Will Ukraine survive?

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What does everyone feel here? Is Ukraine going to make it, and become a rich, developed country and join the EU? Will they stay the same? Will they collapse, and break up with Russia taking more of the country in the east?

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Massacres_of_Poles_in_Volhynia_and_Eastern_Galicia

They only have a chance until the next U.S President is a Democrat...then millions will probably be murdered.

Place is f**ked. Everyone seemed to think ousting of pro Russian Yanokovych was make them closer to Europe forgetting that some of the forces ousting him were out and out Nazis.


If only Stalin was still around to make the Ukraine feel that good old Commie love like back in the old days.

Yeah, they are screwed for now. No way Putin is going to stop what he's doing, the west also isn't going to stop, more people are probably going to keep leaving.

But where can they go? Europe has already been claimed as a Muslim Territory?

For now probably no where. President Trump has done more for Ukraine then President Obama ever did, starting this year he allowed them to buy US military, and that could be a turning point in the Ukrainian-Donbass War.

Ukraine want's to join NATO, the longer the war last's, the longer it will take for Ukraine to join. Putin doesn't want that, he'll prob keep doing what he's doing to try and outlast Ukraine, till they give up. If they want to be free of Russia, they'll have to keep fighting, that's the only way I see them joining NATO. Imo it could take another 10 maybe 15 or 20 years for them to join the alliance.

Obama never did anything for anyone besides giving Iran a pathway to nukes, Cuba massive sanction relief and Russia regression of nuclear weapon in Europe and Uranium.

Russian intervention has dampened the prospects of Ukraine in becoming a developed, productive member of EU so far.

Modern-era WEST lack in spine to counter Russian aggression with "hard power." It need not be direct but it can be via proxy.

Russia got away with molesting Georgia, spanking Ukraine and safeguarding a tyrant in Syria. These demonstrations of power suggest that sanctions are not having the desired effect and the BEAR is flexing its muscles.

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