What Democrats did and didnt have a problem with

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They did have a problem with:
Donald Trump Jr talking to a Russian lawyer seeking dirt on Hillary
They did have a problem with Flynn working as incumbent NSA working with Russian counterparts
They did have a problem with Russians using bots on Twitter and calling that election interference.
Wikileaks releasing emails (even though Obama says it wasnt a big deal)

They didnt have a problem with:
Hillary Paying $12,00,000 for dossier complied by a person with extreme animus of Trump.Link
Director Comey saying it was unverified (Said this to Congress, twice)Link
The dossier being complied by "Russian sources"
The Clinton Campaign colluding with Ukraine to stop Trump
The entire team of lawyers and investigators being from the democrat part and Hillarys previous lawyers.
One of the Lawyers (Andrew Weissman) has had his victories in lower courts over turned at least 3 times but the appeals and supreme court, and has been caught say he loves Hillary Clinton, he also attended at 2016 HRC fundraser, and has been known for shady legal tactics and strong arming people.
Obama giving 20% of our Uranium to Russia
Obama telling Vlad he will be more flexible on missile defense after his election.
Obama obstructing justice in the DEA with the Hezollah in Iran


Look at those citations (links) to support your positions. Sexy. smile


Notice how the typical Obozos avoiding this?

I forgot to add Rep. Schiff and Senator Warner trying to collude with Russians as well.

Obama intel agency secretly conducted illegal searches on Americans for years.


The Looney Left doing it again! LOL


Democrats have been saying Trump has committed Treason for a year now, now they complain when he does itlaughing out loud

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.