Hollywood Accounting

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Apparently, all Hollywood movies are designed to BURY profits and make it look like they're operating at a loss. This is done by lack of transparency with overhead (Vastly inflated costs), and use of shell studios that are charged for "services", and so make it look the the studio is spending money (On itself, as the things a scam).

Victims of the practice include "Darth Vader", on account of Return of the Jedi not turning a profit, and Stan Lee, who never received a dime for a Spider-Man film.

This raises a LOT of questions. Like, why aren't people wise to the practices by now? Don't actors have representation in these things..? Surely, Stan Lee could afford a good lawyer.

Why does Hollywood even exist? The practice has a wiki, for gods sake, it's probably common knowledge to actors. You'd think at some point the bottom would drop out because everyone refused to be scammed, if they knew they wouldn't be paid for their work.

And why hasn't there been a government crackdown? Imagine is corporations tried this shite, the DOJ and feds would be on them in a heartbeat..

It seems overall like Hollywood is just a horrible place full of horrible people lol. Obviously not everybody, but there is a shocking amount of "looking the other way" that went on for decades.

I am not trying to bring the #MeToo thing into this, but I will point out one thing I feel is important: you still have some actresses describing traumatic events without actually naming names. Even after everything, there is still that protection powerful people in Hollywood enjoy.

So with the accounting, I don't think anyone wants to f*ck with the way things are done.

The shocking thing is as bad as things are when it comes to how you can screw someone over monetarily, etc things used to be way worse lol. You could literally get away with forcing an extra to risk their life in unsafe conditions and them dying.

wikipedia lol

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