Young Palpatine vs Young Vitikorion

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This was probably done before but another thread inspired me.

17 year old Palpatine vs 10 year old Tenebrae (right before they began their training).

Round 1: TK Battle
Round 2: All out

Who wins?

Bonus Fight: Winner faces TFA Rey.



Lord Stark
What are young Palpatine's feats again?

Unconsciously concealing his force signature from Plagueis, and outwrestling his dad as an infant, I think.

Sheev stomps

Lord Stark
Originally posted by NewGuy01
outwrestling his dad as an infant, I think.



And how does Rey fare?

Tenebrae was 10 when he confronted his Sith Lord father, stripping the force from him as well as his sanity.

Tenebrae, unquestionably.

Azronger, there's no contest here. Tenebrae stomps and you know it to be true.

The Ellimist
Young Palpatine was resisting Plagueis's TP, young Vitikorion merely broke his featless father.






Next time you might wanna consider who you're condescending to to avoid looking like a clown.

LMFAO. You realise that it's a fvcking fact that all of the Sith were defenseless, and worse, the entire Army of Light were caught off-guard completely too. They were all sucked in and became part of the sphere. All unlike Zannah who summoned a Force shield, a technique she had an innate talent for. Even worse for your laughable comparison is the fact that random fvcking soldiers could survive the destruction, nevermind Zannah herself.

Tenebrae didn't just destroy Dramath, he completely overwhelmed him, severed his connection to the Force on the spot and tore his spirit out of him and trapped it in the Holocron which he evidently built prior to absolutely any training. Bane in his prime struggled to create a holocron and yet Tenebrae created one of the most powerful we've ever seen as a pre-teen.

But thanks for promoting Tenebrae's immense potential, but you kinda forgot that Nathema vastly increased his capacity as a Force user. So that potential is severely lesser than whatever he had after that ritual.

Better yet, for all of your arguments, one thing you forgot to mention is the fact that Tenebrae was an untrained Force user whereas Marka Ragnos had an immense mastery of the dark side of the Force. So Tenebrae being supreme isn't contradicted by that whatsoever.

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