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I think a quarter of most people's sixth gen and down collections are some kind of jrpg. And then they kind of got replaced by western rpg's (Some would say for the better)

Which one's out of the many, many games would you say stand the test of time and could still be considered "good" by today's standards (If any).

Dark Souls.

Originally posted by ares834
Dark Souls.

Well, yeah, but that's more a Japanese game done in a western style. Jrpg = games like Final Fantasy, Tales, Persona (Not sure about Kingdom Hearts)

Instead of jrpg, lets go with "Japanese style" games then. Games that originated from Japan and are unique to their games, regardless of where they originated (Like the final fantasies, or Stick of Truth's)

JRPG = Japanese Role Play Game

Dark Souls is made in Japan and is a role play game. And therefore is a JRPG, thought perhaps not a "traditional" JRPG.

Radiant Historia. It's the kind of game that would've benefited for having a bigger budget or a better engine, but it stands as a textbook example of the quality of entertainment that you can pull using classic mechanics, writting and non-linear exploration.

Final Fantasy 6 forever

FFVI, FFVII, Chrono Trigger

FF7 and FF8, personally.

FFXIV count? That too.

Originally posted by BackFire
FFVI, FFVII, Chrono Trigger


Zack Fair
Xenogears will always be my favorite, but it doesn't pass the test of time. =[

S W LeGenD
Soma Bringer
Chrono Cross
Final Fantasy VI
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VIII
Final Fantasy Tactics
Vagrant Story
Final Fantasy XI
Final Fantasy XIV

Shining Force Saga !

Originally posted by Arachnid1
Final Fantasy 6 forever

Fond memories, with IV/II not far behind.

Beat it about three times, before making a temp trade with my sisters then boyfriend for Contra III. And then they broke up, so it became a perma trade.

And I lost Contra III to boot. (Another friend was caught stealing a bundle of games, he returned them, and they disappeared again, so think he took it...)

Final Fantasy VI

John Murdoch
Ah, a nice trip down memory lane...

I owned Final Fantasy I, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, and Tactics.

- VII and VIII will always be my two favorite games of all-time: incredible music, great characters, world-building/settings are second-to-none, and epic thematic material (for a middle schooler/junior high kid at the time stick out tongue). Also, both, along with Super Mario RPG, introduced me to the turn-based RPG gameplay system.
- Tactics is best, IMO, in terms of gameplay, though it's a turn-based strategy more than JRPG, but I'll count it. Still, the story, characters, music, etc., all A+ best game ever material as well.
- Watched my younger brother play through FFIX, and from what I saw, it is right there with VII and VIII as well. The art style put me off at first, but I played the abovementioned older Final Fantasies, so it grew on me.
- My stories about I, V, and VI:
- I recently gave FFI in its NES cartridge form to a dear friend and co-worker that transferred to another facility as a going-away present. My party forever will be stuck in Gurgu Volcano, trying to find and fight Kary, the Fire Fiend (never could beat that dungeon with the -1HP per move, since the tiles in the dungeon were lava or something like that).
- V and VI: I have both of these on Final Fantasy Anthology for PS1. I got to the desert dungeon in V where the sand will move you around whilst triggering random encounters. With VI, I was about to encounter Kefka and Emperor Gestahl at the point where - I think - Kefka "destroys" the world. One day, a Spring thunderstorm occurred, and lightning struck either my house or a transformer or something; the result: a black boil on my PS1's memory card. Corrupted my save files for both games. Never have tried to complete them again haha.

Also, S W LeGenD mentioned plenty more like Vagrant Story, Xenogears, didn't play Chrono Cross but have it ready for download on PS Store. Chrono Trigger is phenomenal as well. Really, anything Squaresoft did during the PS1 generation - RPG or not - is nigh-perfect (Parasite Eve, Front Mission 3, Einhander).

I could take a day to talk about my PS1 Square days, but that's enough I think. Thanks for bringing up some great memories, cdtm.

EDIT: I mentioned anything Square did during the PS1 era was great, but I know that Chrono Trigger and FF's V and VI were SNES. I ran the sentences together to where it seemed I was saying Chrono Trigger was developed for the PS1. I apologize for the confusion.

Final Fantasy 8 was my favorite game back in the old days. It was such an awesome game and quite advanced for its time.

John Murdoch
Originally posted by PaleMysts
Final Fantasy 8 was my favorite game back in the old days. It was such an awesome game and quite advanced for its time.

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