Ozymandias (Movie Watchmen) & Batman (DCEU) takes on a live action gauntlet

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Morals off

Victory via KO, Incap or Death

HtH only

4 Months of training/prep time

Ozy & Bat has 2 hours rest time per round

Ozy & Bat will have their "Suit" minus utility belt for batman


The Gauntlet:

Round 1 : Jason Bourne, Frank Martin (Transporter franchise) & Bryan Mills (Taken franchise)

Round 2 : Case Walker (Never Back Down franchise), Rama (Raid franchise), Isaiah Bone (Blood & Bone) & Yuri Boyka (Undisputed franchise)

Round 3 : MCU Daredevil, MCU Punisher & CW Oliver Queen

Round 4 : Sunny (Into The Badlands), Ip Man (Donnie Yen), Chen Zhen (Donnie Yen)

Round 5 : Daredevil (2003 Version), Raizo (Ninja Assassin) & Storm Shadow (G.I Joe Live Action)

Round 6 : Marv (Movie Sin City) & V (Movie V for Vendetta)

So they don't get healed after each round? That's tough. They might end up losing in round 2 or 3 just because of accumulated injuries. Batman's suit will help him against strikes but won't stop him from getting broken bones or dislocated joints, especially against opponents like Bone and Boyka.

Ozy has superhuman stats but it can be argued that guys like Frank Martin, Bone and Sunny are superhuman as well.

If they get healed between each fight I think they can get to Sunny's team in Round 4. Might stop there, definitely isn't beating Raizo's team in Round 5. Daredevil wouldn't even be needed there, Raizo and Storm Shadow alone would be too much for Ozy and Bats.


Yeah, current CW Green Arrow is pretty ridiculous (at least when we ignore the obvious PIS moments). Not just in fighting, but across the board. Hell, just look at this shit for example. The guy is like Spiderman-lite. From 3:40:


Not to mention Dark Arrow, who was explicitly stated to be a match/equal to Earth 1 Oliver, solo'd like half of the Legends and Team Arrow, seemingly without too much issue, a bit later on.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.