Low Meta Tournament

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Welcome one and all to the Low Meta Tourney.

Here are the rules:

Your characters come armed with what the normally use. If your character has a weapon, gadget, or suit that currently puts them past the low meta tier (a good example is deathstroke and his Ikon armor), you're not allowed to use that weapon gadget, or suit for pretty obvious reasons.

The battlefield will be the Savage land.

There will be no prep time. Everyone starts at least three miles apart at different random locations. You might start in a cave, a Village a plateau or even among several trees.

You lose the very first time you're knocked out or die (for any characters that can regenerate). Sleeping, resting, meditation, etc are allowed though.


Damborgson's post

Welcome everyone, to your last day on Earth, because I got Deadshot.


Since we're starting in the Savage Land, my character has a lot of places to find a nice, high area to scope out the land one shot kill anyone my range finder site locks onto.


Deadshot is already a...deadly shot. But he's able to pinpoint any and all of opponents with his mask, and not only that, he can place shots so on target that he can shoot areas that aren't protected adequately:


I can also shoot joints, or wherever I'd like as Deadshot knows how to shoot someone as many times as possible without them dying, and that goes the same for giving fast deaths.

I can shoot so quickly I can intercept batarangs in midair at extremely close range. Rebirth batman no less, and he's been known to throw them up too 100mph.



Which given how close they were, is an insane reaction feat. So no one who even attempts to get the jump on me comes out without bullets in their vulnerable areas.

And if there's some doubt as to why Deadshot didn't kill Batman if he had him right there:


Batman admits he could have killed him, but doesn't want to for some reason. Not a problem with my Deadshot thankfully.

As far as stealth goes, I'm sure to be facing some very stealthy fighters, and in a jungle it could lead to me being ganked, right? Nope, Deadshot is a master at stealth, he was able to sneak up on Batman, IN A CITY SETTING.


It doesn't get much stealther, and that scenario would essentially be the same as what's happening here for every other fighter. Except Deadshot under my control isn't shooting to intimidate, you're all getting bullets in the ear, eye, temple, and anywhere else I can find that's vulnerable.

In the case that someone comes within Melee range, I can just shoot them in the face. But I'm also incredibly strong.


I can kick Harley Quinn through two walls essentially, while on my back, while holding back. Deadshot is a meta for a reason.

And to reeiterate I'm also incredibly fast:


Boomerang Jr. was quick enough to point blank dodge bullets, and Deadshot, without his helmet no less, was able to track him for what would have been his death.

And in the case that one of you has particularly resistant hides, armor, or defenses, you'll find I don't just use your standard run of the mill bullets.


Blows up a manhunter.


I carry rockets that I can and will use on anyone resistant to my standard firing.

But best of all:


I have incendiary rounds.

I've already proven to be able to shoot vulnerable areas like joints, now imagine when I light my opponents up from the inside.

Though, let's not knock my normal rounds:


I can pierce right through Deathstroke's armor. thumb up

So to recap my strategy:

I'm able to detect basically anyone with my own stealth skills, as I can and have stalked Batman.

If someone approaches me they'll be immediately lit up, and I;m strong enough to manhandle most characters in the rare case they get near me.

If they're resistant to normal fire, I can shoot their joints, eyes and whatnot, then watch as my rounds light on fire.

I can also rocket spam with my wrist weapons.

So the people here are tying to take down the equivalent of Karnak, Punisher X10, and Batman. That's not happening.

Deadshot wins folks.


Philosophia's Post Part 1


Please read the full links to the text-excerpts. I couldn't post them all because it would take much of my post

1.There is no hiding. Through the force, I know the precise location of EVERYBODY.

I will sense the location and intentions of beings beyond sight/sound:

Even if hidden inside caves/constructions:

I can sense everything around me, as if I have eyes behind my back:

Can sense the exact position of opponents wearing memetic suits with perfect camouflage and can shot them with his eyes closed

The level of stealth that my opponent has is irrelevant. NONE of them can hide from the force.

2. I'm the best hunter in the whole of SW

You may think that some of my opponents are hot shit because we're in the jungle and many of them have names with animal brands.

Maul has spent his whole life hunting the most dangerous creatures in the galaxy JUST TO PROVE THAT HE CAN:

Some of his training:

Hunts one of the most dangerous creatures in the galaxy in the Savage L--erm, a jungle:

..natural, since his original training consisted of stuff like this:

Itching to hunt the top hunters in the galaxy:

Hunting/Stealth? It's what he's all about.

I can use the force to conceal myself:

Even from Jedi:

Obi Wan couldn't sense me:

3. -- I will use the force to crush anybody I want to fight, and there's nothing they can do about it

My fights with everybody in this tourney would be me suspending them in mid-air and either:

a). Choking them unconscious instantly

b). Neck snap:

c). Ragdolling:

d). Crushing hearts:

e). Snapping limbs:

f). Cutting them in half with the lightsaber as I float them off the ground

Suffice to say, lightsabers would go through them like butter.

If healing factors are present , just making them unconscious will suffice. Wolverine can be killed by cutting the oxygen to his brain:

Nobody in this match can defend against any of this.

How much force power can Maul exert?

For reference, Maul, while injured, can move entire spaceships...

Philosophia's Post Part 2

4.I know where they are at all times, they can't defend against me in any way, but what if by luck they manage to get an attack on me?

Having trained his whole life, Maul is ridiculously good at dodging and blocking attacks even without the use of force:

I can also simply suspend any projectile in mid-air using the force.

Somebody tries to get close to me? Fly, little bird.


I can suspend people mid-attack, as I've already done to Obi-Wan:

I can use the lightsaber 'Mjolnir'-like and simply destroy everything coming my way:

Close combat ?

He knows alien exotic and forbidden martial arts:

Maul fighting four opponents with a variety of weapons, the skills of a dozen martial arts masters combined, and above peak-human speed:

In scan form:

Disappears right out of people's eyes in a blur:

He can CASUALLY move 5 times faster than humanly possible:

He is so fast, holorecordigns would need to be rewinded in slow motion to see him:

And if that's not enough, The force allows me to slow down time from my perspective:

I can also sense the physical weak points in any being :

The force also allows me to peer inside minds from a distance:

5. My Nemesis

I assume somebody is Obi-Wan, in order to balance the tourney.

I want you to keep in minds two things:
A). I will be aware of his location and I will avoid him at any cost until we're the last two.

Unless his OP specifies that he goes for me, consider ours as the last fight.


Obi-Wan has defeated Maul in current canon:
1). After Maul had already beaten him but he was arrogant and proudful something I will NOT be
2). When both of them are old, out of practice and past their prime, with Maul LITERALLY at his most unbalanced and lower part of his life and Obi-Wan at his HIGHEST purpose , and Maul in a plot-device poetic attack, tries to do the same thing he did to Qui-Gon.

The actual PRODUCERS of the show state as such:

When both of them are in their PRIME Maul SMOKES Obi-Wan and has defeated him straight up numerous times

I'm in control, there's no poetic plot devices. I go straight for the force use and choke him unconscious/make him drop his saber and cut him in half:


Again lifting him helplessly off the ground:

I've KOd him with just force-push:

I know sometimes, even in tourneys, the temptation is to ignore arguments based on how people 'feel' it should go, but there is no debate that Maul using the force would defeat Obi-Wan.You're not giving your opinion on who would win in a story.

Lightsaber? Darth Maul has gotten Obi-Wan to admit he's outmatched and had to actually run from him after Maul had the upper hand in a one-on-one fight:

When we fight, it will be in a jungle, which is ridiculously Maul's favorite battlefield

6. What I do

I will use multiple platforms , which I will be standing on, to move through the air above the savage land to Aerie Shalan https://tinyurl.com/y93tja3e - I have common knowledge of the battlefield] to get myself multiple aerian flier sand mind-trick them into obeying me:
I've shown Maul moving spaceships, this is a feather by comparison.

Nobody will specify to look up . I can sense intentions through the force , so if somebody does, I come down in the jungle and hunt them down dead. If I get caught by surprise , I use the force/lightsaber to defend, jump on a different platform/creature, then kill them.

I avoid fights, unless necessary. Let them kill themselves. I just fly HIGH above the battlefield using the creature until everybody is dead
Once everybody is dead, I will hunt down Obi. Also mind-trick any other beast I could find into helping me






Since this kinda died in the water, if y'all are curious, here's my judgement:


Alright. Running thoughts and notes as I read through the match:

Jedi: Non-nameless Jedi. As low metas. I'll roll with the premise. But as someone who has used another powerful Jedi in a high meta match - and was yelled at bc people thought he was low herald - suffice it to say that I disagree with their inclusion, but will remain open to good strategies that counter them. No one's unbeatable in these things.

Deadpool: Wade is tricky. I'm going to have to assume some level of incapacitation counts as a win against him. But it also means that if he's put down but heals before the whole fight ends, he might have multiple opportunities to pull out a win. Same with Logan.

Deadshot: Solid plan, good scans. Deadshot is more than I realized in terms of reactions and abilities to punch out of his weight class. Not sure how it'll hold up in what will be such a chaotic match, though, where there are a lot of similar feats being tossed around.

Maul: Yeah, he a badass. Not much else to say here, and the Force is a bit of an game breaker against the more traditional tech and stealth of the rest of the field. Force detection + tk chokeout would probably work on most of the field. Of course it's not that easy in the flow of a full battle with other skilled combatants, but you definitely show the scope of power and range of abilities to be able to take anyone out.

Kenobi: One of the more underrated Jedi imo, and you match Maul feat for feat quite a bit. I'm going to revisit this in light of how I think the battle will flow.

Ninjak: Didn't know much about him coming in, but you impressed the hell out of me. The little t-sphere looking things to detect others is pretty genius, and knockout gas is a strangely important weapon in this fight, imo, because it's hard to defend against and gives you an edge in a sea of amazing reaction feats involving swords and bullets and such. Same with the poison that seems to affect those with healing. You have a nice mix of remote trap-setting and in-person tactics depending on how the battle plays out. And a unique defense against things like Snake Eyes' hypnotism and the Jedi's mind tricks.

Snake Eyes: Definitely the most ambitious plan of the bunch, and I'd expect no less from Leo. My issue is that you start by hoofing it through the Savage Land. Between all the detection tech - not to mention Force powers - in the fight, you're not going to remain fully stealthed for long. Phrases like "...I wait till nightfall..." are your doom, imo. The whole plan takes days. In a comic, this would be masterful. But in a tourney where everyone is blowing their load with powers out of the gates, you'll never get this far.

Logan: Jimmy's familiarity with the Savage Land should probably not be discounted, in a place that has repeatedly been shown to be deadly to people of this power level on its own. Problem is, that was shown in other posts (mostly leo's). LoB's mentality seems to be very fitting to Logan's own feral rage, but that doesn't necessarily lend itself to a free-for-all where such straightforward tactics won't be good enough to take out the field.

Verdict: This is between Ninjak and the Jedi for me. Everyone else -without exception - could kill others in the field. But taking the entire match requires a bit more than that, and I don't see a clear path for most. Supermutant makes an incredibly convincing case, and I think Ninjak would have this thing on lock and would have a (somewhat) easy vote from me...if it weren't for the Jedi. You almost convinced me Ninjak could steal a win from them; and I still think it's possible. Just not likely. I have to take their feats at face value, and have to take Phil and DS's word that they won't go after each other until the end, which was probably the biggest opportunity for someone else to sneak a win. So between the Jedi, their feats are practically a wash. I could parse them out in a more granular fashion, but the point is, I don't have something sticking out to me as a game-changer. As established rivals, the fact that it could go either way is almost explicit in their history together. Given that, despite Phil's inventive defense against it, Old Ben is 2-0 in the lifetime series here. Or 2-1 if you count the (imo) inconclusive fight with Asajj, where I'm not sure "we're outmatched" is a clear indication of a power disparity, and it could be argued that Obi-Wan was as imbalanced emotionally as Maul was later on. If I really need a tiebreak, the "messing with machinery" feat(s) are something they'd never use in a 1v1 confrontation in SW, but in a tourney setting, it could be a liability for the surgically repaired Maul. That's not definitive to me. But in the absence of something more definitive, my vote is for DS/Kenobi.

Congrats to all and thanks for the fun read!

lol nice summation. i agree entirely. you hit specifically on the weakness i recognized in my OWN plan. lol and ninjak is a monster, no doubt. glad this has been put to rest officially. thanks. thumb up

As promised I just read through the tournament and will provide my own (rather short) ruling on the tournament.

Most of the plans were pretty straightforward and stealth based, everyone plans on hiding and getting an sneak attack that might not come. Shows off some nice tech, reflexes and power feats. Fine and dandy, but it makes it difficult to find a tie breaker. For whatever reason Jedi come out as the most powerful of the bunch because Tk is a nice ability to have here. Also the fact that Kenobi and Maul decided to fight last for the outset plays against the other players.

But I'm afraid the Jedi oversold their capacities, they are not actively erasing their traces in a jungle facing a lot of experienced trackers, sure, they are force invisible, but they are easy to detect as they move. Any of the other characters will figure out they are being seeing due to their movement to avoid conflict and how to control their directions and reverse a ambush. Forceshields and sabers are ill-equiped to face gas, flamethrowers and sonics. Maul is a bit better than Kenobi (who is epically phucked) since he fought in the jungle, but even in the texts brought by Phil "Maul fights animals in self-defense", doesn't sound like the stealthiest jungle warrior to me.

Leo's plan: very interesting but longwinded. Anti-metal could definitively be a game changer in the setting, but the snipers would likely shoot him down fast if he went to actually fly around like he originally intended, and positioning is a bit critical for his plan to work.

I'm a bit disappointed that nobody got huge EMP grenades to phuck up Maul's legs, that would've been a fun idea. In straight combat between the jedi I'd give Kenobi the edge due to TK manipulating tech.

In this scenario, yeah, I'm giving Ninjak the edge. His versatility is an important game changer. Nice work Supermutant.

So now we have a tie, just wait for the next judge biscuits

Originally posted by Bentley
So now we have a tie, just wait for the next judge biscuits

laughing out loud

thumb up

Originally posted by Bentley
In this scenario, yeah, I'm giving Ninjak the edge. His versatility is an important game changer. Nice work Supermutant.


I'll just assume that LOB would finish last again in your outstanding judgment as well.

Wonder Man
Wasp with her stings

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