Rank these canon tag team from best to worst

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Total Warrior
Title says it all, rank them based on:

A) Overall power
B) Compatibilty/sinergy/coordination ( basically do they get along? Are the well coordinated? Can one make up for their partner's flaws and viceversa? Etc)

1) RotS Kenobi and Anakin

2) Grevious and Dooku

3) Dooku and SoD Sidious

4) Maul and Oppress

5) Maul and Talzin

6) Ventress and Oppress

7) DD Ventress and Vos

8) Kanan and Ezra

9) Ahsoka Tano and Anakin

10) Windu and Jar Jar

1. Dooku and Sidious
2. Maul and Talzin (Assuming on Dathomir)
3. RotS Kenobi and Anakin
4./5. DD Ventress and Vos/Grevious and Dooku
6. Maul and Opress
7. Ahsoka and Anakin
8. Windu and Jar Jar
9. Venress and Oppress
10. Kanan and Ezra

1. Sidious and Dooku
2. Anakin and Ahsoka
3. Anakin and Kenobi
4. Grevious and Dooku
5. Maul and Talzin
6. Ventress and Vos
7. Windu and Jar Jar
8. Maul and Oppress
9. Ventress and Oppress
10. Kanan and Ezra
1. Anakin and Kenobi
2. Kanan and Ezra
3. Maul and Oppress
4. Anakin and Ahsoka
5. Dooku and Grevious
6. Ventress and Vos
7. Dooku and Sidious
8. Ventress and Oppress
9. Windu and Jar Jar
10. Maul and Talzin

1. Jard and Sheev
2. Maul and Talzin
3. Kenobi and Anakin
4. Grievous and Dooku
5. Maul and Oppress
6. DD Ventress and Vos (jedi Vos)
7. Windu and Binks
8. Ventress and Oppress
9. Anakin and Tano
10. Kanan and Ezra

1. Maul and Oppress
2. DD Ventress and Vos
3. Tano and Anakin (he seems to be more open with her than he is with Kenobi)
4. Maul and Talzin (big power gap but they compensate for each other)
5. Jard and Sheev (rarely fight together but it seemed decent in SoD)
6. Anakin and Kenobi (Their fights with Dooku are laughable and uncoordinated until RotS; too much bickering)
7. Kanan Ezra (Improving relationship, but still flawed)
8. Grievous and Dooku (who knows?)
9. Ventress and Oppress (their one-time fight was completely uncoordinated and there was an uncompensated skill gap)
10. Binks and Windu (no explanation needed smile )

Dooku and Sidious
Maul and Talzin
Anakin and Kenobi
Ahsoka and Anakin (If it's Rebels Ahsoka)
Grievous and Dooku
Ventress and Voss
Windu and Jar Jar
Ventress and Savage
Kanan and Ezra

Power only?
1. SoD Sidious and Dooku, hands down
2. Maul and Talzin
3. Maul and Opress
4. RotS Anakin and Obi-Wan
5. Anakin and Ahsoka
6. Ventress and Opress
7 Mace | Ventress and Vos
8. Dooku and Grievous
9. Kanan and Ezra

Actual combat, not power?
1. SoD Sidious and Dooku
2. RotS Anakin and Obi-Wan
3. Maul and Talzin
4. Anakin and Ahsoka
5. Maul and Opress | Dooku and Grievous
6. DD Vos and Ventress
7. Mace
8. Ventress and Opress
9. Kanan and Ezra

1. Anakin and Obi-Wan
2. Maul and Opress
3. Kanan and Ezra
4. Anakin and Ahsoka
5. Ventress and Vos
6. Dooku and Grievous | Maul and Talzin | Ventress and Opress
7. Sidious and Dooku
8. Mace and Jar Jar

1) Dooku and SoD Sidious

2) Maul and Talzin

3/4) RotS Kenobi and Anakin

3/4) Grievous and Dooku

5) DD Ventress and Vos

6) Maul and Oppress

7) Ventress and Oppress

8) Kanan and Ezra

Ahsoka Tano and Anakin ( Depends )

Windu and Jar Jar ( Depends )

1) Sidious and Dooku
2) Maul and Talzin
3) Kenobi and Anakin
4/5) Dooku and Grievous
4/5) Ahsoka Tano and Anakin
6) Maul and Savage
7) Ventress and Vos
8) Ventress and Savage
9) Windu and Jar Jar
10) Kanan and Ezra.

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