DC's Brightest Young Minds: DC's Top 11 Youngest Geniuses

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Zack M
The last list is for kids/teens of the DCU that deserve mentioning. Some are even hinted to surpass the likes of the adults. Here goes:

#11. Tanya Spears AKA Power Girl

Not too much to go on, but she is considered to be one of the smartest 17 year olds on earth. She also gives leadership to the Titans.


#10. Static

Static is somewhat of an advanced engineer. Even Tim is impressed with his gadgets/inventions. He's low on the list, because DC doesn't use him very often.


#9. Xenos

Xenos is the Justice League's newest edition. He has created mythical weapons and even reconstructed the JLA's headquarters. Batman saw the potential, so he drafted him to the League.


#8. Ulysses

Head genius of the Colony, a military type of group. Ulysses is responsible for all the advanced tech that even took Batman by surprise.


#7. Roy Harper

One of the best weapon makers/engineers on the planet. Red Arrow AKA Roy Harper is also responsible for creating some of the tech Green Arrow uses.


#6. Lily James

Lily is responsible for creating the most advanced self-regenerating A.I. on the PLANET, according to Batman. Again, as with Xenos, Batman sees the potential in Lily so much, that he offered to take her to the most advanced school the world has to offer.


Zack M
#5. Lucas Fox AKA Batwing

I would have put him higher, but Lucas is a rival to Tim Drake in building tech. He might not be on his level, but he's already created and understood tech that Tim has in the past.


#4. Ryan Choi AKA The Atom

Ryan, according to Ray Palmer, has already surpassed him in some areas. Ryan can comprehend Ray's shrink tech, which is one of, if not the best in comics.


#3. Hiro Okumara

Do you want big robots? You go to this guy. Hiro is the best mecha suit engineer in DC.


#2. Tim Drake

For the past few years, Tynion has made Tim to be a super genius. I would put him ahead of a lot of adults (Luthor, Magnus, Sivanna, etc...) and even Bruce has stated that he's smarter than him, which is why he hired him and brought him to the Bat-Family. Tim isn't just one of the smartest kids, but one of the smartest on any earth.


#1. Lyrl Dox

Could it be any other? A Colun being number one is no surprise: Brainiac 3 just created a Solaris-Class stellar supercomputer, Pulsar Stargrave, by collapsing a pulsar. This makes it the most sophisticated super computer in the universe. He's a 12th level intelligence, which puts him on par with Brainiac 5.


Zack M
Tim Drake never ceases to amaze me.


Ulysses is pretty uber too. He has access to Brother Eye.




Zack M
Natasha Irons has some pretty uber tech with her sentient metal.



psycho gundam
The DC execs casting Weinstein shaped shadows over you were going to give you the stick again if you didn't post this

Whatever happened to that Kid Toyman from the Nu52? Wasn't He supposed to be Scary Smart?

Zack M
Originally posted by Flyattractor
Whatever happened to that Kid Toyman from the Nu52? Wasn't He supposed to be Scary Smart?

The last time he showed up was in that dark metal special. He built some armor toys for the jla.

Wasn't He supposed to be One of if not The Smartest in the DCU there for awhile? At least during Nu52?

Zack M
Not really. I don't remember anyone saying that. I think that was pre-nu52.

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