Darth Nox vs King Ommin

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1: sabers
2: Force
3: All Out

Bonus: Nox gets help from Aloysius Kallig and Tulak Hord. Ommin gets aid from Freedon Nadd.



What does Ommin have without the aid of Freedon Nadd that prevents him from being one-shotted here?

Nox solos in the next round.

Well, technically Nadd's power was the only thing keeping Ommin alive during the events of TotJ, but if you restrict it then there's really no point in putting Ommin in these matches since he'll just turn to jelly on the ground as soon as the fight starts.

And do you mean Nox is going to solo Nadd? Yeah, not seeing how Nox does anything against Nadd except die horribly.

I honestly believe that "round 1" should be in favor of a random Gamorrean. I don't see a potential edge for Sand People. In terms of simple 1 on 1 combat axe is just much better weapon. It's heavier, playing more on Gamorrean size advantage, it has each of the common advantages of any "vibro" weapon existing within the universe, and are simply regular weapons of decent quality. Gaffi stick is made of worse material, has no special characteristics, it's "specialistic", weird edge is of no use with those advantages, especially while Sand People hold this weapon near the middle, and that means a slightly worse range. Axe is sharper, larger, and plays more to Gamorrean's advantages. Sand People are more versatile warriors, their warrior culture seems to be quite advanced and they are supposedly quite lethal, but Gamorreans are larger, heavier, and their strength is probably superior, though the margin can be dabatable - in a melee combat with people that aren't overly impressive with their skills - and are both rather primitive actually - strength, size, are just best edges. Gamorreans are "praised" (or rather laughed at, lol) for their warrior ways as much as Sand People, and are equally combat-oriented. Gamorreans also abandon ranged weapons and focus primarily on melee, and that can imply their advantage in this contest. Sand People are more durable, adapted to worse environment, probably more agile, but while fighting a weapon that has so much better "hitting plane", and an opponent of better range, I think it's slightly delaying the inevitable. Adaptation to environment is non-factor trait, as you can't find an easier area of fighting than Dantooine.

Seriously, I don't know how a random Sand People warrior can compare to a random Gamorrean warrior. Judging by their common feats, implied capabilities and the weaponry, I just don't know where Sand People can have their advantage, so I question such claims about Round 1 (as few as they may be) just because I don't see enough legitimate points.

Round 2 and 3 are completely different story though. Gamorreans generally despise ranged weapons, while Sand People are legitimate shooters. We're not talking about Force Sensitives or other superhumans. Who shots first, wins. :P

Nox all. Better feats, more knowledgeable, vastly superior saber accolades.




Originally posted by darthbane77
Bonus: Nox gets help from Aloysius Kallig and Tulak Hord.

Lulz, spite.


Nadd can't beat all three on his own.

Plz format your post better Muser

Nox > Ommin.

Literally all of Ommin's feats are amped by Onderon.

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