Movie/TV Team Builder Game

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Nuke Nixon
Movie/TV Team Builder Game

So the idea is to make a 5 to 7 member team using characters from movies, tv shows, even comic books and anime if you want.

Each team should have some sort of theme, basically a reason for them being together. For diversity have at least one female on each team.

My first team I call gathered together 5 characters with similar skill sets and backgrounds. They've been enhanced in some way or have had their memories jumbled with.

Special Force 5
The Leader: John Doe, a guy that knows basically everything there is having memorized the Library of Congress.
The Hacker: Jake Foley is enhanced with nannites, has superhuman reflexes speed and senses, and can communicate with computers telepathically.
The Weapons Expert: Jane Doe, a highly trained martial artist and weapons expert had a total memory wipe so all her abilities are muscle memory.
The Wild Card: Kyle is genetically engineered to be a perfect human, whatever skills the team needs he can pick up.
The Secret Agent: Chuck has the Intersect in his brain which has the combined intel from the CIA and NSA.

^^^thats a great line up, i like it!

I've made buncha these at HC for various builders, so i'll use some of those.
First up, my own version of 80s movie The Monster Squad.
I tried to keep the roles the same, as Drac was evil, the werewolf really wasnt, and neither was Frankenstein. The Mummy & the Gillman were on board. Though...

^^^shit, no female. My bad.

Hopefully this makes up for it.
From an LGBT team builder we did...





Nuke Nixon
80s TV Justice Squad

Ralph Hinkley, the Greatest American Hero
Dr. Miles Hawkins, Mantis
Lori, Eletra Woman w/Dyna Girl
Dr. Jonathan Chase, Manimal
Otto J. Mann, Automan w/Curser

^^^memory lane! Only show i never got into was Mantis.

My Exiles team. Alternate reality characters; familiar yet not the ones we know:
Not sure if you ever read the comic, but I liberally mixed comics, books, and TV to get the characters to more or less fit the original line up.
RIVER TAM-She says no power in the 'Verse can stop her, but she's always had others to lead the way. Now she IS the leader, and there's more than one 'Verse to deal with.
The Blink.
ANITA "needy" LESNICKI-Survivor of a Demon's bite, now cursed with its power. She's a good girl trying not to go (completely) bad. She can eviscerate you physically, and direct contact with her will slowly drain your sanity.
The Nocturne.
RAMBO, JOHN J.-After 51 straight tours of duty fighting his reality's ongoing Vietnam War, the enemy calls him a Horseman of the Apocalypse. Some say War, some Death. He will do what he does best in this strange new situation.
The Thunderbird.
KING SHARK-Son of Sharkboy and Lava Girl, who despite his appearance is a rather amiable fellow. Most of the time. Fiercer and stronger than his father, he can "swim" through earth/stone/concrete as a strange gift from his mother.
The Magnus.
LUCAS LEE-coming from a seeming Paradise for Canadians, where he is one of its premiere heroes. He also does all his own stunts.
The Mimic.
THE MASK-Silly on the surface, this living cartoon has hidden depths. He will do everything in his (considerable) power to keep everyone safe.
The Morph.

Found a live action Suicide Squad one.

Nuke Nixon
Fox Force Five

Barb Wire, guns & bombs, boobs, and attitude
Wynonna Earp, magic guns, and attitude
Christie, ninja skills, swords, and possession
Kate Libby "Acid Burn", hacker skills, attitude
Jennifer Johnson "G-Girl", super powers, murderous attitude

^^^nice. Very nice. Gonna steal that one!

This was from a team builder called 'powered by another universe', where you gave your characters something to amp them somehow:

Nuke Nixon
Death Star as a base of ops... damn. Overkill much.

Then i better not tell you Kong is working on a way to interface Ron's flux capacitor into the DS, giving it the ability to be "towed", with the delorean when it time travels...confused

Nuke Nixon

Nuke Nixon
Movie Version of the Cosby Show

Because He ruined it, I have to fix it.
Taking movie characters in their prime.

Roger Murtaugh (Lethal Weapon) as Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable, he's a good dad and is too old for this shit but he'll make it work.
Vernita Green (Kill Bill) as Claire Huxtable, she's a good mom (maybe some questionable morals eh) and will fck up anyone that messes with her family.
Lt. Nyota Uhura (nuStar Trek) as Sondra Huxtable-Tibideaux, very smart, good communicator
Alex Owens (Flashdance) as Denise Huxtable-Kendall, free spirit, kind of a flaky out there type
Solomon Northup (12 Years a Slave) as Theo Huxtable, proud black man, kind of a screw up
Dionne (Clueless) as Vanessa Huxtable, kinda smart kinda snobby
Akeelah Anderson (Akeelah and the Bee) as Rudy Huxtable, precosious and annoying

^^^thats pretty good. thumb up

A fox force five one someone at HC did:

Nuke Nixon

Nuke Nixon
Funny how that team pic looks a lot like my pics... well shiiiit, guess the jig is up.

I would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for them damn RIVs!

Wait, you're Ryker? Nuh uh!

Nuke Nixon
BWAHAHAHAA!! Nah I'm just fcking with you. He probably uses photoshop too, it tends to have a signature look.

....freaky! confused eek!

A modern day League of Extraordinay Gentlemen, using American characters.

I threw in an M character for the hell of it.
Used six for the team, since Jekyll/Hyde was a twofer.
Used Odd Thomas for Jekyll as he has passive powers, making him fairly normal, and has a -nice- personality to play off the more hard ass ones on the team:

Nuke Nixon
--League of Extraordinary Russian Gentlemen--

M - Boris the Blade (Snatch)
Allan Quatermain - Alexander Nesterov (Cryostasis)
Captain Nemo - Ivan Vanko (Iron Man 2)
Mina Harker - Helena (Orphan Black)
Rodney Skinner - Illya Kuryakin (Man from U.N.C.L.E)
Dorian Gray - Piotr Rasputin (Deadpool)
Tom Sawyer - Viktor Krum (Harry Potter)
Dr. Jekyll - Phillip Jennings (The Americans)
Mr. Hyde - The Russian (The Punisher)

Thats funky...!

Nuke Nixon
TV Search & Rescue Team

Tommy Gavin (Rescue Me) Firefighter
John Gage (Emergency) Firefighter/Paramedic
Jon Baker (CHIPS) Motorcycle Cop/Former Marine
Nick Stokes (CSI) Detective
Vic Moretti (Longmire) Deputy Sheriff
Tru Davies (Tru Calling) (Psychic)
Jaime Sommers (Bionic Woman) Enhanced Agent
Michael Bishop (Nikita) Secret Operative

Thats TIGHT.

The most awesome 70s-80s Police Station EVER.

Da Chief-Barney Miller

The Lead Detective-Columbo

The Cop Buddy Team-Starsky & Hutch

The Cowboy Cop-Sledge Hammer

The Woman Cop-'Pepper' Anderson

Not Actually a Cop-Kolchak

The M.E.-Quincey

The Beat Cops-Malloy & Reed

The Super Cops-SWAT

Damn Edit feature:

Wanted to give Da Chief someone to bounce things off in the office, undermine his orders, give the other cops a hard time, and basically be a shmuck the team can mess with:

The Second in Command-Harris

Nuke Nixon
That's a good team right thur!

Thanks, man.
I saved yours for my collection. Got a folder fulla kick ass team builder mash ups!

Nuke Nixon
Oceans 13 Heist Team

Hudsen Hawk
Thomas Crown
Flynn Rider
Dominic Toretto
Selina Kyle
Lara Croft
Tom Ripley
Keyser Soze
Lawrence Jamieson
Robert MacDougal
Irene Adler
Charlie Croker

^^^Jesus CHRIST! eek!

Nice work onda pic, too. Smooth!

Nuke, i ask YOU, to make a Starship Entetprise type crew.

Throw in a mix of guys and gals, humans and aliens, of various ages.

CPT. Clarence Colton is the captain's captain; steadfast loyal and brave, smart, dedicated and good with his fists.
He's also 100% honest, which is why he needs...
...First Officer Dick Solomon.
Self centered, arrogant, willing to exploit friend & foe alike to achieve his goals. An experienced captain in his own right, he's more than capable of taking over when needed.
Science Officer Martin O'Hara has vast TP and TK powers.
He can also out-MacGyver MacGyver. Unfazed by danger, he often works closely with fellow techie...
...Tactical Officer Claudia Donovan.
Experienced in facing the strange and bizarre, she's even more experienced in devising ways to win in seemingly impossible situations.
Helmsman Gordon Shumway has only ever crashed one ship he's piloted.
Not too shabby.
He's perfect to sit at the controls, as he's never really seen from the waist down. Basically a space Jew, he's good friends with...
...Chief Engineer Howard Wolowitz.
Never at a loss for words or inspiration, Wolowitz will do anything and everything to keep the ship running. He has a hot wife at home, and refuses to die in space.
Communications Officer Bree Davenport is perfect for the job.
A teenage girl born with a cellphone in her hand. She's also bionically enhaced and had super speed, which helps her multi task. Surrogate big sister to...
...Security Chief Vicky (last name classified).
A robot with prodigious strength and offensive power, her diminutive size puts opponents off their game. She makes a habit, in her off time, of annoying...
...Medical Officer Dr. Gregory House.
Zero G to rest his leg, space age drugs to self medicate with, and House still manages to be a grumpy bastard.
Still, there's no one better to figure out what ails you. And piss you off while doing it.

Nuke Nixon
Captain Marko Ramius (The Hunt for Red October)
First Officer Samantha Carter (Stargate SG1)
Science Officer The 12th Doctor (Doctor Who)
Tactical Officer Clarke Griffin (The 100)
Helmsman T.C. McQueen (Space Above and Beyond)
Chief Engineer Cisco Ramon (The Flash)
Communications Officer M'gann M'orzz (Supergirl)
Security Chief Steve Rogers (Captain America Winter Soldier)
Medical Officer Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce (M*A*S*H)

^^^and the Starship Captains says of Nuke's mash up.....:

Nuke Nixon
Next challenge.

^^^Wait, am i supposed to be Keanu....????

This was another HC builder someone started:
Create your own Star Wars type Rebels line up, using only live action Sci Fi(ish) movie and TV characters.

young hero
older mentor/dies
really old mentor
dashing rogue
giant sidekick
the princess
annoying robot
plucky robot
black rogue

I went with a gender bent version, but you can do it yhe proper way of course.
I'm not a big SW fan outside of Han, so was trying to make it interesting for myself:

YOUNG HERO-Claudia Donovan (she's my go to gal, yeah), Warehouse 13

OLD MENTOR/DIES-Dana Scully, X-Files

REALLY OLD MENTOR-Aereon, Chronicles of Riddick



THE PRINCE-Brian Finch, Limitless

ANNOYING ROBOT-J.U.D.Y. Cooper, KC Undercover

PLUCKY ROBOT-Buffybot, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

BLACK ROGUE-Astrid, Fringe

Nuke Nixon
young hero: Ted "Theodore" Logan (Bill& Ted's Excellent Adventure) Ted's kind of useless without Bill so he's going to need...
older mentor/dies: Lucius Fox (The Dark Knight) Lucius will help Ted get on track... until he gets killed by the villain.
really old mentor: Raiden (Mortal Kombat) luckily Raiden shows up once in a while to spout wisdom, not that Ted will understand.
dashing rogue: Rick O'Connell (The Mummy) add to the mix one reluctant but charming tomb raider
giant sidekick: Hellboy (Hellboy) speaking of tombs, Rick finds this guy stuck in one years ago, the two become fast friends
the princess: Anna Valerious (Van Helsing) this Gypsy Princess doesn't need rescuing, but won't say no to some help saving the day.
annoying robot: Alpha-5 (Power Rangers) aw geez not this guy! Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi!
plucky robot: Dolores Abernathy (Westworld) this gal will fight for freedom with all her strength, just don't mention she's a robot...
black rogue: Moses (Attack the Block) yo, my man Moses dun like Empire all up in his sht see, ya come her ya gon get got, guv!

Nooice bit of world building, Nuke. ACES!

Nuke Nixon
Thanks. I got another one in mind that I'm about 20% done with, Make a Black Knights of the Round (Black in this instance means not skin color but darker magic or methodology)

Cool, i've no idea where i'd go with that!

Nuke Nixon
Black Knights of the Round

Camelot's King Arthur is in a war on two fronts, one with the fierce Northmen horde invading from the sea
and from within as Mordred ever the opportunist chooses the moment when the fighting is the most brutal
to charge the gates with a mercenary army composed of the undead soldiers of wars past, including
several Knights of the Round that had fallen in honorable battle. Merlin's disappearance has left Arthur
without magical protection, and so he summons Merlin's apprentice the young thief Jack to use the
Holy Grail to seek the infinite realms for warriors that can do what Arthur and his Holy Knights
cannot, fight an unholy enemy using whatever means necessary... even demonic powers.

William Wallace (Braveheart)
Etienne Navarre (Ladyhawke)
Sylvannas Windrunner (World of Warcraft)
Connor MacLeod (Highlander)
Thorin Oakenshield (The Hobbit)
Madmartigan (Willow)
Conan (Conan the Barbarian)
Lady Sif (Thor)
Anakin Skywalker (Revenge of the Sith)
Colonel Miles Quaritch (Avatar)
Team Leader: Batman (Batman v Superman)

Watching a Harry Potter movie right now, so my response to the above?

Brilliant! Bloody BRILLIANT! laughing

Nuke Nixon
I would have liked to have the pictures bigger, but the round table effect kind of nixed that. One of these days I'll have that figured out.

I think it looks jaw!

Nuke Nixon
Challenge: Make a genderbent Magnificent Seven.

-All characters must be female
-Must be from either Movies or TV shows (no comics, anime or books)
-All characters must have shot a pistol at least once in their respective movie or show. (Bows, crossbows, rifles, gatling guns also acceptable)
- At least 3 characters have to be from a western themed movie/show.

Nuke Nixon
Originally posted by riv6672
I think it looks jaw!

What the frack is jaw?

Originally posted by Nuke Nixon
What the frack is jaw?
Its like, totally bitching, man!

And i accept your challenge, sounds FUN!
Gimme till tonight...thumb up

Nuke Nixon
I even looked on urban dictionary, they got nothing. Dude you're an innovator!

Nuke Nixon
The Magnificent Seven

The Lady (The Quick and the Dead) She's so fast you're dead long before you hit the ground.
Maria Alvarez (Bandidas) One tough chick not afraid to blast into or out of any place.
Maria (Killing Time) The other Maria, that casually kills everyone in the room while listening to music.
Cobra (Return to Savage Beach) I just wanted a chick with big boobs and big guns and didn't want Barb Wire again.
Hanna Heller (Hanna) Nice little girl? No, cold blooded assassin with no fear.
Lilly Laronette (Bad Girls) A sweet looking distraction with a cannon in her skirt, whoa!
Cherry Darling (Planet Terror) Girl has a machinegun/grenade launcher for a leg. Nuff said.

Well shit, you took the only 3 picks i'd made so far!

Going full Western!

Ruby (Cold Mountain)
Mysterious drifter who gets the team together to save the town.

Calamity Jane (Wild Bill)
The first recruit and second in charge, Ruby's back up when needed.

Anna (A Million Ways to Die in The West)
With a past, on the run, good with a gun, she just needs a place to be right now.

Red (Lone Ranger)
Hooker with a heart of gold, and a leg full of lead.

Mattie Ross (True Grit)
Young but not unexperiened, she wont let others suffer the type of loss she has.

"Indian Wife" (Shanghai Noon)
Fresh off a failed marriage, she's on her own, and sees this as a just cause.

Lou (The Young Riders)
Former Pony Express rider and expert horsewoman, nursing a broken heart.

Nuke Nixon
See, that's a good quality Seven. Yours is more authentic than mine at least. But mine would decimate yours. lol big grin

It would end in sex, so the winners'd be you and me!

Nuke Nixon
The fan fiction writes itself.

I already shipped salma Hayek and my Indian wife characters!

Nuke Nixon
Challenge: Open an Investigative Business.

You're going to need:
An office manager
A good lawyer
3-4 Investigators
A Photographer
Transport manager
and some Muscle

Anyone in Movies & TV, special consideration for cartoon characters only if they have a live-action representative (ie. Fred Flintstone cartoon was also a live action movie character)

Nuke Nixon
I'll let you go first so I don't bogart any of your picks. smile

I wouldn't have minded you going first, this one was hard!
Finally decided on a paranormal investigation firm...

An office manager-Janine Melnitz

A good lawyer-Gomez Addams

3-4 Investigators-Drew Wu, Bobby Singer, Carrie Wells

A Photographer-Kolchak

Transport manager-Ghost of Christmas Past

and some Muscle-Angel

Nuke Nixon
Nixon Investigations

Office Manager: Raymond Reddington (The Blacklist)
Good Lawyer: Mick Haller (The Lincoln Lawyer)
- Jack Reacher (Jack Reacher)
- Thomas Magnum (Magnum P.I.}
- Lisbeth Salander (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)
- Mike Hammer (Mike Hammer)
Photographer: Chloe Sullivan (Smallville)
Transport Manager: Barney Ross (The Expendables)
- Luke Cage (Luke Cage)
- Eliot Spencer (Leverage)

Thats a great line up!
You have several favorites in there, which helps...thumb up

Nuke Nixon
Some of my alternate picks for that one I had ready to go.

Office Manager: Amanda Waller (Suicide Squad)
Good Lawyer: Saul Goodman (Better Call Saul)
- Rorschach (Watchmen)
- V.I. Warshawski (V. I. Warshawski)
- Jim Rockford (Rockford Files)
- Fox Mulder (X-Files)
Photographer: Private Joker (Full Metal Jacket)
Transport Manager: Frank martin (The Transporter)
- Hancock (Hancock)
- Jessica Jones (Jessica Jones)

Some good picks in there (VI Warshawski? Rowr!), but your final product blends really well as is.

Nuke Nixon
Only reason I didn't include Ford Fairlane (one of my all time favorites) is that that movie is so obscure there's literally no good pics of him to use, in my opinion.

God i loved that movie!

So many few bullets.

Make a live action Suicide Squad.
Minimum requirements:
One character up the chain of command that gives orders
One good guy baby sitter character
One bad guy field leader the team will follow
6-8 members
No DCEU/MCU characters

US President James Dale claims he has plausible deniability

Hobbs-baby sitter

Tiberius Kirk-field leader

Chucky-stealth killer

Sho Nuff-enhanced martial artist

Dolores Umbridge-Pure evil

Iron Monger-tech muscle

Eve-half alien sexual killing machine

Angel Dust-less angry Rosie O'Donnell muscle

Nuke Nixon
Suicide Squad v2.0

Government Official in Charge: Ward Abbott (The Bourne Identity)
Special Forces Babysitter: Colonel James Braddock (Missing in Action)
Babysitter's Sword-wielding Bodyguard: John McAllister (The Master)
Expert Marksman, Assassin & Team Leader: Mike Ehrmantraut (Breaking Bad)
Former Psychiatrist Nutjob: Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Silence of the Lambs)
Australian Criminal: Mark "Chopper" Read (Chopper)
Quiet One that goes full Firelord: Charlie McGee (Firestarter: Rekindled)
Reptilian with Rage Issues: Gul Dukat (Deep Space Nine)
Sorceress that the team has to fight: Queen Akivasha (Kull the Conqueror)
The Useless Merc that Dies First: Vincent Vega (Pulp Fiction)

^^^Damn, i be loving that!

This was one of my favorite team builders at HC. I made a few different versions.

Nuke Nixon
Literally any team anyone ever makes is going to be better than the actual movie version. That was such a massive clusterfeck of a Squad, they might as well have torn up the comic book it was based on and all gathered around and took a big steaming dump on it... and THAT would still have made more sense than the movie!

Nuke Nixon
Yes I have issues with the Suicide Squad writers, directors, producers.

Nuke Nixon
Challenge: Cabin in the Woods

Pick one each for the teens on vacation...
The Virgin:
The Fool:
The Athlete:
The Whore:
The Scholar:

As they're driving up to the cabin they meet...
The Harbinger:
{Usually an old guy that gives them an ominous warning)

Pick 2 guys in the control booth releasing monsters...
Senior Office Guy:
Junior Office Guy:

Pick 3 Monsters to hunt down our campers...
Monster 1:
Monster 2:
Monster 3:

Pick one each for the teens on vacation...
The Virgin: Allison (she never had sex)
The Fool: Bender (deliberately acted stupid/got in trouble)
The Athlete: Andrew (spot on)
The Whore: Claire (bit of a stretch)
The Scholar: Brian (spot on)

As they're driving up to the cabin they meet...
The Harbinger:
{Usually an old guy that gives them an ominous warning)

Pick 2 guys in the control booth releasing monsters...
Senior Office Guy/Junior Office Guy:

Pick 3 Monsters to hunt down our campers...

^^^that was a fun one!
I was a bit overwhelmed on the teens, till i hit on using the BC. Some might say i cheated, i say if you arent cheating you arent trying!

Figured i'd give you double duty (since i really wanna see your Cabin mash up), and provide the next one...

...a live action Guardians of the Galaxy style team:
A leader, not uber powerful, but someone others would follow.
A dangerous woman, preferably physically.
A big guy, someone who doesnt take shit.
A buddy team (or 2 characters you can see being buddies), one big one smaller.

I made 2 of these, will post them.

My Attitude Era version:

Shane O Mac
My Starlord.
Son of (a guy with a really big) Ego. Heel or Face, he never backed down from anyone.

My Gamora.
Pre downward spiral and demise, she was indeed the most dangerous woman in the (WWE) universe.

Steve Blackman
My Drax.
Legit tough guy, known for having no sense of humor, which made him a great straight man...who'd punch your teeth down your throat.

The Hurricane & Kane
My Rocket. My Groot.
The wise cracking little guy and his monosyllabic huge friend who only he seemed able to communicate with.

My fantasy version:

Robin Hood
My Starlord, with the exceptionally long feather in his cap.

My Gamora, with the weapons and the Ayiyiiyiyiyiyi.

The Mountain
My Drax, with The World's Strongest Man runner up.

Inigo & Fezzik
My Rocket and my Groot, with the not left handed and the biggest and the strongest.

Nuke Nixon
Cabin in the Woods

Pick one each for the teens on vacation...
The Virgin: Hilary Faye (Saved!}
The Fool: Guy (Galaxy Quest)
The Athlete: Mox (Varsity Blues)
The Whore: Karen Smith (Mean Girls)
The Scholar: Gabe Jarret (Real Genius)

As they're driving up to the cabin they meet...
The Harbinger: Jud Crandall (Pet Semetary)

Pick 2 guys in the control booth releasing monsters...
Senior Office Guy: Miranda Priestly (The Devil Wears Prada)
Junior Office Guy: Chandler Bing (Friends)

Pick 3 Monsters to hunt down our campers...
Monster 1: Three Fingers (Wrong Turn)
Monster 2: Xenomorphs (Aliens)
Monster 3: Pinhead (Hellraiser)

Nuke Nixon
Guardians of the Galaxy v2.0

Starlord: Ace Hunter (Megaforce)
Gamora: Barbarella (Barbarella)
Drax: Prince Vultan (Flash Gordon)
Rocket: Wildboy (Bigfoot and Wildboy)
Groot: Bigfoot

Damn...Bigfoot & Wild Boy!!!!! eek!

Nuke Nixon
I used to like the real obscure stuff.

Me too!
Electra Woman & Dyna Girl, baby.
I also messed woth a lot of ppl this year, telling them Gal Gadot was starring in the SECOND Wonder Woman movie. stick out tongue

Start a band, Nuke!
Live action. Set it up as you like. Go nuts.

Frontman from Hell, The Crow

Perfect Pitch and Perfect Body, back up Vocals, Beca Mitchell

Lead guitar and MorningStar, The Devil

On bass, the incorrigible Todd Ingram

Drums, long tail, and ears for a hat, Melody Valentine

A piano prodigy after just one lesson, Phil Connors

Band Mangers, still deciding on a band name, Rick & Alexis Caststle

Hickory dickory dock, providing security 'round the clock, Ford Fairlane

Your most honorable Roadies, Jay & Silent Bob

Nuke Nixon
My gaming computer is toast and my work computer is on the west coast with my boss at some convention... soooo no pretty pictures for a while this tablet thing is darn near useless.


Lead singer: Chris 'Izzy' Cole (Rock Star)
Backing vocals: Barry Judd (High Fidelity)
Lead guitar: Marty McFly (Back to the Future)
Rhythm guitar: Anna Coleman (Freaky Friday)
Bass: Katie (School of Rock)
Drums: Joe Reaves (Empire Records)
Band Manager: Mr. White (That Thing You Do)
Roadies: Kelly Ann, Reg, Donna, Milo, Gooch, Wes & Phil (Roadies)
Security: Ladybeard (Ladybaby)

Thats a great mix!
Had to look up a few (never seen Ladybaby, That Thing..., Roadies), which i like cuz i learn new characters.
Almost used Barry and Marty!

Also sucks sbout your limited PC access. Cant stand not having anybtime online ability.
I'll hold the fort down best i can here till you're back in action!

Nuke Nixon
I got to borrow my GF's laptop which is really nice... it blows the doors off my old computer and then some, freaking Alienware is goofy powerful.

Ah neat!
Upgrade, baby...thumb up

Nuke Nixon
Everyone has to one up me. It's been this way since I got a NES and my cousin just had to have a Sega Genesis, then when I got a Sega CD he got an N64. and so on and so on


Did a buncha these. Here's a fantasy version.


THE MAGE-AKIRO (Conan The Barbarian)


THE TECHIE-SORELL (Scorpion King 4 The Quest for Power)


THE META HUMAN-KAULDER (The Last Witch Hunter)

Western version.


THE MAGE-TONTO (The Lone Ranger)



THE MONSTER-RAYNE (Bloodrayne 2 Deliverance)


Nuke Nixon

^^^tis a nice line up, Nuke! eek!

Nuke Nixon

Nice one...! thumb up

Gimme something to work on, yo!

Nuke Nixon
You're Asatru yes? Well Good Warrior, Odin has need of you in the Old World, to this end he has transported you back in time to the year 870 smack dab in the middle of England in the Kingdom of Northumbria, currently under control by the Danes. The English Kings will not bow to Odin as they cling to their Christian God, so Odin decrees you recruit an army to take their lands one by one, take their gold, silver, women and all they hold dear.

You have need of a trusted company of brother warriors...
-Take warriors from live-action movies & tv, fantasy themed is preferred but exceptions can be made.

The Veteran, he's seen many battles and survived them all.
The Wise Shaman, Odin must be heard, this man will speak true.
The Shieldmaiden, her fury in battle is unrivaled.
The Blonde Giant, the strongest of them all, if not entirely too bright.
The Berserker, blood is all he seeks, he will not stop until he's dead, maybe not even then...
The Smooth One, he's very pretty and sneaky, good with tactics but best keep an eye on him all the same.
The Saxon, he's outcast from his people so he has a debt to repay, he's loyal but he'll have to prove himself.
The Bard, you're going to want a record of your brave deeds, this one will make you legend... if you can pry him away from wine and women.


THE VETERAN-Thorvald (The Norseman)

THE WISE SHAMAN-Miracle Max (The Princess Bride)

THE SHIELDMAIDEN-Guinevere (King Arthur)

THE BLOND GIANT-Erik Northman (True Blood)

THE BERSERKER-Tydeus (Hercules)

THE SMOOTH ONE-Ser Lorus Tyrell (Game of Thrones)

THE SAXON-Ahmed Inn Fadlan (The 13th Warrior)

THE BARD-Geoffrey Chaucer (A Knight's Tale)

That was fun!
Banderas is a saxon by description, as what you wrote was basically his plot in the 13th Warrior.
Erik Northman may or may not be a vampire at this time.
Miracle Max to lighten things up.
Lee Majors as a viking equals win.

Nuke Nixon
That's an interesting team, I wouldn't have thought of some of those.

Nuke Nixon
The Veteran: One Eye (Valhalla Rising)

The Wise Shaman: Radaghast the Brown (The Hobbit)

The Shieldmaiden:Red Sonja

The Blonde Giant: Thor Odinson (Thor) Unworthy Mortal version

The Berserker: Rollo Sigurdsson (Vikings)

The Smooth One:Uhtred of Bebbanburg (The Last Kingdom)

The Saxon: Kainan (Outlander)

The Bard: Dilios (300)

Right back at you; most of those i wouldnt have thought of. thumb up
Only one i even considered was One Eye!

Nuke Nixon
Here's a different one... A PAIR O' DICE.

This one is an apocalypse scenario where all manner of crazy stuff hits the Earth, zombies - vampires - werewolves - Chitauri - Titans... total chaos. Mix in a multitude of natural disasters like earthquakes, tidal waves, lightning storms, hurricanes and you've got a real problem.

Pick a woman to help you survive.

And then pick a group of survivors to weather the storm with, fight monsters, scavenge the landscape, etc.

Ok rule is you have to pick 4 couples, in their universe (movie or tv show) they had to have had a relationship, dating is a must but sex is optional.

And may the odds be ever in your favor.

Nuke Nixon
My Woman: Wanda Maximoff (Captain America Civil War)

1st Couple: Clark Kent & Lois Lane (Batman v Superman)

2nd Couple: Corbin Dallas & Leeloo (The Fifth Element)

3rd Couple: Hellboy & Liz Sherman (Hellboy)

4th Couple: Jesse Custer & Tulip O'Hare (Preacher)

Okay, okay...i can DO this....:

Gonna keep Buffy Summers...
...close to me. Because who WOULDN'T?!?

Leo Wyatt & Piper Halliwell are a must.
Like Buffy, they know the magical world;
He's got teleportation/healing, she's got time freeze and can blow shit up.

Cant go wrong with Neo & Trinity...
...who can **** you up in and out of cyberspace.
The One and his badass with a gun girlfriend.

Magneto and Mystique...
...have raw power and stealth, as well as a deep love for each other.

Aleksis and Sasha Kaidanovsky are my power couple...
...piloting the massive Jaeger Cherno, they can handle the big stuff for us.

Nuke Nixon
I was going to go with Neo & Trinity but I figured they'd be useless out in the regular world, considering during an apocalypse the internet might be down or however cyberspace works. Almost went with Buffy too but I wanted Wanda's weird powerset.

Didnt think about it...but having thought sbout it, i figure with the world in this chaotic state, Neo & Trinity showing up outside the Matrix is the least the iniverse owes me!

Nuke Nixon
Good point... I'll allow it.

Nuke Nixon
Challenge: Beverly Hills Cop

Concept: You're a Detroit cop, kind of crazy a little reckless, but you get the job done. Ya dun goofed and your Chief is pissed so you go on vacation after your friend is gunned down and his sister works for the guy who done it.

Pick a cop that represents you.

Twist - the rest of these characters can't be cops or from cop movies/TV shows.

The Lieutenant who's cool but follows the rules.
The Veteran who is reluctant to break the rules but will.
The Rookie that is kind of nerdy but secretly a badass.
The Friends Sister, very nice but will insist on going into danger with you.
The 2 worthless Detectives, real a-holes.
The Chief who is a raging d-bag about everything.
The Bad Guy Boss, kinda foreign and smug as hell.
The Bad Guy's Thug, real scary and tough as nails.

Yeah thats...kinda confusing.
I'll see if i can come up with something...stick out tongue




THE SISTER-Megan Parker


Thats what i got so far...

Shit, you said no police, so nix Miami Vice (even though that movie/those characters were just AWFUL). stick out tongue

Okay, lets try this again!

Obviously, she knows how to get results!

With beard. Beardless Riker was meh!

Grizzled beyond belief.

Raised in a bunker, but taught to box by his dad.

THE SISTER-Megan Parker
Thats right, my partner was Josh. RIP buddy!

If i had to hang with these guys in RL, i'd kill them.

THE CHIEF-Dave Harken
Not enough bad things to say about THIS horrible boss.

Redneck asian? Asian redneck?

BAD GUY THUG-Eliot Wilhelm
A gay Rock is slightly scarier than a straight Rock, all things considered.

^^^i wanna see what you come up with, Nuke!
Though i rallied halfway through, this wasnt my best work; those stips kicked my ass...wallbash

Below is one i took from HC.
I think you can have fun with it:

1) 1 Stalker.
This is the kind of guy that'll be able to find his prey even when he/she is hiding in the middle of Australian outback.
He/she's not supposed to fight in a fair fight.
Being good at psychological torture and stalking would be a nice addition.

2) 2 Brutes.
The name says it all,these guys are dumb fighting machines just smart enough to follow orders(beat the crap out of,kidnap or kill someone)
Can be a huge mountain of muscle or a little martial artist with deadly fancy moves,it doesnt matter...he'she needs to be very skilled in melee even barehanded.

3) 2 Ravagers.
These guys are weapon masters with insane skill with firearms andor explosives.

4) 1 Angel of death.
This guy is simply an artist,able to kill anyone everywhere and with any kind of tool.
Subtleness is required,this guys needs to be able to do a clean job and be a smart guy.

5) 1 Master of pain.
Be it for punishment or questioning,He/she needs to be manipulative and sadistic smart person well versed in torture and brain washing.
He/she's no required to be able to fight at all.

6) Handler
Clearly a bad ass as he/she has to keep in check these bastards and give them orders.
Can have any skill you think will help him/her doing said job.

Nuke Nixon
Originally posted by riv6672
^^^i wanna see what you come up with, Nuke!

Me: Martin Riggs (Lethal Weapon)

The Lieutenant: Mr. Feeny

The Veteran: Sherman T. Potter (M*A*S*H)

The Rookie:Will Zimmerman (Sanctuary)

The Friends Sister: Gabrielle (Xena: Warrior Princess)

The 2 worthless Detectives: Bulk and Skull (Mighty Morphing Power Rangers)

The Chief: Les Grossman (Tropic Thunder)

The Bad Guy Boss: Romanov (Mortdecai)

The Bad Guy's Thug: Ivan Drago (Rocky IV)

Nuke Nixon
1) 1 Stalker: T-1000 (T2 Judgement Day)

2) 2 Brutes: Devastator (Transformers) and Gogo Yubari (Kill Bill)

3) 2 Ravagers: Kazuo Kiriyama (Battle Royale) and Billy Ray Sanpper (The Devil's Rejects)

4) 1 Angel of death: Sylar (Heroes)

5) 1 Master of pain: Mr. Blonde (Resevoir Dogs)

6) Handler: Colonel Miles Quaritch (Avatar)

Godamn it, this is becoming one of those hard to load during the day threads!
We are hoisted on our own...pic-tards!

Nice teams though...thumb up
I may get around to doing my own psycho team, but, got something a little different you might like:

A wrestling Diva stable (past or present, any federation is okay).

1) The Leader.

2) The backstabber who eventully goes against them.

3) The Muscle.

4) Two hotties (can work as a tag team if you want).

5) The Crazy one.

Nuke Nixon
Extreme Nuke Wrestling

1) The Leader. Tina Armstrong (Dead or Alive) Her backstory is she's a former Pro-Wrestler.

2) The Backstabber: April Hunter (WCW, AWE Overload, etc) Sneaky and sexy.

3) The Muscle: Maria "Chesty" Sanchez (Chesty Sanchez) She's a former Luchadora, 6'3" and impossible to move.

4) Two Hotties: Lascivious and Lethal (Marvel Unlimited Class Wrestling) Hot and dangerous.

5) The Crazy One: Akira Hokuto (Mexico's CMLL Women's Champion) is she crazy? Just freaking look at her!

Both if those were nice!
I especially liked the Les Goldman pick. Inspired!

On the wrestling one, i totally expected you to use all RL wrestlers, so, great twist...eek!

Nuke Nixon
I could have gone with all real world wrestlers, and I was about halfways done wi5th it when I realized everyone else would pick some of the same ones I did... because there's only so many lady wrestlers - good ones anyways. So I went for fictional, mostly.

Nuke Nixon
Challenge: Injustice For All

Concept: The Justice League (movie version) have gone insane, killing all criminals Authority style, now this wouldn't be a bad thing but they're also killing heroes they consider to be vigilantes and competition, they've killed the Punisher, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Hellboy, Team Arrow, and some other top shelf heroes. The Watcher has chosen you to form a team from any universe any medium any reality to deal with this threat.

-No Marvel & DC characters (most are dead already)
-Must have at least 2 Females
-No more than 6 members (it's ok if they have an alter ie. Jekyl/Hyde)
-No character more powerful than regular Superman (No Gods please)

Good luck Hero!

^^^this'll be fun. thumb up
Gonna play catch up on the ones i've not done yet first...
Originally posted by Nuke Nixon
I could have gone with all real world wrestlers, and I was about halfways done wi5th it when I realized everyone else would pick some of the same ones I did... because there's only so many lady wrestlers - good ones anyways. So I went for fictional, mostly.
Everyone else?!? stick out tongue wink


Stalker-Judge Doom

2 Brutes-Tong Po & Chong Li

2 Ravagers-Dan Pain & Villain

Angel of Death-John Doe

Master of Pain-T 1000

Handler-Bellatrix LaStrange

Nuke Nixon
Challenge: Injustice For All

Mark Grayson "Invincible" (Image Comics) Almost Superman, still very powerful.
Mary Embrey (Hancock) An Immortal not a God, more vicious than Hancock.
Dave Keith "The Maxx" (Image Comics) It takes a psychopath to catch a psycopath, this guy is it.
Jenny Johnson "G-Girl" (My Super Ex-Girlfriend) The other female powerhouse, crazy as a bag of cats.
Lamont Cranston "The Shadow" (The Shadow) Almost Batman will be very helpful.
Steven Berry "Synapse" (City of Heroes) Almost Flash is just the Speedster this team needs.

^^^You used 3 characters i had planned, so this may take me a bit...sad


The Leader-Taya
Forms her own female version of The World Wide Underground.

The Backstabber-Trish Stratus
The one member Taya figures she could actually trust.

The Muscle-Victoria
Like her entrance music warns, not the woman to mess with.

The Hotties-The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky)
They'll follow the leader, whoever it may be.

The Crazy One-Rosemary
Doesnt even care who the leader is.








Went with a team that'd use tactics/hit and run/stealth.
The Doctor makes the team untouchable till they want to be.
Dracula can take out a small army.
Lucy can attack in ways other than physical and is hard to put/keep down.
David Rice can seperate the JLAers around the globe, letting his team use their numbers advantage.
Layla's powers, like Dracula's are wide ranging and hard to defend against.
Beetlejuice is beyond physical harm, but can affect the physical world.

Nuke Nixon
Originally posted by riv6672
^^^You used 3 characters i had planned, so this may take me a bit...sad

Ah my bad, I should have let you go first.

Admittedly. I use G-Girl and Mary a lot.

Nuke Nixon
Originally posted by riv6672
^^^this'll be fun. thumb up
Gonna play catch up on the ones i've not done yet first...

Everyone else?!? stick out tongue wink

A guy can hope. Eventually someone is going to stumble on this and then we'll have an everyone else.

^^^i cannot BELIEVE the lack of participation on a board full of nerds.
Originally posted by Nuke Nixon
Ah my bad, I should have let you go first.
Nonono, never do that! I had to think harder so it made it way more fun!

Pick an actor, and do a chain of command, like this:

I did one with Sam L. Jackson, but the pic is gone, so will do individual pics tonight or this morning.
Dibs on Sam!

Nuke Nixon
OK. I'll do the other Sam.

Sam Elliot Chain of Command

Congressman (Fail Safe)
Governor (Houston: The Legend of Texas)
Brigadier General (Gettysburg)
General (Hulk)
Captain (Rough Riders)
Sgt. Major (We Were Soldiers)
Ensign (Assault on the Wayne)
Special Agent (The FBI)
Marshall (The Desperate Trail)
Detective (Pretty When You Cry)
Doctor (Murder in Texas)
Caretaker (Ghost Rider)


Found my pic, so saved a shit ton of copy/pasting...

Nuke Nixon
Oh balls, I forgot to put arrows in or text... never been very good with text in my graphics, I can never decide on the perfect font (because there's literally thousands)

^^^Thats what the text was for though...thumb up

Showed this to my spouse, she loved your pics of Sam when he was young & sexy (as opposed to grizzled and sexy)!

Nuke Nixon
He does have a signature look.

And that VOICE! love

Nuke Nixon
Challenge: Secret Wars

Concept: The Beyonder is back and in a weird mood. He takes pieces of many planets and makes another Warworld, all kinds of environments and dangers. He commands you to assemble a team of Champions from every realm of media; TV - Movies - Comics - Videogames - Books - Anime - Music - The Internet.

Rules: For each media type you will provide a male and female champion.
No one above Superman-level.
Only use 1 character per universe (ie. for Comics if you use Superman you cannot use another DC character.}


Seems kind of quest like, so went for a knightly theme.
Had to look up a lot of new characters (didnt know squat about the anime/video games, had to search nearly all the females) which was neat!
Theme or no theme, i've no clue what to do with music and the internet though.
I'll see where you go with it and see if it helps me come up with something...reading

TV-Michael Knight & Kahlan

MOVIES-King Arthur & Joan of Arc

COMICS-The Silent Knight & Lady Sif

VIDEO GAMES-Sain & Cassandra

BOOKS-Hawk & Fisher

ANIME-The Skull Knight & Ezra Scarlet

Site made me split the post.
Said i used too many images. Thats a first!!!

Nuke Nixon
Sportacus (Lazy Town) The perfect athlete, never fails at anything he tries.
Supergirl (Supergirl) Contrary to popular belief, she is not more powerful than Superman.

Quicksilver (X-Men Days of Future Past) So fast it's scary.
Gretel (Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters) immune to spells, agile and skilled martial artist, medieval weapons specialist.

Stardust (Stardust the Super Wizard) has super-strength, flight, invulnerability and any power that would be useful in a situation, and no weaknesses.
Hannah Washington (Ant) Basically Spiderman with some upgrades.

Genn Greymane (World of Warcraft) Insanely fast and superhumanly strong werewolf.
Lightning (Final Fantasy) Ridiculously powerful magic-warrior, little bit of a glass cannon.

Leto Atredes II (Children of Dune) a nigh Immortal Half-Human Hybrid.
Amanda Tweedle (Blonde Genius) Superintelligent, excels at everything she does.

Kirito Kazuto (Sword Art Online) ridiculously smart, his health regen is so high that it's faster than enemies can deal out damage.
Lina Inverse (Slayers) crazy powerful mage, can draw power from the Lord of Nightmares.

Wonderboy (Tenacious D) Flight, telekinesis, and the power to move you.
Charlotte the Harlot (Iron Maiden) nearly invulnerable prostitute "Abuse her misuse her she can take all that you've got"

The Internet:
Kyle (The Young Protectors Webcomic) Fire based hero
Redd (Redd Webcomic) Born without arms or legs, she has robotic appendages for any occasion. Think Cyborg only hotter.

Nuke Nixon
Hate to nitpick, Hawk & Fisher... same universe.

Otherwise, good picks.

By the time i got to H&F i was pretty much cockeyed looking for characters!

Excellent job on yours, though, way better than mine for sure. thumb up yes

All right you, build your own Shazam.

Create a 'pantheon' to power your character. All media is usable EXCEPT comics. No movie versions of comics characters either.
You can replicate the classic Shazam power set:





Or create your own power set. Just say what each character is providing, one ability per, should be the goal.

* One bonus point if the characters spell out Shazam.
** Two points if you spell out some other word or name.
*** Three bonus points if you find a pic to represent your actual character, along with pics of your pantheon.

Nuke Nixon
Willow, Guardian of Mankind

War The Red Horseman (Supernatural) Immortality - war never changes, Man will always make war.

Izanami (Japanese Major Kami) Life & Death, essentially powering her ability to heal and cause pain... in the extreme.

Lir (Conan the Cimmerian) Weather control of water/oceans.

Lunitari (Dragonlance Chronicles) Vast magical power.

Ogun (Nigerian Yoruba) Invulnerbility, he powers her Spirit Armor

Wakinyan (Dakota Tribal God) Strong lightning and loud thunder.

Nuke Nixon
I went for a more traditional Shazam, too lazy for pictures though.

Skeiron (Greek Mythos) Speed
Hextor (Greyhawk) Power
Arceus (Pokemon) Stamina
Zivilyn (Dragonlance) Wisdom
Aslan (Chronicles of Narnia) Courage
Mabelode the Faceless (Elric of Melnibone) Strength

Ha, i just finished mine.
I liked your Willow very much, BTW!

Went for a villainous version:

Imma post our pics of the Shazam one at HC and Bump that thread...

Nuke Nixon
Yeah let's not and say we did.

Good shazam you have therfe, I didn't think to use non-God gods...

Nuke Nixon
Oh balls you did it anyway.