Your Favourite Band/Album 60's, 70's, 80's 90's, 00's, 10's

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Steve Zodiac
This is an aging board, many of us are in our 30's, 40's and 50's as people who have been adults longer than we were children, our musical tastes have changed, I admit I bought an ABBA album in the 70's, I actually turn over if ABBA is on now. Hell, the most embarrassing single I bought was David Soul/Hutch Don't give up on us baby, just because he was Hutch in Starsky and Hutch.

What do you still listen to and enjoy as your tastes have changed, I was only a toddler at the end of the 60's, my dad played the Kinks a lot and I still love them.

The 70's is a hard one, so much great stuff and when I first developed my own personal taste, albeit influenced by my parents. I'm going with the Jam as the group from the 70's I still play most, but I still play Squeeze a lot and Difford and Tilbrook actually used to drink in a pub I frequented in Greenwich.

The 80's is a game of two halves for the early 80's I still play Roxy Music in the car now, for the late 80's The Stone Roses. I actually saw them at University in 89.

The 90's is Hard, I guess NWA made me notice Hip Hop and for that reason alone they get the nod.

The 00's I started to become out of touch with music, so I listened to my step son's as they grew up. I liked Maximo Park a great deal, short catchy but bitter sweet... The Editors edge them out though.

This decade music seems derivative and stagnant. Seven years and not much has made me sit up and say, wow, I'm going to say I have noticed Grime and I guess as Stormzy is fast becoming a cultural icon with the kids of today, I would say he is relevant. But I wouldn't play him in the car... Who for this decade... Damned if I know.

Oliver Lau
I enjoy the album Neverworlds End by Xandria. My favorites include Sacrificium and Theater of Dimensions, both also by Xandria. These are symphonic metal albums. Otherwise, I watch and listen to music videos a lot. Either on mtv or youtube.

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