SCAR Squadron VS Cylo's Enhanced Warriors (from DV 2015 #6)

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SCAR Squad Lineup:
Sergeant Kreel
Cylo's Enhanced Vader Replacements Lineup:
Morit Astarte
Aiolin Astarte
Tulon Voidgazer
The Unidentified Trandoshan

Each has their standard gear seen in their first appearance (or subsequent appearances where appropriate) (Enhanced: Darth Vader 2015 Issue 6) (SCAR Squad: Star Wars 2015 Issue 21)

Round One: On the Forest Moon of Endor, SCAR Squad has 10 hours prep time.
Round Two: Same location, Enhanced get 10 hours prep (with help from Cylo, but he can't participate in fight)
Round Three: Death Star Hangar, no prep.
Morals off, win by eliminating other team.

Cylo's warriors in a stomp.

SCAR squad is way cooler though.

For Round One I think, SCAR would stomp. They're so well coordinated without prep, so I think they'd be near unbeatable with it.

Round Two: Same here for Enhanced, Cylo could probably do this without his team using the resources/inventions available to him. But since it's only ten hours SCAR Squad could probably organise themselves well enough to make this a more even match. But the Enhanced would beat them easy.

Round Three: Voidgazer could solo with a surprise attack, but SCAR Squad are incredibly accurate so she could be dispatched (probably by Misty unless she's quick enough to get her drones out). The Trandoshan would be a straight up shield, but Zuke or Shrap would blow him up. Aiolin and Morit wouldn't be much of a challenge for Kreel in Lightsaber combat but with their flames they could overwhelm him and take him out. Karbin would be very difficult to get rid of, but after the Trandoshan is dispatched (which could take a while) Zuke could blow Karbin up. Aero and Mic are cannon fodder here. Cav could distract the Trandoshan if Zuke and Shrap don't disable him, but not for long. The sheer amount of lightsabers (and skill with (Karbin, Aiolin and Morit each went up against Vader alone and survived (for a while))) gives the Enhanced a major advantage. I think the Enhanced team wins this round.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.