New Dragon Ball Film - Coming December 2018!

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Since there wasn't a proper thread made for this yet...

Most are already aware, but Shueisha has announced the production of a new Dragon Ball theatrical film scheduled for a "super-wide" national release in Japan in December 2018. This movie will be the 20th produced for the franchise, with the first movie premiering over 30 years ago in December 1986.

As with the 2015 movie Resurrection 'F', original author Akira Toriyama developed the movie's story and concept, as well as writing the its script and providing character designs. While movies of the past have centered around specific enemies, this film's theme will center around "the universe's mightiest warrior race, the Saiyans". It is very likely that much, if not all, of the information provided by Akira Toriyama in his recent "Saiyan Special Q&A" in the January 2018 issue of Saikyo Jump was taken from the story development for this new movie.

*The new information/retcons from Toriyama's aforementioned interview can be found here:

Here is the upcoming film's complete announcement, from "Jump Festa 2018":

All info, and/or thoughts related to the film can be posted here... Personally, I am looking forward to the background of Saiyans(namely their heritage and genealogy) being explored far more in depth.

Is this anime or real life?


...It's anime.

Bojack was a beloved character? News to me. stick out tongue

I guess Yamoshi will be kinda like the Bardock of DB Super...

That's what I'm hoping for, tbh. thumb up

Though I do wonder if they'll stick to Yamoshi having a similar appearance to Vegeta, like we saw in Shenron's retelling of the first Super Saiyan God in BoG..?

I lol'd at the Bojack comment.

I guess Bojack might be more 'beloved' than, like, Lord Slug or Bio-Broly... But that's about it. ermmnone

So... this new film will also be retold in Super, boring us to death?

If DBS is still going strong in another year+, I would imagine Toei will do a 'TV Special' or somesuch.

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