Gran Moff Tarking vs General Hux

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Okay, it might be no surprise that General Hux is the "Moff Tarkin" of the new trilogy (or at least pretends to be).

So, i decided to make this thread to compare who the best "Commander" is.

Which of this commanders is the best? Why?

Tarkin didn't actually do anything in the movies tbh and his strategy to force the galaxy into submission via the Death Star horribly backfired and led to his own death and more opposition rising against the Empire. So as absurd as it may be Hux has actually been more effective thus far.

Taking anything more than the movies into consideration and Tarkin wins in a landslide.

Hux wins as Tarkin was a moron.

John Murdoch
I'll break this down from a movies-only Star Wars fan, as I have seen next to none of the Rebels stuff:

- Successfully pulled commander status of the Death Star out from under the feet of Krennic by putting himself in a position to not only destroy the Imperial archives but also kill Krennic in the process at Rogue One's climax. Also, in their heated exchange earlier in Rogue One, Tarkin talked down to Krennic in a stern, collected manner whilst Krennic shouted and yelled, all in front of a group of officers.
- Talked down Vader from force choking Admiral Motti. Would Vader have stopped on his own? We don't know. The fact that Tarkin could say enough was enough without being force choked himself is a testimony to his reputation and command presence though.
- Destroyed Alderaan with its princess in the command room with him, stating that Leia's lie of Dantooine being the Rebel home base was too remote for an "effective demonstration".
- Peter Cushing was a 6-foot actor's actor with a grimace and set of cheek bones that could kill and played Victor Frankenstein, Van Helsing, and Sherlock Holmes besides Tarkin.

- After posturing himself to take command of what he thought was a trump card, dies along with thousands of Imperial soldiers due to not securing a port hole. Also, he should have ensured that a moon-sized planet-destroying superweapon had more than enough adequate defenses to destroy a squadron of rag-tag Rebel fighters.

- In one of the best scenes from Force Awakens, Hux gives a good Hitler-esque speech in front of a division-sized element of Imperial soldiers before destroying multiple planets.
- In both Force Awakens and Last Jedi, Hux wants to utterly obliterate the Resistance at every opportunity, and if not for Kylo being a whiner who wanted to best his former master or bad writing, would've done so. In fact, at the outset of The Last Jedi, Hux and the First Order have nearly crushed the Resistance totally.
- Is willing to posture for right-hand man status against Kylo towards Snoke, knowing - and, eventually, being on the receiving end - of Kylo's force power-fueled temper tantrums.

- Gets force pulled onto the floor/put in his place by Kylo and Snoke a couple of times in Last Jedi.
- Becomes the butt of Poe's telephone call joke at the beginning of Last Jedi instead of immediately killing him. This causes the eventual loss of the Dreadnought due to the bombing run.
- Like Tarkin, commanded a Death Star-type facility in Starkiller Base that was the size of an actual planet. Also like Tarkin, said base was destroyed under his command, though he escaped. Unlike Tarkin, however, who had the port weakness installed by Orso whilst Krennic was in charge, Hux had 30 years to figure out how to prevent a trench run to blow up the core by a rag-tag group of fighters.

This last point and the fact that Vader didn't ever force-rek Tarkin gives the Grand Moff the win for me.

Hux is not very intimidating, gets shown the floor by Snoke and Kylo whenever he tries to puff his chest out, and lost a planet-sized battle station when the same weakness had been used on the same type of battle station not once, but twice beforehand.

John Murdoch
^TL;DR - Tarkin was never intimidated or pushed around by Vader or Palpatine like Hux was by Kylo and Snoke, and Tarkin never even knew about the Death Star's weakness even at the moment he was killed within it, whereas Hux got made a fool of by even a lone Resistance pilot, punked out by his Sith overlords, and still lost a Death Star after 30 years of prep and prior knowledge of what the Rebel's #1 strategy for destroying one was.

Hux was a joke in TLJ.

Tarkin would fall before Hux....after EXHAUSTING HIMSELF by attempting to Slap the Sissy Little Beeyotch out of Hux.

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