Ippo vs Takamura

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A serious Ippo.

Takamura's a beast, but Sendou did stun him, and Ippo hits even harder (Also saw a clip of them armwrestling, and Ippo doing well.. Felt like filler though.)

Takamura with pretty much no effort to be perfectly honest. Takamura is the best boxer pound for pound in the series, while also being twice as heavy as Ippo. Even a weakened by weight management into middleweight Takamura would dominate Ippo.

About what I figured, but I'm only within the first 100 chapters of the manga and wanted to see if there's HSDK like powerups/techniques.

Even early on, that Gazelle Punch looks like even Takamura would feel it, if it hit.

Ippo could certainly hurt him with a strong enough punch. He might even land one cause Takamura can get pretty lazy. But there is really no chance for Ippo actually winning.

Edit: The arm-wrestling was canon actually. And the manga actually hints that Sendou does hit harder based on Vorg saying that Sendou was the strongest sword while Ippo the strongest shield.

Ippo, current and past, gets demolished even if you equalize weight classes and do it pound for pound. He stands absolutely zero chance.

Now . . . if we ever get an "Ippo prime" and Ippo is able to retain every lesson he has ever learned in the manga (I feel he's forgotten a great deal as a result of bad writing and outright stagnation on Mori's part), I think Ippo, equalized weight classes, could give Takamura a very hard time. Maybe even his hardest. But at the end of the day Takamura is just too broken and thus still pulls off a KO in the 12th round.

If Mori is going to do what I think he's going to do, Ippo should get an SSJ2 like upgrade within the next 200 chapters or so when he finally takes on Martinez. So we'll see! :P

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