is morpheus good or evil?

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i think that matrixknower has a lot of intresting facts but i dont no if he is for real or not.
I heard somewhere that Morpheus is going to turn into a bad guy, is this true,
i was watching the first movie again(For the hundreth time) and i noticed that morpheus always says to Neo "I can only show you the door, you have to walk through it" this is kind of the same concept that the creator has, he can only show neo the door but neo has to make the choice to go threw it. Could it be possible that Morpheus is the Creator? If you look up Morpheus it says Greek god of dreams and sleep: in Greek mythology, the god of dreams and sleep, and son of Hypnos, Well the creator basiclly has everybody in a sleep(FROM THE TRUTH) also somewhere else a saw a defanition that Morpheus also meant like clay and able to form so it all fits but i dont no so...


maul's woman
No I don't think so. There would have been some indications in the first movie. But I don't think Morpheus fades away either by the revelations from Neo. The words of the Architect was a major blow for Morpheus but I don't think Morpheus becomes a bad guy at all.

Morpheus based his ENTIRE life on the Prohpecies. Also, in every movie that has sequels, prequels, trilogy parts, etc, they drop hints, so that the next time you watch it, you go, "OH! DUH! How did I miss that?"

maul's woman
MATRIX and MATRIX RELOADED are extremely complex movies. These are the best kinds of movies of the genre because it has you thinking. Delving into all the possibilities. There are many many minute details that you miss. That is why it is necessary to see the films more than one time. Sometimes there are things you saw many times in the first movie that you let pass by, but when you see the second movie light bulbs start going off in your mind and you refer back to the first movie. This is excellent. Both movies have alot of meat in them. Always worth exploring again and again and again. big grin So the OH DUH! is always a very good sign!! big grin

No I don't think so.

maul's woman
I also believe Morpheus is being "groomed" by the A.I. What it is... that's the question. big grin

ya i doubt the one person who so wholeheartedly beleived in the one would turn out to be a bad guy.

maul's woman
Morpheus is in a supreme state of shock by what Neo said. But Neo doesn't say the Architect told him that. When Morpheus asked him Neo replies that it doesn't matter. In truth, it does matter. That is the element that was crucial to what occurs afterwards with Morpheus. It was the Architect's polar opposite, the Oracle, that tells him about the one and the prophesy along with the one who freed him. I think Morpheus will pursue this further. If he has time. He doesn't. He has 24 hours before Zion is set upon.

I dont think that someone as believing and dedicated to the prophecy would turn out to be a bad guy. Morpheus' only flaw was ending the twins appearance in Reloaded..

Haha I'm With Twin1.2 on the flaw thing. But for Morpheous, I don't think he was/is going to turn out to be a bad guy, though in the first movie I thought he was gonna be, but nope guess not. What I think all Morpheous is doing is that he's just a guide for Neo to save Zion and destroy the agents in the Matrix.

maul's woman
He will not be a bad guy. Using the biblical/religious connection that other posters used for the Architect and the Oracle... I would say Morpheus is John the Baptist in some ways and a prophet of the old testiment in other ways. He will pursue they prophecy and support Neo to the bitter end. Whatever that end will be. That is the great secret. The Oracle may speak to him again, but that will remain to be seen. smile

Twin #1 i think your thinkin to much about it

he may turn aout bad considering the fact that he was disappointed when neo told him the prophecy was a lie..he may lose his faith in the struggle and flip..or one thing i know for sure is he may likel;y die in rvolutions

Jackie Malfoy
Last time I check he was good.But I did not see the third one so maybe there is something about him that I don't know about!JM

Dude Morpheus is good..Lets move shall we people.

:LOL: morphues has fonkd the one he is god of dreams

found * laughing out loud

wats wrong with the matrix site i cant get into the forum smokin'

dude all three movies have been released he is good but good point i knew he was god of dreams but i never looked into it.

i don't think he is really either (we did this kind of thing recently in english), i think he is the herald in the Cambellian hero cycle (please tell me someone else has heard of that because otherwise i feel really awkward). as my English teacher explained it, the matrix movies follow an almost perfect Cambellian hero cycle and in the cycle (which is like a general format for most stories/movies that sems to be irresistable to mosy people) and in the cycle there is a person called the herald (morphieus) who takes the hero (neo) out of his relativly safe place. and that is exactly what he did with the pills.

hes evil.....
mean and evill

Darth Feytal

he's dead...he got killed in the matrix online a couple of days ago

see here


Darth Martin
In The Matrix inside the matrix he is known as a terrorist and the "most dangerous man alive".

He is evil imo. laughing

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