Sidious vs Vader *spoilers warning*

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*warning* this thread contains spoilers to Darth Vader #8

if you've not read Darth Vader #8 but plan to, please do not read further

I've read Darth Vader #8 just right now.

for me the biggest surprise is reading Sidious showing mercy.

a captain screwed up, and Vader was force choking him to death in front of Sidious

Sidious tells him to release him, and then lets that guy go.

Sidious said Vader is not merciful and wants to kill every living being in the galaxy.

Sidious then tells vader that the dark side has its place, but once you are ruler, he doesn't want to rule the dead but the living.

reading this comic made me want to start a thread isn't about fighting but mercifulness compassion kindness

this is canon. Darth Vader - #8

Sidious is actually merciful.

Sidious actually saves the life of a person that Vader was about to kill. that is a feat of mercy. an act of kindness

more merciful than Vader.

if you screw up, you have better chances of survival with canon Sidious than canon Vader.

when it comes to mercy and forgiveness and feats of kindness in canon

Sidious > Vader

Sidious also showed some mercifulness when he touched Anakin in ROTS.

Sidious also wants Ahoska and Jocastu Nu alive.

when it comes to mercifulness i think

Sidious > Snoke > Vader = Kylo

Sidious act of kindness and mercy saved an officer that screwed up.

laughing laughing out loud laughing out loud laughing vs mad mad mad
rolling on floor laughing

btw what were those white butterfly lights in vader's meditation.

do they represent the light side of the force ?

It's because Sidious is more mature than him. Vader is a man-child who doesn't know how to use his power effectively. Fear is a good motivator but when abused like that he's just being unreasonable and not improving anything within the system.

It's like when he cuts off the inquisitor's arm during training. There's a fine line between "tiger-mom" leadership and just being wreckless and destructive.

Link me to the comic if you can.

Yeah, that's why Thrawn was leagues above the other Imperial commanders and even Vader himself.

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