My Poems

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ESB -1138
First Poem

Can you not hear me anymore?
It sucks having seven reasons - it sucks
to fake the blame. Is this just another reason?
I swear I can fight the good fight,
I swear
I can fight the flame.

Basic insecurities that are hidden beneath true sincerity,
Force away smiles as you long for the east.
I'll lust out of loyalty - all the while - I
make you believe that you're royalty.
Force them away, please,
before tears stain my face.

So I'll wait in the fire,
only for you.

Ageless masterpieces are true.

ESB -1138
Second Poem

I came across your name and it said that I should be more careful.
I've been locked inside this strange room before it became my castle.
But you never once came by to see
if this was in fact my tomb.
I don't recall just what it was that made me go crazy about you.
There's a halo hanging on a string in your parents' bedroom.
But I guess that you lost it today,
did you lose it in my tomb?

ESB -1138
Third Poem
Adored in Myrrh

I see you upon the stage you're true.
And I know that everyone here wants you.
Mesmerizing girl, adored in myrrh.
Words of her scorn - give me more?
Personal angel or not I don't know,
wall of my heart
I can't
let go.

Pearls of gold breathe into me new life.
The ageless can't relinquish the knife.
Captivating girl, whom I adore.
Haven't you heard? - haven't you heard?
Musical beauty who commands the stage;
words on your heart - am


on your


ESB -1138
Fourth Poem
Jillian's Poem

The distance in her eyes - I see - from my spot
in the corner.
I don't know if I can close that distance.
Must I dream? Is that my only means
to bridge that gap so I can see her face?

A parade of sad relation comes
marching by as I look out the door.

Her heart is a secret garden to me - with walls so
The side is lit now by the eastern sun.
Another morning
when my only sight of you is behind my waking
The dawn is my enemy.
I'll pray to the moon instead.

Will we not spread our wings like birds in joyous
Or will the lonesome whip-poor-will
hold that tear that hangs
inside my soul


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