Luke Skywalker vs One Sith

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Following the duel on the Anakin Solo -and the subsequent death of Jacen Solo-, Luke Skywalker falls into deep depression. He often visits local bar "cs_zoltan".
He hasn't touched his lightsaber since months, but now a new challenge arrives. Sent back in time by Yog-Sothoth, a strike team of One Sith tries to assassinate Luke, to prevent Krayt's death at the hand of Cade Skywalker decades later. At first Luke isn't going all-out, but his anger slowly rises. He throws his beerglass away, and the fight starts.

Combatant: Luke Skywalker
●Drunk, with a blood alcohol content of 0.5
●with a black eye and a few bruises and cuts from a bar brawl with Saba Sebatyne
●In a state of deep depression
●fights one-handed, as he accidentially destroyed his mechanical arm in a fit of anger
●sees hallucinations of Darth Sidious, Darth Vader and Darth Caedus advertisising the dark side to him
●hasn't slept since three days
●is mentally conflicted, and only fights defensively at first
●After 90 seconds, he decides that enough is enough, and starts to go all-out

Combatants:: Darth Nihl, Darth Talon, Darth Maladi, Darth Havok, Saarai, 15 fodder Sith
●Havok has several bruises caused by the splinters of Luke's beer glass, but they're otherwise healthy

Very good fight. I think the numbers on One Sith's side may actually work against them. You can really attack in 6 at once at best, anything more than that is redundant with close combat combatants. 15 fodders are one-shot material for healthy Luke, the more powerful Sith couldn't do much to protect them and given that with Luke's inhuman Force capabilities above anyone not named The One or other entity... even a half-dead body is only like 50% limitation at best. Still though, he most definitely can't blitz in this state.

The nonames die definitely, but in this state Luke needs time and energy to deal with them, even though they will also get in the way of more serious opponents. But given Luke needs to spend like 1000% of energy more in this state to just maintain his insanely damaged and tired body, he may be too taxed after dealing with them to beat down Nihl, Talon, Maladi, Havok and Saarai. He may then fall in a brutal fight.

The Ellimist
It's purely a function of how much Luke wants to win.

Saarai might have the innate power to deal a crippling injury out of the gate.

Krayt lives.

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