Could the other 3 Defenders replicate this Luke Cage feat?

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The Crispus building attack from Luke Cage.



- Standard gear.
- No prep.
- Start outside the first door. Objective is to grab the same bags Luke does at the end.

Round 1:
Danny, Matt and Jessica all attempt it solo.

Round 2:
The three work as a team.

Only Jessica

I actually think Jessica has the smallest chance out of the three, given that she isn't bulletproof, like Luke, but also not as skilled as Danny or Matt, nor does she have their experience dealing with gunmen.

I think they have a solid shot of making it in round 2, though they would need to go about it more carefully than Luke, and use Matt's senses to scout where enemies are located. He and Danny could then ambush the gunmen while Jessica ragdolls the guys coming in melee. And between the Iron Fist and Jessica's strength, they should be able to deal with any physical barriers.

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Only Jessica

I agree.

Daredevil could also get into the building and beat the crap out of those guys.

The only thing is that Matt would be more careful. He won't enter the front-door like a tank and expect to get out of there alive.

So, i think Jessica is the only one who can really replicate Luke the most.

Well, they don't have to do things like Luke did. They just have to achieve the same objective. Get from the front door to the stash room where those bags were, and take out however many enemies they need to in order to manage that. As far as the rest of it, they can play to their strengths.

Jessica dies in this scenario. She's not bullet proof and she doesn't have the skills to evade gunmen like the other two do. Ironfist is the biggest advantage they have, if he can do a few ground pounds it should disorient everyone enough for the team to get through. Won't do it as easily as Luke Cage though, but yes, doable.

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