47 Meters Down (2017)

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47 Meters Down
The same as The Fugitive it is a literal movie title, and a perfect title since that's what the movie involves.
My 2 complaints are to much shown in the trailer movie trailers generally need to stop showing so much, and under 100 minutes I wanted over 100 minutes so more sharks shown plus maybe they decide stop waiting and move or break the cage.

A plausible reason why the worst case scenario happens, believable likable characters including 1 doesn't want to dive after seeing great white sharks in the water. The main 2 characters are likable, the other characters including the boat captain is likable, great locations including the beach and ocean, unfiltered violence, terrific looking great white sharks, and a exciting climax.
With what is said about a problem the hallucination isn't empty because shown is a hallucination.

A great horror adventures worst case scenario sharks attack movie.

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I watched this last night and I agree. Thought it was great. I loved the wicked ending. It was clever and something that hasn't really been seen in a shark thriller before to my knowledge. I think this was better than the one with Blake Lively from a year or so ago called, The Shallows (They are sort of opposites, "The Deepenows" haha). The Shallows was pretty good, too, but it felt a little more disjointed narratively and tonally and wasn't quite as nail-bitingly exciting as this one.

I'm a sucker for a shark flick and 47 Meters Down is terrific. Sure, some of the little jolts of excitement might have been a little overdone, but a certain amount of that is expected when dealing with a shark thriller, so forgiving that it's a really fun ride with some unexpected twists. Highly recommended. Fortunately I don't think I had even seen the whole trailer, so I was along for the ride. I knew the general premise, and knew I wanted to see it, so didn't bother watching the whole trailer for such a simple premise. So I'm not going to post the trailer. Just watch it if you like shark flicks.

You might recognize Matthew Modine from Full Metal Jacket and Stranger Things as the ship captain. The whole cast in this is really great. Pretty believable for the most part and not really any campiness.

Having really liked THE SHALLOWS, your excitement over this movie has got me interested! big grin

Well, let's just say that before watching it I had no interest in getting into a shark observation cage and after watching it I'm definitely vowing never to get into one. I'm perfectly content looking at sharks on TV and in aquariums (until of course they make a good shark aquarium movie that ruins aquariums for me, haha).


I've actually been in a shark cage, when i lived in Hawaii.
I did a LOT of stupid things in Hawaii...confused

Well it would definitely be tempting in Hawaii. No doubt about that.

Best place i ever lived. Bar none.
Amazing how many family members wanted to come visit, as opposed to say, when i lived in Georgia. stick out tongue

OT, though, i'll keep a look out for this movie, based on your recommendation. thumb up

Biggesst Factor when it comes to Shark Dving ( Cage or other wise) Is the water clarity. Big Diff when you can see for a mile or two to a Foot or less...especially with things that can and will eat you.

Haven't seen this yet but going too

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