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We've got a new Hitman game in development. The last one by IO was one of the best stealth games this gen and the best Hitman to date, and the GOTY edition came out yesterday with all content so definitely get that if you guys haven't played it yet.

I'm not sure if this new game is season 2 launching on their same platform or a completely new game. Personally I'm hoping they do season 2 on the old platform, because that really did come out perfect, and I never like supporting episodic games.

It's also worth noting the IO was nearly canned by Square but it managed to go independent and take Hitman with it so Hitman is their baby now. Looks like they're going all in on it.

I thought Hitman 2016 was a very well made game but something was off for me.

I think since Blood Money, the series had relied way to heavily in the scripted kill scenarios and not enough on what made the series so damn good in the first place. While you can kill the targets without using them, the game feels like it forces you to do so.

I wouldn't mind seeing an open world Hitman game where killing a target is much more organic than scripted.

However, it still a very well made game.

I can see the complaint about the scripted kills, but tbh I still found plenty of ways to mess with targets that were pretty fun. It feels like a "ymmv" thing.

Glad we're getting a new one though. Give me this, a new Splinter Cell and a new single player Rainbow Six, and I'll have all the stealth I could ever need.


Maybe I just want an assassin game where I tail peeps, and then eliminate them on how I see fit. Hitman isn't that...it's essentially a puzzle game and usually relies way to much on changing uniforms. I don't feel like an assassin when I play this game...

Speaking of Splinter Cell....I cannot believe they are not backwards compatible. I have Conviction and Blacklist waiting....


Hitman content has been teased by the developers for a reveal tomorrow. People seem to think its season 2.

Season 2 has leaked. Apparently it'll be revealed at E3. I cant wait to see how season 2 evolves from the first season.


I heard that WB was publishing them now, too. Hopefully they won't repeat the Shadow of War fiasco or do something similar here.

I want this season II badly.

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