DC's Top 20 Smartest Beings (Earth Only)

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Zack M
ere is my list. Agree? Disagree? I'll also include short descriptions of feats from Desaad, a poster who used to post here. Here we go:

#20. Blue Beetle

Said to be smarter than Batman himself. Unfortunately, he doesn't have the feats to back it up. Still, he belongs on this list.


#19. Dr. Sivana

Sivanna doesn't have very many appearances. I think writers generally think of him on the Big Science level, but from what he's actually done I'd put him at the very low end of that level or about on par with Lex Luthor. He's created dimensional travel, suspendium (frozen time particles), and weapons that have lifted entire cities and badly hurt kryptonian level foes.


#18. Batman

I know, I know. Batman should be placed in the top 10, but he doesn't have the insane science feats some of these heavy weights have on this list. He's good at pretty much everything, but not a true expert in many of the fields.


#17. Professor Ivo

Prof. Ivo created Amazo and Tomorrow Woman, two of the physical most potent androids in comics, especially Amazo. He created a serum that made him immortal, he's created countless powerful androids.


#16. Anarky

Anarky is a tough one to gauge as he didn't have a huge number of appearances, but from what little saw -- the way he was able to calculate the coming of the great threat to reality and figure out a way to defeat it, creating a Boom Tube home-made, finding ways to alter the minds of everyone in Gotham...he's probably in "big science" level, albeit at the lower level.


Zack M
#15. Rip Hunter

RIP is a specialist in time, and pretty much only makes time technology. He's good at what he does, but it's limited inherently, and doesn't deserve to be listed along with all the polymaths above.


#14. Hiro Okamura

Said to be a better engineer than Tim Drake himself. Some of the robots/suits he has built in the past have been insane. Even Mongul in Metal wanted his expertise. He's probably the smartest genius his age.


#13. Lord Havok

DC's analog to Dr. Doom. Lord Havok has been pretty impressive (negating powers, just like Doom), but his lack of appearances put him low on the list.


#12. Will Magnis

Will Magnus has created a device that creates portals between dimensions/universes, the responsometers of the Metal Men which basically means he created souls out of code, flying cars controled and powered by his thoughts, etc.


#11. Henry Bendix

Now apart of the DCU, Bendix has engineered a Kryptonian level being, with the battle computer of Midnighter. He seems sure of himself that he is even beyond Luther.


Zack M
#10. The Ultra-Humanite

DC's closest evil genius that is to Dr. Doom. Humanite can engineer super humans, manipulate time, and is a mastermind on the level of Lex.


#9. Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor vacillates (Post-Crisis) between being a business man and being a genius. Many of his greatest 'works' have been attributed to his staff. Lately he's made a bit of a comeback as an evil genius, having combined time pool technology with kryptonian weaponry to change the sun to red and various things like that, but he's not a straight up scientist guy anymore, and I doubt he will be shown to be in the upcoming Action run with Paul Cornell. If you take Pre-Crisis into account you're talking about putting him up at the cosmic level as he's making time machines out of orange juice boxes and tin foil.


#8. Tim Drake (Future)

Seems Tim can pretty much do anything. Build a weapon that can one-shot Doomsday, resist Hypertime's pull, create a suit that can manipulate Brother Eye, etc... Hell, current Tim Drake has surprised the likes of Mr. Oz AKA Jor-El himself. Something Lex could NOT do. Tim is fast paced to be high on my list.


#7. T.O. Morrow

T.O. Morrow is probably the only normally earth guy who deserves a mention here. He apparently learned to 'unlock the hidden space between dimensions' when he was 14 (ie, dimensional creation), he's created time machines and vast super computers that alter reality via time manipulation. He also turns iPods into death rays and creates synthetic souls (Tomorrow Woman, Red Tornado).


#6. Mr. Terrific

Said to be a cosmic genius, DCnU Terrific has been similar to Reed Richards. And that holds true in his next series that comes out next year, The Terrifics.

I wouldn't have put Mr. Terrific on here but for the fact that lately Robinson has been giving him a bit of a push, as he was able to create a device that destroyed all the Black Lanterns in a tri state area -- the only tech feat I know of to have accomplished such a thing -- and he's currently working on a way to defeat the Starheart. He also figured out how to travel through time, and his T-spheres are crazy advanced.


Zack M
#5. Ray Palmer

Ray Palmer cracked the Hourman virus when Superman 1 Million said that only a Solaris class stellar computer could do so, created a time machine, created boom tube like teleportation devices, co created a device that made the user's wish come true, figured out how to neutralize a universe destroying cosmic phenomenon that hadn't ever been discovered, has been described as having a mind like the world's largest harddrive, and created the greatest shrinking technology in comics (in terms of power, range and versatility).


#4. Niles Caulder AKA The Chief

The Chief has invented a time machine, replaced the JLA's abilities with tech approximations, brought Rita back from the dead with just a piece of her skull, created nanobots that could literally do anything, including create a being so powerful that he was throwing his victims through the fourth wall into 'our' reality. And it looks like he's going to discover away to alter his genes so that he becomes Kryptonian.


#3. TAO

Now apart of the DCU, TAO's history seems to be intact. He can manipulate anyone with just his voice, and is even called the smartest being on Wildstorm earth.


#2. Ultrawoman AKA Lena Luthor

Said to have a 12th (I think 12) level intelligence, Lena is MUCH smarter than Lex (who has 10). Her intellect is beyond even Luthor himself.


#1. Ozymandias

Everyone of these humans are apart of the DCU earth. Ozy, however, is not. That will change, as Watchmen is now apart of the DCU Multiverse. Ozy has outsmarted one of the most powerful beings in all of DCU, Dr. Manhattan (According to Mr. Mxyzptlk himself. That speaks volumes). He is a master martial artists, as well as understanding the art of mystics.


No Lobo or Jor El?

Zack M
Originally posted by DarkSaint85
No Lobo or Jor El?

I'm doing a top 10 list for Aliens. This is Earth only.

Nice list Zack. Good work.

Zack M
Thanks. thumb up

I'll do space/Aliens soon.

As of Doomsday Clock #2...



Luthor = #1.
Bruce = #2.

Originally posted by Galan007
As of Doomsday Clock #2...



Luthor = #1.
Bruce = #2.
I was a bit surprised by this.

Do you take this as hard fact/statement or more of an opinion from Ozm..?

Adam Grimes
It's a bait. Luthor will be the disposable good.

What does Luthor say next? Thanks

Zack M
I knew Johns would wank Luthor again in Doomsday Clock. I guess he never read Superwoman Rebirth. Luthor is only a 6TH level intelligence.


Zack M
I forgot Alex Luthor Jr. He perhaps has the best feat on this list. He doesn't reside on the main earth, though.

The real #1. Alexander Luthor Jr.

Alexander Luthor really only just has the one feat, but it's kind of a doozy. He created a device to literally manipulate the multiverse, combining and separating universes at his whim. Insanity.


Alex Luthor and regular Luthor, supposedly DC's #1.


Zack M
Ozy has another nice feat under his belt. Re-building Owl's' ship to travel to other universes.

Doomsday Clock: How The Watchmen Characters Arrive In The DC Universe


Zack M
Future Tim just absorbed Jon's energy to access Hypertime.

Originally posted by Galan007
So yeah, it's confirmed that future Tim Drake absorbing Jon's Solar Flare gave him the power to access "everyWHERE...everyWHEN"(ie. Hypertime):
https://s7d6.turboimg.net/t1/37172217_Super_Sons_012-001.jpg https://s7d6.turboimg.net/t1/37172218_Super_Sons_012-002.jpg https://s7d6.turboimg.net/t1/37172219_Super_Sons_012-003.jpg https://s7d6.turboimg.net/t1/37172220_Super_Sons_012-005.jpg https://s7d6.turboimg.net/t1/37172221_Super_Sons_012-004.jpg

*In the second scan you can see COIE, Zero Hour, Convergence, Final Crisis, Flashpoint, Metal, etc. etc.


Zack M
This is just science/tech based. Constantine is one of the best prep masters in comics, though.

Originally posted by Zack M
I knew Johns would wank Luthor again in Doomsday Clock. I guess he never read Superwoman Rebirth. Luthor is only a 6TH level intelligence.
That's because nobody reads shit runs by shit writers like Phil Jimenez, so nobody cares what he thinks.

Lex is the smartest on Earth consistently:

Zack M
What has he done that puts him over TO Morrow or Niles Caulder?

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