Top 10 DC's Smartest Beings (Aliens/Space)

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Zack M
These are primarily aliens. Here goes:

#10. Mr. Mind

The mind controlling worm from Venus, Mr. Mind is more of a master mind than a scientific genius. Mind is a cosmic threat, which gained him a mult-universal level threat (52/Hyperfly).

#9. Lobo

Lobo isn't just a mindless brick. He's actually a super genius. Creating boom tubes, engineering his Space Hog to travel and traverse space, and even creating a virus to kill off his entire race. Lobo is nothing to scoff at.

#8. Sardath

Sardath has created the Zeta Beam, which allows instantaneous transportation across the universe. He also invented the Omega Beam, which allows the transfer of VAST amounts of matter into energy, so much so that it was threat to the universe -- had Starbreaker gotten his hands on it, he would have converted all matter in the universe to energy and absorbed it all. Even normal Zeta Beam tech can teleport planets, though, as demonstrated in a recent issue of REBELS.

#7. Captain Comet

Check out KM's respect thread. Captain Comet is a super genius. Here is one of his feats.

#6. Superman

Kryptonians are superior in tech than most races in the cosmos. This will also be proven, in the Post-Crisis era, as we will discuss one other Kryptonian on this list. Pre-Crisis Superman has some insane showings and even Post-Crisis has re-built the Miracle Machine through plans given to him.

Zack M
#5. Vril Dox

Vril is probably the less intelligent of the Brainiac's, but has mastered the force field (Able to span solar system's, IIRC. He's also a master planner as well.

#4. Brainiac 5 (Any version

Brainiac 5 has built the concentrator, which can utilize all the energy in the entire universe to do what he wishes. Brainiac 5 has three versions, and all of them are rated high.

#3. Mr. Oz AKA Jor-El

This guy is probably the smartest guy in comics, period. His tech is the most hacked, since the likes of New Gods. Easily controlling Doomsday, negating Mxy's powers (temporarily), making Luthor look like an idiot, and imprisoning Tim Drake, a science genius himself.

#2. True Brainiac

Brainiac, true form, is responsible for bringing back the infinite DC Multiverse in Convergence. He has one of the best science feats in comics.

#1. Metron

Metron is responsible for creating one of the most powerful devices in comics, the Worlogog. Only to be surpassed by the Miracle Machine, built by the Controllers. New God tech is pretty haxx, and Metron's quest is to learn everything in the universe. He deserves the top spot.

Zack M
Wow, Brainiac has tech that can shrink entire planets.

Vril Dox is back!

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