The lack of representation in our Representative Democracy

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- Credit to Double D for the find

I agree with the fundamental premise of the video that expounds upon the corruption which plagues our government. I don't agree with the conclusions drawn from some of these suppositions. There were 5 issues they blamed on the elites in government.

Issue 1: Expensive Healthcare

To my understanding, the majority of America wants Universal Healthcare, yet according to the Tax Policy Institute, the costs of single-payer in America are astronomical. 2.5 trillion dollars in the first year and 32 trillion dollars over 10 years. All of the federal income taxes we pay are about 1.5 trillion a year. 2.5 trillion means everyone one of us paying income taxes would have to about triple what we pay in income taxes to get an additional 2.5 trillion.

Issue 2: Convoluted Tax Code
This is a completely fair point.

Issue 3: Slower and More Expensive Internet
This is due to the massive ISP lobby so another fair point.

Issue 4: Wasteful Spending
This is dependent on your definition of wasteful. I happen to consider nigh all government spending is wasteful and ineffective. So this doesn't seem like a fair criticism.

Issue 5: Catastrophic Drug War
Yep, absolutely correct moving on.

Issue 6: 1 and 5 Americans born into poverty
This is not a fair criticism at all. We have spent over 22 trillion dollars on welfare. The issue here is the definition of poverty.

It's ****ed. sad

If you can't beat them, join them smile .

Do we really live in a democracy though? We're supposed to live in one. That doesn't mean we do.

It's an absolute mystery to me how this could be news to anyone. Even in the UK they've shown documentaries about the extent on lobbying in the US.

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