MCU Most Powerful Hero

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I have watched all MCU movies so far, yes even Thor ragnarok.
I will be careful not to spoil it for you guys.

The thead is to discuss who you think is the most powerful of the MCU heroes. Not inclusive of villains but heroes.

To me there are a few contenders.

1.The Infinity stone users, Vision and Dr Strange

Vision: He is basically the Mind Stone. In Avengers 2, he was up there along with Hulk and Thor. Unfortunately, he was not much in civil war. He should be able to solo any of the civil war teams. Due to this reason he may fall into top 5 of most powerful but not top 2.

Dr Strange: Given he has the time stone and knows how to use it, Stephen Stange might be mcu most powerful. But without it he falls dramatically out of top 3.

2. The 30 Megaton Nuke powerlevels, Thor and Hulk

If you remembered Avengers 2, General Ross does equate both Thor and Hulk to a couple of 30 megaton nukes. We can take this with a pinch of salt. However DCEU fanboys do take an easter egg of Superman lifting tectonic plate into account. The is a mcu high ranking military officer we are talking about. I believe the figure is true.

Hulk: Easily the strongest there is. Very dynamic strength. We have seen Hulk feats in the Avengers 1. Hulk took Hulk buster for the ride. If Hulkbuster Iron Man did not get that moment to sucker punch, I would say Hulk will rip him apart.

Thor: The God of Thunder. Able to match infinity stone user in malekith both with and without mjolnir.Malekith had history with the Reality stone and knows how to use it. That says alot of Thor. Thor is durable, hardly in trouble in the movies, he is never worried in any fight, hardly dazed after big hits from opponents. He was in trouble only twice in the movies. One was Kurse.

Now these 2 will fall in top 3 if strange has his Eye (time stone ) but will be top 2 if strange loses the stone. Thor Ragnarok will answer who of this two potentially is above the other.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.