DC Comics - The Jetsons (2017)

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So I just got around to reading the Booster Gold/Flintstones crossover released a few months ago. What I didn't realize is that the final portion of the book serves as a prologue to DC's upcoming Jetsons series... But this ain't your momma's Hanna-Barbera Jetsons, lol...

Here is the full scene:
https://s7d6.turboimg.net/t/35999380_9243425.jpg https://s7d6.turboimg.net/t/35999381_9170792.jpg https://s7d6.turboimg.net/t/35999382_5663778.jpg https://s7d6.turboimg.net/t/35999383_4353145.jpg https://s7d6.turboimg.net/t/35999384_9485318.jpg https://s7d6.turboimg.net/t/35999385_2656847.jpg https://s7d6.turboimg.net/t/35999386_8874268.jpg https://s7d6.turboimg.net/t/35999387_9555071.jpg

-First off, there was evidently some sort of global disaster that washed away the earth's land-masses and killed most of the population. This forced humanity to orbit earth until the catastrophe was over... So that's why humanity lives in the sky in the Jetsons' timeline!

-Secondly, Judy went to see her dying grandmother in the hospital -- she evidently had a terminal disease, and was choosing to die via some sort of euthanasia process. Here's the bombshell, though: she had her consciousness digitized and uploaded into a Robot... So Rosie the Robot(the Jetsons' robotic maid) is actually George Jetson's mother!!! F*cking hell, mind = BLOWN! blink

...Suffice to say, if the series itself is half as good as those 8 pages were, it should be a super-fun read!


That being said...


*This will be a 6 issue mini, written by Jimmy Palmiotti and illustrated by Pier Brito, with covers by Amanda Conner.
*First issue drops on 11/1/17.



That fan theory's been floating around the internet for decades.
Seems a no brainer to build on it.
I'll likely pick this up. Six issues should jeep things moving towards a conclusion.
The quirkiness appeals ro me.

Originally posted by riv6672
The quirkiness appeals ro me. My sentiments exactly. thumb up

I'm a fan of the creative team, so that helps.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.