RIP Nabeel Qureshi.

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Everyone here is probably aware of Acts17Apologetics David Wood the Christian apologist and critic of Islam, that man was once a violent sociopath before he converted to Christianity and still retains some of his sociopathic tendencies when talking about Islam, but I've not introduced Nabeel Qureshi.

Nabeel is another Christian apologist and critic of Islam from Acts17Apologetics, but unlike David, he's not a sociopath, he's a more friendly and kind apologist and critic. Nabeel is an ex-Muslim who is famous for talking about his journey from Islam to Christianity and reaching out to many, many Muslims to reject Islam. Unfortunately, Nabeel recently died of stomach cancer, this is a shame because he was only 34 years old, and although I've not talked about him until now, I really liked Nabeel and looked to him because my journey of leaving Islam was a lot like his. Admittedly, I've pretty much exploited David as a battering ram when I want to make a reference to critics of Islam, but David wasn't someone I could relate to or look up to, I knew about his violent sociopathic history from the start, but the sociopathic tendency so he retained in his videos did make him look interesting and amusing. Nabeel however, is someone who has once had the faith of Islam and lived it. Many idiotic Muslims like Imran Ibn Mansur who is also known as "Dawah Man" (I can't stand that moron I feel like punching him whenever he talks) bash on Nabeel, they keep calling him a fake ex-Muslim and a Kaafir/Kufr. Some of these morons even think Allah has cursed Nabeel with cancer. I don't mean to demonise Muslims, but these specific Muslims are like bhenchods. Nabeel might not have been the traditional Sunni Muslim, he turned out to be a former Ahmadi Muslim, but his claims about Islam were spot on. Ahmadis are a lot closer to Sunnis than Shias or Sufis, and I as a former Sunni agree with Nabeel's view on Islamic life.

Nabeel was a very nice and friendly man, he is what made me feel connected and invested to Acts17Apologetics. It wasn't David Wood. It wasn't Robert Spencer. It wasn't Jay Smith. It was Nabeel Qureshi. I have felt very disappointed when I learned about his passing, I feel like I should've focused on spreading his word about Islam rather than David's.

if you want to learn more about Nabeel's transition from being a Muslim to an ex-Muslim, click on this link:

And if you want to learn more about Muslims claiming Nabeel was cursed by Allah, you're going to have to hear it for David Wood again...

😐 sorry.

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