Neo vs. the Architect

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At the end of the meeting of Neo and the Architect there was brief reference to them meeting again. What will happen if they do meet again? and if they did where would it be?

I think Neo and the Architect will meet again and at that point it will be the end of the matrix and downfall of the machines.

why should the matrix have an happy-end?

it should, but who knows it might not. I want to know what would happen if these two met?

Cause, let's think about it, The architect created the matrix, therefor shouldn't he be able to do anything Neo could. He being the one who created all the loop holes and rules, he should know them all.

The Omega

But I am sure the architect thought Trinity was going to die? If the architect was at the source wouldn't Neo have to destroy the Source in order to stop the matrix?

i think they will meet again. The architect was wrong as he said trinity is gonna die, so it could be that he was also wrong when he said that he and neo will never meet again.
I think the end will be very cool and in a way that none have expected before.

they definitely wouldnt meet again...

People keep missing this. The Architect was NOT wrong- Trinity DID die. But she was then brought back.

And the Architect may have created the system but he is also bound by the rules he created. Neo isn't bound by those rules, as Morpheus told him.

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They are not going to meet again. The meeting of the Architect aspect of the A.I. is always a one time deal. The final test by which the chosen one passes through the door of choice. Never again does that person meet the Architect.

matrix will be destroyed if neo defeated architect...

I think that they may not meet again but we will see him again in the next film. for some reason i have a feeling we are going to see a Smith/architect confrontation as well as a smith/oricle. after all smith is going to take over the matrix, i think. Its is just a hunch but if you look at the trailer closely you see smith in the oricles kitchen with the place torn up and him laughing.

Question Ushgarak, Wouldn't the architect be able to bend the rules as Neo does? The agents are able to bend rules, but not like Neo of course. Shouldn't the architect beable to bend rules as well?

As for the Smith architect and Smith Oracle. Could be, I don't know though. That would mean Smith would have to get to the source and according to the keymaker only the One can open the door? How would Smith get to him?

Break the door down.

Now, that I think about it, the building was destroyed. What other way would there to get there, and Why didn't smith go there in the first place instead of waiting for Neo? He could have taken the architect and then waited for NEO.

Only the one can open the door to the source. Atleast thats what they say! I don't think the matrix is going to be destroyed in M3, I mean why would they plan a 4th movie if it was destroyed?! wink

Why would destroing the Architect destroy the Matrix?

Neo would win :P cause teh Architect is another program which has to follow the rules or gravity etc etc :P and if Neo destroyed him the Matrix would not be destroyed because its a self dependet program and all the architect does is tell Teh One about teh sorce etc

Ya, my thoughts exacly. wink

I agree that killing the architect wouldn't kill the matrix, but his programming is to run the matrix, they would have to redesign the architect program, but by that time Neo would be in control of the matrix. There would be no program controlling what is going on.

This is a test

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