High Meta Tourney Semi-Finals - Supermutant vs Damborg

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No prep
Standard Equipment
BFR with no possibility of returning in a reasonable time is a loss
Opening + 2 posts
Posters are in full control of the characters



Damborg opening post:

Ahhhh, I have to say it feels good to get a favorable battlefield. Thanks to Supermutant for agreeing to the battlefield switch. I'm not able to access Jenny's power almost in their entirety. It's very useful given my opponent. Mr. Sinister is not to be taken lightly. Unless you're using Jenny Sparks.

I want us to take another look at the battlefield.


Those power lines give Jenny one of her biggest advantages. She's able to turn into an energy form, but without a conductor of some sort, she's limited to a few moments in her electrical form.

The instant the battle commences, I'm in the wires. Jenny Sparks is the spirit of the 20th century, and electricity is her domain. Assuming my opponent does what I think he's going to do, start the battle with a vicious mindrape, he'll have to look for an opponent who has become one with the electricity around her, and then pry into my mind and try to shut me down. Which sounds more likely? I'd argue my tactic, given I'm simply using an ability where there's a very clear and obvious source of conductivity for me.

Here's where we get to the extra fun part. I'm about to one shot Mr. Sinister.

Jenny Sparks estimates that her travel time from New York to Louisiana would be about 10 minutes.


According to some rudementary calculations on my part, she'd be moving at a MINIMUM of mach 18. Or about 13,800 miles per hour. She's moving in her electrical form, she doesn't need a charge up, she doesn't need a second to start, she's just moving, and I'm moving right at Sinister's face. I'm traveling so fast, that before Sinister can realize what happened, he'll be savagely electrocuted. Mr. Sinister sports a very high end healing factor, so I'd face difficulties if all I could do what attack his outer shell. But I don't have to do that, all I have to do is go into the wires, and shoot out as speeds he simply doesn't have the feats to counter.


And that was without a proper conductor like I have on the battlefield. It will be over more than quick.

But wait, how do I know that that attack can do the trick? Because it already has, and with much less energy use:


Sinister has proven to be vulnerable to an attack to the brain through electrical means. Hello! That's what I am all about thumb up

Let's say sinister, knowing that I need the environment to use most of my abilities, decides to destroy the landscape. Game over.


If at any point, I see that Sinister has not focused on me, or I can get even a brief look at him, I am able to manipulate the electricity in his brain, and produce the same result that Storm did. This is not a reach, this is not a stretch, my character literally has the abilities that have on panel brought down Sinister.

Jenny Sparks' reaction speed is also insane:


She can point blank dodge psychokinetic bolts. Batallion fired what he described as his suit amplifying his talents to allow him to fire his mind at Jenny through his guns. He was firing at the speed of thought.

But hey, what if Sinister actually tries to get fancy? What if he tries to hide from me, escape by one method or another and try to find my mind? That can't happen, because he's not fast enough to do it before I shoot out at Mach 18 and fry him, but I'll humor it.

Well first off, all electricity is open for Jenny Sparks. It's literally her thing, so the signals in Sinister's brain are fair game to be detected, the same way she can detect and use a radio in a house she's never been in, or draw energy from a generator not immediately available.


I can do a hell of an AOE:


I've got power to spare. With that form, Jenny grew to the size of a skyscraper, and disrupted anything electrical, including Mr. Sinister's Electrical Signals. Except with that much power, I can simply blow up his head.

Now, any and all TP arguments are also going to be under heavy strain. Jenny isn't a traditional fleshy brain to stick your dirty mental fingers in. She's energy. To assault her in her energy form, would require on panel evidence. Not only assault her in her energy form, but to do so at the speeds I'm moving, under the threat of getting one shot from an on panel weakness? Not going to happen.


As expected, you're a powerful guy. At first look one might event think the scans are relevant. But I'd like to bring up the cliche, quantity does not equal quality. Jenny doesn't have a lot of showings, but the one she does have, are enough to beat what's been presented here.

Let me explain:

Sinister did what I expected him to do more or less, attack psychically. Except, instead of doing it FIRST, he decides to shield himself before beginning his attack, in anticipation of an attack that will lay him out. It's a strange tactic for someone so sure that Jenny can't hurt him. Luckily, I never argued my external damage would be any part of my plan. So the first couple scans, while impressive aren't relevant. AND he makes a fatal mistake. There's now no doubt whatsoever that I avoid his mental assault and shoot out at around Mach 18 while he's putting his shields up. I have scans proving I can move at around 13800mph through conductors, and scans that prove I can shoot out and fry his brain before he even registers what's happening to him. He does not have scans proving he has the ability to deal with that kind of speed.

I find this scan Supermutant posted, pretty damn funny:

Because Sinister moved in blurry motions, Supermutant thinks that he's on par with Jenny's speed? laughing out loud Unless he just grabbed quicksilver by the neck, we're talking whole different levels.

Earlier I showed Jenny dealing with Battalion, whose attack were literally moving at the speed of thought by his own admission, and Jenny being able to adequately move out of the way in short range:


But get this. Now it's important to note, that Batallion isn't a normal human in his speed levels or thought processing. AND he's wearing armor that enhances him.

Look how fast Battalion is when he doesn't have his armor:


Straight up reacts to bullets after they're fired, and deflects them with his tk.

vs Jenny Sparks


She's far and away superior.

Next, the shield scans he posted, while impressive once again, also do not counter attacks of the nature that he's going to be subjected to. I see lightning, energy, ice, teleKINETIC bolts, which are not the same as a telepathic assault. He's not preventing anyone from attacking his mind, he's just stopping the physical assault. Not that Jenny needs to attack his mind, she's going to fry it with his own electricity. So feats of resisting mental assaults or matching well with telepaths? Utterly irrelevant.

Jenny Sparks' control over electricity it total. There's no debate to be had there, and the extent to which she can use it is enough to blow up Sinister's head.


The carrier that the Authority works in is 50 miles long , 35 miles high and 2 miles wide. This is going to be important because if you all remember the feat I posted in the previous battlezone, I talked about how Jenny fried the mind of "god" and LoB said something about it just being your average alien. Well:


The carrier is dwarfed by even the veins of that alien. (Called "God" multiple times by the way)

and what happens when the carrier gets to the brain?


That's power. Note, the dimensions here were so enormous, that the carrier was easily MILES away from the brain itself. And Jenny killed it with a LOOK. You can see clearly in the scan, one panel her eyes flare, the other panel, the brain explodes. AND to top it off, and this is sweet, she was dying. smile So she was weakening. She's the spirit of the 20th century, and the 20th century was ending.

If Jenny can detonate the mind of God, whiles miles away, while dying, with a look, what's going to happen to Sinister? I'm going to pop his head open. And that's just by manipulating the electricity in his own brain, let alone the electricity I've absorbed as I hurtle at him 18 times the speed of sound, which is confirmed that she can do once more again here:

10 minutes from New York to Louisiana, and I'm being conservative in my speed estimates. It's likely around mach 20.

And this is literally how a casual Jenny enters a conduit:


You're not detecting anything before I fry you, ESPECIALLY because Supermutan't strategy is not an initial direct attack on my mind. He decides to play defense to start, and it's going to doom him.


1. With the speeds I've displayed, I can take him out before that shield even forms.

2. Even if the shield forms, WHICH IT CAN'T. I have shown how fast Jenny is and I would have him out before the shield was even up, I can control the electricity in his brain and kill him before he even registers. Or at least I assume having his brain explode would kill him, healing factor or not. And his shields have not shown the ability to counter my ability.

3. Sinister isn't tracking anything in my energy form lol. He'd have to search for my mind, while I am moving at sound dwarfing speeds, which he has not displayed. AND, I don't have a traditional mind for him to lock on to as I am in energy form.

4. The sunspot scan is not the same type of energy form as Jenny Sparks. I'm a bolt of lightning moving from conduit to conduit, not Sunspot's essentially human anatomy. It's apples and oranges. Not to mentiong, lmao, BLITZ? You call that a blitz?

"Flight: Sunspot has the ability to fly by propelling himself through the air, by force of will, by generating thermal updrafts. Bobby has also refined this ability to be able to hover in the air without leaving a heat trail, and can reach speeds of up to 150 mph maximum without over exerting himself."


And that's with build up. These feats are not relevant to Jenny Sparks.

5. Sinister has already been fried with my style of attacks:

Supermutant claims that it's possible not Sinister, to which I say, that possible should not be enough to discredit it being Sinister, given he was called Sinister, and it was never shown definitively that it wasn't. He'd need to offer more than speculation, of which I saw no scans that say otherwise. BUT EVEN IF IT WASN'T , it does not matter. For all intentions and purposes, it's Sinister, but in the strange case that it wasn't, his brain is still going to explode.

So here's how the fight plays out:

-Ding ding-

Jenny: I shoot through the power lines at 18 times the speed of sound, as shown by my scans and blow his head off.

Sinister: Attempts to raise his shields, then mount a telepathic assault on a creature of energy that's zipping around faster than his greatest speed feats permit him to counter.

In the case that I cannot get to him in time, somehow(?) I have proven to be able to disable opponents with a glare, and given my vastly superior speed, I have proven to be able to get my attack off FIRST, meaning I can brain fry before he can look for me, detect me, and then invade my mind.

It's just common sense, Jenny is going to win. But for simplicity's sake, I've gone to the trouble of putting the fight in comic form:


As a side note, I also found it interesting that Sinister recovering was brought up? Okay lol, as if I'd stop shocking him until his brain exploded thumb up




Ok. First and foremost, I would just like to say that THIS match, is utter tripe compared to some of the other matches we've had in this tourney.

Now that I've gotten that out of the way...

As with threads of this ilk, speed is obviously key. Damborg convinced me that he is much faster - unfortunately, Supermutant's scans are all of the ABC variety. By that I mean, they rely on Sinister's showings against other characters, and scale off that.

Damborg's 'funny maths', as it were, convinced me.

However, Damborg had no scans showing how QUICKLY he can shift into electricity. Would Sinister be able to one-shot him?

I reckon so.

Had he not raised his shields.

Thing is, had he gone for the attack at the bell, he would have won this. As it is, he lost precious time erecting that shield.

HOWEVER, that shield saves him. Yes, I know Sinister had his mind scrambled by Storm. But he did not have his shields up at the time - and quite frankly, considering the weight of scans Supermutant showed of Sinister fighting without a head, or with a hole in his head, or half blown away etc....I am inclined to chalk that as an outlier (btw, I am not convinced it WASN't Sinister. IOW, it was the real deal. Supes, your evidence was poor). An internal attack through his shields would have been nice, if it exists.

So where do we now stand?

In my head, the match starts. Sinister throws his shield up, giving Jenny time to turn into energy.

Can Sinister affect Jenny when she is energy? This is where it gets tricky, actually. Supes showed Sunspot and Malice. However, to me, it was not conclusive as to whether he could affect energy forms, actually. There was SOMETHING with Malice, but she's not an energy form.

The problem is - I don't think Jenny could get through that shield. As Damborg said:

Without any proof showing Jenny getting through shields (or successful attacks against Sinister getting through that shield), the speed argument is moot (on both sides). Which means that Sinister can essentially turtle, and whilst Jenny is now superfast, Sinister can eventually win.

For me, my vote goes to Supermutant.

Congrats guys, on the second best match in the tourney.

Phildo will post the other two judgments he already has.



Solid match.

Both opponents more or less stick to their guns and run a strategy similar to the previous match.

Damborg had a lot riding on that single scan of Storm scrambling Sinister's brain. He had the speed and power in his favour. Jenny is a glass cannon here and fortunately brings a lot of power to bear.

Supermutant had a plethora of feats for Sinister, but many of these are all over the place. Few characters have been as inconsistent in the portrayal of their choice of powers. Does he use shields, no-sell attacks or simply heal back up? Does it matter? No.

While neither proved beyond doubt that Sinister's bran would be fried or that he could resist it, Supermutant proved that it wouldn't matter all that much. The one scan of a Sinister clone being disabled by lightning isn't enough to counter -all- those showings of him shrugging off worse injuries.

Does this mean that Damborg loses the match? Sadly, yes. My vote goes to Supermutant, but not because of the brain fry. Rather, because Damborg did not convince me that Jenny would survive an extended battle against Sinister. Jenny might zip around in the beginning and bring Sinister to his knees, but that's where it would end. Once Sinister retaliates I believe the match would end.


Supermutant vs Damborg

Let's go!

Mr. Sinister is just a beast in this tier due to his ability to be near inmortal and his decent telepathy and overall stats. Jenny Sparks is quick and has some high end energy projection abilities but in the specific setting it's hard to figure out how much output she can provide. Damborg knew that he needed to find a quick way out and pull off some of the most esotheric powers Jenny has, not relying solely on Jenny's speed but building innevitability. He held good and his brain-shut-down strategy was well focused an implemented: he even threw in becoming electricity to blurry the effectiveness of Mr. Sinister different attacks.

Supermutant brought some interesting points himself: the scan with Sinister with a hole in his head puts into perspective exactly how difficult to put down he is, his history beating weird mutants also helps to ciment his potential to face Jenny's energy form. This was well explaining and at least blurred the easiness of Damborg's straightforward plan. I was not convinced that Jenny being cheap shotted by a surprise attack was a definitive detriment to her speed prowess though. To keep up with the tradition of introducing odd sources into this debate we seemingly found a... Blog? I tried not to give too much weight to how the Storm scans were interpreted into this match, because even disregarding that, Sinister doesn't become inmune to that path of victory.

In my opinion if Jenny proves to be capable of controlling the electricity of Sinister's brain, then regeneration won't be much of an issue. Shields seem to be the only actual defense Supermutant provided against this kind of attack (good that he thought about raising them to begin with!), but it's difficult to gauge if energy manipulation can get through telekinetic defenses. I've gone back and forth from one poster to the other on who I believe would win this whole thing. Both did a very good job.

In this case I'm going to vote for Damborg, his arguments were well focused in protecting his advantages and despite opting for more versatility than just a quick draw I did not feel this was in detriment of his speedkill plan.

Bentley is my true Nordic brother...

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