is, do you know of the cost. If not, you'll probably die in a bathtub. If so, that's the best choice and yes, I would rule the world in a kindly fashion.

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