Bucket List

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I wanna go to Amsterdam.

DMT. Good acid too, and mescaline if possible. Also just to travel a bit, anywhere. Hopefully getting to go to Japan next year. I want to skydive because I have an intense fear of heights and I think it'd be funny. A personal dream is also to have a bowl-off against a world-class bowling bonobo.

Train for and run a marathon. You'll thank me later. thumb up


I've trained before, there is nothing really fun about it imo.

For my list...there are some haunted houses in America I wouldn't mind visiting. I've already seen plenty in this city.

Oh, going to Vegas as well would be on mine.

What I'd like to do before I kick it, not in order:

-Visit the Pyramids
-Visit Petra
-Visit the Sedlec Ossuary
-Take XTC (doubt I'll ever do this one)
-3way (MFF)
-Drive at over 200mph

Oh those are all good. Putting some of those on my list as well.

Scuba dive at a reef.


Blackmail someone, preferably your boss or an employee.
You'll thank me later.

- Buy a Crown Victoria
- Buy a Marauder
- Buy an early 1990s Chevy Lumina Van or its oldsmobile/pontiac variant
- Have pet chickens
- Run a small car repair shop
- Run an online vintage/exotic car dealership
- Experience/Own an omnidirectional virtual-reality gaming set
- Find a way to activate telomerase in somatic cells for an extended period of time so that human immortality is finally achieved

All in that order smile

*edit* Added "Lose my virginity to Robtard's mom or wife"


^^^i used to want one of those!

When i was younger i vowed to learn how to ride a motorcycle and get the one Arnold rode in T2. I did both, so i guess i knocked that off my own bucket list, before i knew what the term was.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.