Buu vs Krillin

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This is the new Buu vs Krillin.

Who is taking this?

No amount of kiezan hax beats regeneration.


Buu megastomps.

Dramatic Gecko
Buu is on another level.

Krillin fought and did well against Super Saiyan Blue Goku whereas Buu had a decent battle against Black hair Goku.

No he didn't... He did beat Gohan though with a truck full of asterisks.

Sadly Krillin going to lose no matter what he does to change his outcome. On the other hand, Buu might end quickly with a swat of his fist.

Krillin other way of winning is befriending Buu, in this case, he probably gets to live.


To be fair, a solar flare and a destructo disk to Goku would probably kill him. With Buu, there isn't much Krillin can do. Regen abilities null destructo disk, and Buu always has his eyes closed so Idk how solar flare is going to work either. As we have seen him open them, so they aren't like Brock's eyes from pokemon. So with both of Krillin's tricks useless, even if they were evened out in power Buu wins easily. As for their current power level, Buu still wins easily but he would still pr
obably play around with Krillin before doing so.

Maybe if Goku wasn't prepared (which is a fair point), but we have seen the disc fail if the target is much stronger than the caster. (fire-er-er?)

Only time it's failed is filler against Cell. It would have worked against Nappa, and it would have worked against Freeza when used by Krillin. And besides that it's not been used by Krillin. I mean, I would say even worked on Buu but his durability isn't anything to write home about even if Gokou was much weaker than him.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.