Movies you randomly put on but enjoyed

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If you've ever had an hour to kill sometimes, have you ever put on a movie that you never imagined you'd watch? What film did you watch outside of the usual genres you enjoy and that you found yourself at the very least enjoying. Did you end up checking out similar films or just watch the movie once and never again?

John Murdoch
Found it in a DVD 3-for-1, loved the movie, bought the Blu-Ray, and made its main character my member pic: Dark City. I then sought out The Crow (directed by Alex Proyas as well of course) and then The Crow: City of Angels. Say what you will about City of Angels, I really enjoyed it, and of course The Crow is a classic and one of my favorite comic book/action movies of all-time.

There's been a few movies on late an night or on Netflix that I'd never heard of but watched and enjoyed.

Session 9
These Final Hour
The Legend of Baggar Vance
The Divide
The Signal
Perfect Sense

And I'd never heard of Remember the Titans til I saw it randomly at 2am one time. Brilliant movie.

Duel when I was younger, was waiting for a WWE PPV to start and that was on and I loved it, got it on DVD a few years later

Adam Grimes
Trick r' Treat and it pretty much became my favorite movie.

"Sharky's Machine"(1981) I was really stoned and flipping around to watch anything. This was on HBO or something. The name gave me the impression it was going to be a cheesy SCI-Fi movie but it was a really good action packed film noir. Completely caught off guard.

Few years back i just randomly selected Iron man 1 to watch and then i came to know about marvel and later watched all the series of marvel movies


Watership Down.

Arn: The Knights Templar.


Ride Along 2.

A Knight's Tale.


Home alone 3

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