Various Sith and Jedi Run the Calais Migrant Gauntlet

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(if you can't watch the entire thing, this part is the most important smile )

I find this video to be extremely satisfying @JKBart.

Which of these characters have the best chance of successfully running through this gauntlet?


- Contestants must walk from one end of the highway to the other while facing the wrath of the migrants

- User to finish the gauntlet fastest wins

BONUS: Which user wins if unarmed (no force powers either)?


- RotS Sheev
- Rebels Vader
- Maul
- RotJ Luke
- RotS Anakin
- Grievous
- Pre Vizsla, Cad Bane, and Embo
- Bane and Zannah

Everyone makes it through with Sheev being the quickest.
Rebels Vader might die though.

Palpatine is the strongest of the contenders and laughably way too fast and strong for the muslims imo. He stomps through, they get the jihad treatment. smile

Most of the others can do it, but prolly in this order:
- RotS Palpatine
- RotS Anakin
- Rebels Vader / Maul / Grievous
- RotJ Luke / the trio / Bane and Zannah

Rebels Vader > Grievous, but Grievous has abilities more suited towards this slaughter. Same goes for why RotJ Luke is below them, his skillset doesn't suit slaughter like this.

The trio is on par with Bane+Zannah and Luke for similar reasons of good skillset. Tthey are much below the Force Sensitives, but from my personal IRL experience, ranged weapons have far greater success against the muslims than melee combat. Probably because of half of them never seeing a gun and having this animal instinct to go into close quarters and lack of brains to realize the gun has a greater reach. Also US Army proved in history that flamethrowers are excellent weaponry against low-tier subhumans.


In case of bonus:
- RotS Palpatine - wins; their numbers don't mean much when their weaponry is so severely lacking and their outmatched several leagues. Sidious can blitz people like Kolar that would blitz people that can blitz several muslims. That speed should allow him to win.
- Rebels Vader - probably loses. Too restrained mobility, and pure-Canon characters are far behind in terms of speed, and you need insanely over-the-top superhuman reflexes to push through these numbers.
- Maul - wins. Given his expertise in nearly all martial arts, endless stamina and top-of-the-mythos endurance he has severe advantage over the muslims. Most of them won't be able to phase him or hurt him, so he should be able to manage.
- RotJ Luke - loses.
- RotS Anakin - wins if he takes his speed and strength to the maximum. Also, if he realizes muslims are rapists and threat to people like Padme or his mother, he can stomp.
- Grievous - his armor can't be damaged by the muslims, it will be like trying to defeat a tank in a melee. He may need time to dispose of them, that's all.
- The trio - they lose.
- Bane and Zannah - they lose.

very nice response. It should also be noted that Anakin would be able to better utilize dark energy as he goes on this rampage against the sand people.

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