Drugs and philosophy

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Throughout my life, I've found that altered states of consciousness can provide a more multifaceted view of the world since our perspective is subjective, and many of my most profound epiphanies have been related to marijuana, alcohol, and psychedelics.

Has anyone else had similar experiences?

You might ask; what's the difference between shrooms and LSD? Here, let me explain it to you. Both are psychedelics so they increase the sensory information your mind takes in and increase the interconnectivity between different portions of your brain, so on a good trip you feel connected to everything and super euphoric whereas on a bad trip you feel disconnected from everything and have this visceral fear. Both can lead to introspective experiences that lead to philosophical or transformative revelations.

Well a shroom trip is shorter, being 4-6 hours while an LSD trip is more around 8-12 hours (all of mine were more around 12). It's easier to interact with sober people on LSD, and an LSD trip is a more self-controlled trip than a shroom trip, where an LSD trip is like being the driver and a shroom trip is like being along for a ride. LSD trips are also typically more visual whereas shroom trips give you more of a body high. A shroom trip is also more unpredictable so you're more likely to have a bad trip on shrooms than on LSD even if you plan ahead to get the right setting.

If you're going to try psychedelics for the first time, LSD is a better one to start off with since it's less volatile and more self-controlled, though at the same time it's easier to find time in your day for a shroom trip since it lasts half as long.

On my first trip, LSD taught me a lot about who I was as a person, the fact that I'm an ambivert, the reasons in my life that caused me to grow up as an ambivert, the reason why I have so much respect for power and contempt for those who abuse it, where my rebellious nature at the time came from, why I liked the things I liked and interacted with people the way that I did. I also realized that every form of human interaction is a form of manipulation, that since all of our experiences our self contained each of our minds/souls contains an entire world of experience. I also had an epiphany that progress is built upon a balance between individuality and conformity, an idea that became the center of my philosophy. And also that the universe was defined by connection. And it was then that I began to question the duality of choice and determinism.

On my second LSD trip, I considered that connection was what defined the universe and was determined to understand the cornerstone of understanding human problems. I considered that all human problems stem from a power struggle because every choice is a grab for power, and that since power is the cause of human problems, the free will that gives life its meaning, and what is used to try and solve human problems, trying to exert an exact control is both immoral and impossible. I also realized that things like hatred, censorship, and murder were so vile because they were forms of disconnection, which goes against the essence of what defines the universe and leads to entropy. I then realized the solution to the power struggle was connection rather than disconnection, connection being something we as humans are drawn towards since we are inherently dependent on each other. This connection is love, and love is what allows human progress to take place, as it leads people to value themselves and others. I then realized that since I believe there has to be a higher power that lies beyond determinism, the nature of the universe could speak to the nature of this higher power, and since the universe is defined by connection, God would thus be a being of connection. God embodying connection explains the omnipotent, omnibenevolent, omniscient nature of God, and the Holy Trinity to me seemed to perfectly embody connection. Thus my second LSD trip led me to understand the importance of love, become a more loving and forgiving person, and led me to develop an inner peace within me, and gave me something to back up my religious faith more than dogma had ever done. Perception is our portal, our connection to the entire world. Fear of altering our perception is ignorantly close minded, given that due to the mind's importance exploring various perceptions could have amazing recreational and philosophical value. Belief that altering the consciousness/perception is closeminded, and honestly hypocritical given that every act we take is meant to alter our perception and experience of reality.


Was this plagiarized from DMB's profile?

Anyway as an EMS worker I hate getting the calls for hallucinogenics. Flakka is the worst. I can understand why they're appealing but all it takes is one bad trip and you can seriously hurt yourself or others. sad


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