High Meta Tourney quarter final - DarkSaint vs Beatboks

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No prep
Standard Equipment
BFR with no possibility of returning in a reasonable time is a loss
Opening + 2 posts
Posters are in full control of the characters


Opponents start at opposite corners of the ring on the ground.
You can leave the ring/fly/use environment.
Deadline for all the posts: next Friday.
Judges: Kris, Bentley, Digi/or/me.


Beatboks opening post:

this is short and sweet, because let's face it Jean slaughters Sue

Battle starts and I assume sue goes invisible. Jean of courst TP detects her


She then TK shields from Sue's invisible force that she has successfully done before



As we can see Sue was blood lusted so going all out.
She then shut's off Sue's powers with TP


From here this is a pretty easy battle for Jean. she has numerous ways of ending it quickly. Like giving Sue a blood clot to KO her


crush her with rocks


TK blast her


what ever plan sue makes Jean can know them instantly and be ready to respond with perfect counters.


that is all assuming that she doesn't just wipe Sue's memory and make her go to sleep


darksaint really drew the short end of the stick here. there is almost noting Sue can do that Jean can't casually counter


Oh my poor Darksiant.

Your entire strategy is based on some delusion that Sue is faster than Jean. Are you seriously expecting people to buy that argument??

Let's look at you evidence.
Reacts to IF. A street level character. Daredevil can react to and dodge IF a normal human. Jean on the other hand has reacted to apocalypse. On the Marvel Data base Apoc is a speed level of 5 to IF's 2.

Your scan of putting up a bubble around avengers doesn't even show is Sue. Not to mention it shows no reaction. It asks if any hero could withstand the blast for a millisecond nothing to do with Speed.

Seriously your going to use SLOWDINSON and 2nd rate rip offs as an measure of speed?? Also force fields against lightning?? It travels as 750 miles per hour (JUST over mack 1) and the scans dont even show if it was a reaction or if the shields were already up.

Now I could search up and post multiple scans of the feats of Jean ACTUALLY reacting to things faster than what you've shown for Sue.

here for example is a match to your best feat


or here Jean dodges multiple bullets. Thor doesn't dodge bullits he spins his hammer to shield himelf.

for that matter the fact that it was MULTIPLE bullets beats your lightning scan

But really what's the point. I've already posted a scan of jean casually reacting to a blood lusted Sue.

Unless you have something that contradicts an actual canon encounter between them then you argument just fell apart.

The only other part of your post thatis in any way relevant is the fallacious claim that Sue has blocked Jean's TP before. Anyone who knows the issue at all is well aware that the resurrected body of Jean Sue faced in the pheonix rising story was weakened and in fact did not possess TP ( a fact she wasn't aware of at the time)


1. Sue isn't faster
2. Jean has already defended from Sue's force field attacks showing they wont work for her
3. Sue hasn't faced Jean with TP so the scan is irrelevant as it doesn't prove a thing as nthere was never TP to shield against.

Your attacks and your defenses fail dismally and you have failed to address mine at all

Post 1 of 2

'I can't keep up with you.........'

Let's go through all the 'points' that beatboks made. I will then make further points if needed, but really, this post will be nothing more than a reply to each of his points, with a further emphasis on my own previous points. Let's get to it.

Thanks. Makes my job much easier.

Well, that's my victory then. Whilst he's trying to detect me by going into TP detection mode....I've opened bubbles up in his brain.

Using a mind-controlled Sue as proof? OK. Main thing to take away from these scans, dear judges is this: Beatboks has added more proof to my scans. I can block him, as seen in the scans he posted. Also shows just how important it is to get the first shot off. He can block a blast from me (which, btw, judges, I am NOT doing) and I can block his blasts.

Except I have shown that my bubbles operated independently of me. Remember, remember, judges, the fifth of...well, OK, just remember this scan:

None of that matters. We, the readers, all know that Jean is mighty, and has 1001 ways of ending these kinds of matches. All poor Sue can do is open bubbles and go invisible - and in this match, I'm not even doing 50% of that.

But it is quality over quantity.

And now, onto the next post...

Oh, sorry I didn't know we could use Marvel Database as proof, lol. But OK. Here is Terrax the Tamer. A herald level character. Speed of 7. What was Apoc again? Lol.

Happier now? Source: http://marvel.wikia.com/wiki/Tyros_(Earth-616)

Sorry, didn't think I needed to hold hands. But OK. Here is the very next page:

It says no hero, even as mighty as the Avengers, could survive for more than a fraction of a millisecond. They survived. So they were NOT in the vacuum of space for more than a fraction of a millisecond. So....SOMETHING, or SOMEONE, managed to erect a bubble around them so they didn't even have to spend more than a fraction of a milisecond in space. That someone, or something, was the IW.

There, clear enough for you?

Lightning is...750mph? News to me. Are you sure you know the difference between lightning and thunder?

The visible part of lightning is....220 million mph. THUNDER is 750, i.e. the speed of sound, Mach 1 (surprising, that!) Lol. Judges, you can safely throw out any of beatboks' speed arguments now. But let's see what happens when one thinks the speed of lightning is 750mph...

Firstly, your scans are broken. Secondly, I hope that your scans show things faster than lightning, and faster than fractions of a millisecond because otherwise, they're just useless.

Thirdly...what does Thor dodging bullets have to do with Mjolnir or lightning? Furthermore, I've posted scans of Sue blocking and containing multiple lasers....which aren't bullet speed. Guess who's bullet speed though? Iron Fist wink

Frickin' laser beams (note how casually she does it, and how they were fired at her from behind - oh myyyy!):

Jeez. How fast are bullets in your part of the world? Faster than 220 million mph?

A mind-controlled Sue, which makes it inadmissible as proof? OK. You DID post a scan of Sue blocking Jean, though, so there's that. Note, judges, his scans DON'T show bubbles being opened inside the head, but 'energy blast vs energy blast' type attacks - which I am NOT doing here. That is not the way of the Dark Bubble.

I.....NEVER.....said she blocked Jean's TP, lol. Are you even reading my post? You must have me confused with another poster, or another BZ. Judges, this is my argument: Jean attacked with a TK attack, which, much like a TP attack, is as fast as thought. And Sue blocked it, even though Sue wasn't even there to fight and Jean was itching for a fight.

Not based on the scans you've shown. I've shown her reacting in fractions of a millisecond. Blocking lightning, from Ragnarok, and Electro (I guess you conveniently missed that). Judges, here is the Electro scan:

A sneak attack from behind, with an electrical attack. AFTER it was fired. Multiple lasers:

100% agreed. Your scans show that my bubbles block Jean's TK, thanks - I was searching everywhere for those scans. Pity I'm not blasting you though.

It shows in a speed of thought, Sue wins.

Let's revisit each other's OPs, shall we?

Match starts
Multiple bubbles, simultaneously in his brain, and around myself.

Match starts
TP scanning.
THEN an attempt to create a shield.
THEN an attempt to shut powers off.
THEN a blood clot/rocks etc.

Once again, judges, this is a quick draw match. Or at least, I thought it was. Turns out, it's not much of a quick match when your opponent is still busy trying to detect you. Even IF it doesn't take much time to detect me (I AM, after all, standing there lol), by then it would be too late. Match starts, I am straining at the bit to launch my incredibly quick simultaneous attacks and defence. Match starts, Beatboks is set on searching for me, then doing a shield, then etc etc.
Every single point of my strategy was aimed at pruning as much time off my reactions (which are already incredibly fast) to get the drop on Beatboks.

Beatboks? He's taking the slow and patient strategy. Which ends in brain death.


beat final post:

DS is placing too much emphasis on the idea of my taking time to TP find SUe.

1. This was based on an assumption that he would go invisible which he didn't As such no time was waited TP searching (even if Jean was only capable of doing 1 thing at a time which is not a limitation)

2. My plan was always to simultaneously TP search for Sue while TK shielding myself.

Basically since Sue didn't go invisible even if to search for her required my complete undivided attention it's something I didn't have to do.

Even if we assume for some reason I still spent time TP searching for an opponent that wasn't hidden (I must be stupid) why would it matter?? It's not like Jean can't use TP and TK at the same time.


I mean seriously the girl can hold Piledriver aloft while mentally (TP) Assaulting Thunderball. A TP assault takes more effort than a scan


but yeah she's just going to leave herself defenseless while she searches for someone who didn't hide.

TK Power

Darksaint would have us be impressed because Sue can put up shields that can hold stop Thor's hammer and restrain HUlk. Please judges let's compare this to a young Jean who can literally ragdoll Thor Scarlet witch and others simultaneously



and that's not accounting for the "precision" she is capable of



able to dismantle Logan's bike or a weapon bolt by bolt.
That level of force applied in intricate ways = something Sue can't deal with.

who's to say for example she doesn't just turn Sue's force field attacks back at her


TP Power

Does everyone just forget that even Sans Pheonix Jean is an OMEGA level Telepath???


I could end the battle at the outset by simply putting Sue to sleep


Or just make Sue decide to agree that I win.



There's also a lot of to do about Sue's shields defending her from bombs as though that is something exclusive to her




Sue is far from the only one who can throw up a shield in the midst of battle when a bomb goes off or bullets are about to hit her. Nothing DS has shown for Sue doesn't have a equal or superior feat form Jean in reaction.

Using attacks already proven to have failed

not to mention the idea of a "bubble force field" has already dismally failed against Jean



and THAT was a force field specifically designed to prevent her from even using her powers. Judges what hope do these force fields have when ones specifically designed to depower Jean fail???

Many other options
Then there is simply TK enhancing her punches
TK blasts

TK weapon constructs



Jean also has a significant mobility advantage what with actual flight

lies and falsehoods /u]

DS would have us believe that Sue's shields protect her from Jean's TP because of an out of context scan showing Sue not TP sensed by a version of Jean that unknown to her didn't possess TP at the time. Does anyone really buy that?? If Sue can block TP why can I find this scan in a google search


Then there is the fact that DS would have us believe that Sue was mind controlled in the scan where a version fo Sue genetically altered to be he Son's hound was mind controlled. Was there any evidence of mind control?? Judges I ask if DS truly believes that Sue's force fields can defend her from TP than he can't possibly have us also believe that she can be mind controlled. The fact is he knows that to be a lie and still presents it in all it's dishonesty.

I've over committed with this tourney and other commitments at the moment so am bowing out. I hate to leave things mid stream so wanted to present at least a counter to DS (he deserves as much). I doubt this paltry offering should take anything from him and offer him my best wishes in the coming rounds. @phil if DS wants let him take Jean into the next rounds. he can likely rep her much better than I can or have.



Congrats DS. Best of luck in the next round.

An expected outcome, with me drawing one of the only two characters in play I knew very very little of. Still the randomizing was fun. Instead of researching my opponent I had to research my own character more.

Thanks boks,and thanks judges.

Was a fun match,if difficult to do.had no respect threads to use as a base, and I wasn't playing mind games when I said I had a lot of porn to sift through......

Knew very little for Sue, and was thankful she had a limited powerset.

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