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* Iron Man is fighting in his Mark 3 suit using an older model of his arc reactor and is only at 40% power when he begins fighting Iron Monger. It drops to below 20% after the Unibeam, and the scurry into the clouds takes it down to 2% is running on emergency backup power when he falls onto the roof
* The crew of the Iron Man movies have stated that they worked with the assumption the armor models, from Mark 2 to Mark 6 atleast, weighed from 600 to 800 pounds. I am assuming the Iron Man armor weighs that much in this thread.


The Iron Monger armor is so heavy that it just falling from, at the max, a feet high cracks concrete it lands on:

The overloaded and fried armor falling into the giant arc reactor core wrecks several large machinery components:


Sends a guy soaring with a punch

At the same time, squashes a guy and shatters Iron Man's inert Mark 1 armor in a single blow

With the help of jet boosters propels itself through various machinery, eventually impacting a wall, damaging it and knocking a reinforced door off its hinges

Easily tunnels and breaks through concrete ground

Casually flips over a moving car by slapping it from below

Cracks the concrete road with a casual tap of his fist

Effortlessly lifts an Audi minivan, with three children and a woman in it, over his head and walks with it

Catches a speeding bike with one hand (the driver is sent flying with the momentum) and easily swings it around

With the engine still whirring, slams the bike onto Iron Man so hard that the bike explodes, and the impact sends Iron Man through a metal pole, and onto a car's front hard enough to bounce off, with the car front getting dented and the car sliding away.

Stuns Iron Man with a kick:

Lifts Iron Man high above his head before throwing him onto the ground hard enough to bounce off

Stomps on Iron Man hard enough to crack the concrete road beneath him

Neck lifts Iron Man easily

With one hand throws Iron Man onto a bus hard enough to cave in its side and nearly topple it over

Pulls back a flying Iron Man while freezing up

Iron Man can't break his grip whether he is normal or frozen up

Sends Iron Man flying with a punch, with Iron Man damaging the concrete while countering the momentum

Crumples the Iron Man armor with a bear hug

Rips of the armor's head and throws Iron Man across the roof in the same move

Crushes its helmet and flicks it to Tony easily


It is bulletproof

It is unharmed by propelling itself through several machinery

Undamaged by an epic divebomb from Iron Man which send him through the concrete floor, scare onto the floor below, through another concrete wall, through two metal walls of a container and impact onto the road hard enough to crack the concrete

Shrugs off Iron Man's repulsor propelled punch. Even with low power, he accidently flew through a railing and damaged the concrete floor, so still impressive.

Swiftly recovers from a fall from the sky while the suit was frozen up and shut down

Is slowed down by Iron Man's unibeam for only a few minutes


Strikes Iron Man before he fires his repulsors

Charges at and kicks Iron Man before he gets up

Manages to fire on Iron as he flying at him a high speeds

Catches Iron Man

Other abilities and weaponry:

It has HUD capabilities:

It has jet boosters on its legs, which enhances its leaping capabilities

Or propel itself at high speeds forward

Or to take flight.

It even manages to catch upto a flying Iron Man, though it had to pour in more power and it was also because Iron Man was losing power (Iron Man was clearly faster):

It has a gatling gun

It possesses a shoulder missile with laser sight, which turned a large section of a bus into a fireball:

Its wrist missiles took chunks off concrete structures

The suit can open up and yet still be operated


Vs S.H.I.E.L.D agents:


Vs Iron Man:



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Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.